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31 December 2006

Happy New Year

Present is Today!!! The present moment is not Static. The present is dynamic, and it'll continue to change...
Time goes on... The past will always be the Past, and the Future will always be something to look forward too....
Soon, that Future will also be a part ofHistory. And hopefully the pathway to the Future will be clearer as Time goes by...

Today, millions celebrate the end of 2006 and welcome the start of 2007!!!
I too will be anticipating for the best. I'll be wishing the best for the whole world, especially those around me...

Happy New Year!!!

24 December 2006

Christmas Wish

If there was a thing such as the 'christmas wish', I would wish myself to be in a really really cold quiet place, lie on a flat ground, watch as snow falls, and comtemplate time for a really really long time...as though that there are 4444hours in a day...
I'll probably just lie there with my mp3 player on a lonely street and reminisce as memories come and pass by...

By the way, Enjoy your christmas!!!!
Kok Fye wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
Cyan wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
Kif wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! and...
3POINT8 4444 wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

21 December 2006

[NLP] Association and Dissociation

In NLP, there is this concept of association and dissociation.

Scenario 1:
Think of a happy event. Imagine the things that you could see through your eyes, hear through your ears, smell through your nose, and feel your surronding. [1st person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Halo and etc...]
This is known as association.

Scenario 2:
Think of a sad event. But this time, imagine that you are having a 'out-of-body' experience. See your own self from the back just as how anyone else would see you. [3rd person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Dota, Final Fantasy and etc...]
This is known as dissociation.

An event may be interpreted differently depending on which state of mind you are in (association or dissociation).
While you are in 'association' mode, you get to feel more out of an event. You get to experience the whole thing.
However, when you are in 'dissociation' mode, you won't get to feel as much from your senses, but you get to assess matter in a clearer state of mind.

If you want to share a personal experience with someone, 'Association' works better.
If you want to get advice from someone, 'Dissociation' works better. 'Dissociation' also works better if you want hard-headed person to realise a mistake of their own.

Think about it!

17 December 2006

New Year

In a few days, Christmas will be coming....A few more days, and 2006 will be gone...
I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if we were all granted 1 wish every passing new year??

13 December 2006


It has always been said that the greatest invention of all time, is the creation of language. Language was invented for the sole purpose of communication.
That was what I was told!
Hhhmmm, wouldn't that also mean that Communication plays a vital part in our life??

Language... Humans converse in all sorts of language be it English, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and etc... Of course, every educated person on this earth knows that English is the current international language.
But do you know that there is another language, more prominent and dominant than the English language?? Everyone uses it more than any other language in the world. Even a new-born child knows how to use it.

Introducing the language which transcends boundaries of culture, race, gender and age. Heck, even applicable to different species of the world....
And many claim that 'Body Language' is that ultimate language.

The facial expresion, the arm gesture, the hip direction, the movement of the legs... All these small little gesture reveals a lot about a person.

Mind-readers, Psychics, Successful Businessman, World-Class Negotiators, even James Bond rely heavily on Body Language to be who they are right now...

That is why I'm getting more and more into Body Language. [I view it as a way to compensate for my not-so-good spoken language.]

09 December 2006

Meeting fired up

Into the 5th day of my industrial training, and I'm allowed to witness how a major meeting goes....
Today, I was allowed to participate in a major meeting.

This major meeting last for bout 3 hours.... 3 freaking hours sitting in the meeting room. I guess the real challenge is try to stay awake for the whole duration of the meeting..
Well, this meeting is MAJOR.... The chairman is the deputy director of the whole operation (that's what I've been told) and there are about 30 engineers sitting there.
I would say that the chairman is pretty good at controlling the meeting. He is a very goal-orientated person, always concerned about how to meet deadlines and resolving problem instead of finding fault with everyone. Plus, I'm not sure how he did it, but he has a very very subtle way of threatening people.
[Although he chairman is TRYING not to blame anyone, but he somehow somehow managed to freak out everyone in the meeting room...Man, that guy is just scary, he has this 'basilisk glare', turning everyone into splineless rigid stones.... Almost everyone in the room has their arms cross, stiff shoulder and their backs hunched, indicating that they are defensive and afraid as hell]
However, the bad thing about the chairman is that he tend to drag matters.....into 3 hours meeting...

Then, I was allowed to witness another minor meeting which last for 2 and half hours...
I fell asleep halfway through the meeting. Well, it wasn't a sleep actually, its more like a 15mins nap....

It was interesting to see how they point the finger to others...
By the way, I sat down there quietly throughout the 2 meetings. I got nothing to say. Even if I did have something to say, I wouldn't, I'm still a newbie at this stage...

06 December 2006

Military Hospital

Day 2 of my Industrial Attachment,
And I realised that I'm part of the team who is currently building a hospital.
Technically, when people ask me what have I done during my industrial training days, I can always say that: "I've built a hospital before!"

Come to think about it...
1998 - 2002: I'm involved in PBSM (Malaysian Red Cross Society)
2003 - 2006: I'm involved in VAD (Voluntary Aid Disaster Unit)
2006 - 2007: I'm building a hospital

Ah yes, the joy of being involved with medical stuff...
Cool!!! I'm always amazed by myself....

05 December 2006

Industrial Attachment

Today is my 1st day of my Industrial Attachment with Primary Horizon in Malaysia.
What roughly know about this company is that Primary Horizon is currently maintaining 22 goverment hospitals in Malaysia, and the are involved in a lot of current constructions. Heard that they are also involved in a construction somewhere outside Malaysia.

Well, I'm being assigned to 1 of their many projects in Setapak, Malaysia. 'Boustead' is building a Military Hospital, and they kinda hired a few companies to do the work. Primary Horizon is one of those companies under Boustead. Apparently Primary Horizon is in charge of the electrical system and Intercomm communication.

So far so good.
The Project Manager and the Site Manager of Primary Horizon is kind and patient enough to brief me through the whole operation. And they seem like a bunch of nice people.....
Best part is, I got a new black shoe with metal guard and a those construction safety helmet for free!!!

Thank you Primary Horizon...

04 December 2006

Slow Internet Connection Speed

I'm back to Malaysia now, something I should be glad of...
However, internet connection here at my home is really really really slow.
It took me 30mins just to get into the page of blogger.com where I get to compose 'new post'...
So, blogging activity will be reduced by a lot, I guess...

27 November 2006

Paking Up

I'll be going back to malaysia on the 1st of dec...
3 more days to go and I'll wont be in sydney no more...

But Wait, it still seems like I still have a lot to do.
1) I have to start on my thesis topic
2) Have to buy some souvenirs and stuffs back to m'sia
3) Clean the whole house
4) Settle my com stuff (format my com, organise my files, burn some files into dvd and etc...)
5) Pack up and prepare to leave for msia
6) Set up some booby trap in the house to deter crime from happening
7) Get to know some politician, druglord, weaponslord and together we can rule the whole world
8) Hope to get some inspiration from the pinky and the brain cartoon...

Oh well, I know point 6,7,8 is a little bit unrealistic, but thats what on my mind lately....
But still even with point 1-5, there are so many things to do, so little time.
And there is this little problem that I'm getting lazier and lazier.
Sigh. The thought of performing those stuff above just turns me off, especially those which requires me to leave the house...

I'll manage somehow...hopefully...

25 November 2006

Rainbow's Stairway

Ever heard of the saying: "There is pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"????
I know that there was once this guy who was deeply inspired by this phrase so much so that that fella would chase for the rainbow for miles and miles...
I have no idea who that guy is, but I've read this article about him on the internet ages ago. Seems like that guy is still looking for the stairways of rainbow that would take him to his desire.

Lucky for me, I found the Rainbow's Stairway. It happened when I was walking out from a lecture hall in my uni.

Hhhmmm, perhaps this is a sign, or perhaps this is an omen. Perhaps everything is going to fine, perhaps everything is going according to plan. Well, whatever it is, that Rainbow's Stairway did made me smile for the day.
It also did left me feeling grateful and fortunate. I mean, what are the chances that you get to witness this sight?? (Unless u purposely install a huge prism there to project that rainbow)

Or perhaps it is there to remind me to smile more often.

Oh, by the way, there wasn't any pot of gold at the end of the staircase.
But i did purposely leave the huge aussie 50cent at the end of the staircase, just so that the next person is able to appreciate the sight more and that 'pot of gold'........

23 November 2006

I need a change

I sense that there is something wrong with my thinking...
Perhaps I need to reflect upon myself and try my best to change it for the better...

During exam period, I was so focused on studying for the exam, only thinking about studies studies & studies.. My life and time spent back then only revolve around exams... I did try my best to enjoy the moment, to be grateful that I was granted high-class education along with internet, oversea experience, global friends and stuff like that...
Back then I was thinking: "Do not think so much about the uncertain future, just do your best and enjoy the moment! Try to picture yourself in a 3rd person view, and appreciate the moment..."
Now that exams all over, I have nothing to do....
I am now like a lost child in the lonely desert with no directions...

I was so distracted by the thoughts of exam back then that i have no plan or whatsoever after the busy exam period.... Now that holidays are here, I'm not too sure of what to do, or what can I do... My passion and motivation were all invested in the exam. Now that its gone, so does my motivation...

I'm not sure if you guys understand what i'm trying to express, but I just don't feel like doing anything. I have nothing to look forward to for the time being... I don't feel like going out, I don't feel like learning a new skill, I don't feel like sleeping, I don't feel like doing anything at all!!!!
Heck, I don't even feel like breathing... Well, luckily its all controlled by our sub-conscious mind. If not, it'll be such a bruden to control such basic essential routine bio-human work.

Perhaps this is a glimpse of how drug-addicts and hardcore criminals, people with no future feels like.... A bunch of carefree zombie with nothing to look forward to...
I have to change my mindset fast!!! Gotta find a source of motivation soon....

Oh well, I guess that is why the luckiest among people are those surronded by a wall of active friends, always having some activity going around with other people....
(I sure hope someone calls me out or something like that....)

By the way, did you know that I'm have this fear of calling other people??
That's why I seldom use the phone.... Receiving calls are ok to me. But making a call is scary to me... (Probably because I feel that I'm not a quick-wit smooth-talker...)
Damn, I'm weird!!!

21 November 2006

Exam Report

KiF's UNSW Exam Report:

Current Status: Completed!
10-Nov -> Thermodynamics B ------ GOOD
13-Nov -> Principle of Control ------- BAD
14-Nov -> Eng Experimentation B --- GOOD
15-Nov -> Computer Networking ---- SO-SO
17-Nov -> Fluid Mechanics B --------- GOOD
20-Nov -> Mechanics of Solids 2B ---- SO-SO
21-Nov -> Machine Design B --------- SO-SO

I think i've perform fairly well this semester. Not too good, not too bad, just average. Hopefully I am able to secure a good grades enough to award me with a 1st class honours. I reckon that my overall grades won't skyrocket up very much or decline by a landslide.
I think I've managed quite well considering that I've sat for 7 core-subject exam within 8 working days. (excluding sat and sun)

1 thing for sure, I wont fail any of these papers, unless:
i) There was a mistake in adminstrative work, or
ii) The invigilators are can't read my handwritting.
Though the second case is more likely to happen, but chances that i'll ever fail any of these papers are close to 0%.
However, if I fail, I'll lose my scholarship, I'll probably have to pack up and fly back to m'sia as I won't be able to afford to study in UNSW anymore. Then, UNSW would have lose a good student, and the world would have lose a potential revolutionair (not sure if the word exists, but what the heck...) Therefore, it is vital that I DO NOT fail in my UNSW academic days.

Chances that I get to continue my studies in UNSW is approximately 100%.

GOOD -> More than 80% has been done correctly
SO-SO -> Able to finish the exam paper, but unsure of final answer
BAD -> Can barely finish the paper. Included silly mistakes, and messed up the whole paper.

18 November 2006

Moments in Life

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!

When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one, which has been opened for us.

Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away.
Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile.

Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human and enough hope to make you happy.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; you can't go forward in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling.
Live your life so at the end, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.

I did not compose this... I got this somewhere in the net...
Author: Unknown

16 November 2006

HappyPeople and MaskRider Video

Have u read my post about HappyPeople and MaskRider??

Guess what, I found the video on Youtube...

Dang, they did not film the lecturer's expression when MaskRider was pulling HappyPeople's pants down. He was standing there stunned with that blank empty expression on his face!!!
Notice how our lecturer turned to the blackboard in dis-belief at the end of the show??
Well, he turned back to us shortly after that and with a wide grin on his face said to us: "Did u guys see what I just saw?"
(By the way, that lecturer of ours, He is a jap!! I'm telling you guys now so that u guys do not have to guess where he got his slang from..)

The video is titled "Got ya pant!" in youtube.

14 November 2006

Hard and Smart

Some say hardwork is the pinnacle of their academic success....
"Study hard for your exam, and you'll be fine"

Some say study smart, don't study hard, dont overstress yourself...
"Be smart, don't be a retard"

Well well, of all the people I meet, they will either say 1 of them (either it be study hard, or study smart)....especially during exam period...

Never once I've heard people saying: "Study smart and hard!"

Well then, perhaps I should tell others to:
"Study smart AND hard!"
[Ah yes, the deadly combination which combines the best of both philosophy]

10 November 2006

Will be busy...

Ah yes...
1 exam paper done today... Bang!
6 more papers to go....
Wish me luck folks...

Blogging activity will be slow this period....

Till then, enjoy yourselves folks...Remember to be happy everyday... Its still not too late..

07 November 2006

Feedback on my last post

Someone gave me a feedback about my previous post:
It's juz too cruel to enjoy people suffer.. I hope u will suffer 1 day and i will enjoy... what do u feel?
---- Lok Kah Fai
Ah yes, Kah Fai, a person who values Righteousness and Justice. I have to give credit to this guy. This guy is just too good.... I'm actually annoyed by 3 short sentences... Finally, I got criticized... Oh well, thats a good experience...

Let me justify my actions.
In reply to that 3sentences:
I have some core believes and some minor believes.
1) I believe that we should enjoy every moment that take our breath away. Every minute, every second that pass us by.
2) I believe that how we feel is 10% affected by what happens to us and 90% affected by how we react.
3) I believe that we humans have the freedom to choose. As long as determination goes, obstacle is not a big factor in our choice of options.

So, when other people suffer (external event),
- I can choose to ignore that and continue to act as if everybody is enjoying themselves as they should have.
- Or, I can choose to feel what they are feeling, and suffer with them.
- Or, I can choose to savour and enjoy the sight.
- Er, I can only think of 3 options...Can anyone suggest a 4th alternative??
Since someone told me that I should be positive all the time, I choose to enjoy rather than to feel their suffering. Sorry for not being emphathetic. (thats just not in 1 of my believe system)

By the way, I'm not torturing them.. Its more like they are doing that to themselves.
So, as long as I'm not doing bad things to other people, I should be fine. I do not wish for them to suffer as well... I hope that they will get better as time goes by... In the meantime, might as well enjoy the sight while it last.
No wait, I should rather put it this way. They are studying too hard, so much so that it seems like they are suffering more than enjoying themselves. I believe that they do that because they are GRATEFUL for the education they are receiving now. (after all, not everyone has the privilige to get into a university) And they continue to work hard just to make their education more worthwhile. So, in fact...I am enjoying watching people who are working real hard to earn a piece of paper qualification.
Remember, I'm merely an observer. I avoid doing things that bring harm...

Wacthing them is more enjoyable than watching a bunch of slackers who care about nothing wasting away their life...
No wait, I think it would still be enjoyable and enlightening to witness a bunch of slakers doing what they do best, doing nothing... Their talents in 'doing nothing' far exeed my level. Place me in an empty room with no windows, no doors, no lights and nothing inside, I'll be bored to death within a few hours... But these guys, they can survive in that harsh environment...

Oh well, I'm suffering from exam period as well....Sleepness nights and all.....
So, folks enjoy all you want as i fall into the pit of darkness... In fact, i would prefer anyone to enjoy than to share my suffering... If they are enjoying, at least it proves that someone is recognising my existance...
The deeper i fall, the higher I will know to rise (assuming that i will rise eventually)
By the way, I'm enjoying my torment as well....while it last. No point sulking over it.. After all, stress and pressure of this magnitude only comes in once in a bluemoon.

Bottomline: I choose to enjoy life no matter how sucky it may seem, no matter what it throws at me...
Peace!!! No offence..

06 November 2006

Exam Period

Exam is coming soon.
The official starting date of exams for my uni, UNSW is on 10/11 (this friday).

I have no idea why, but I love to see people torturing themselves during this period. Sleepless nights, short temper, frequent complaints, curses, and the likes....

Aren’t those what students usually do during exam period?
They rather stay up till 6am studying, Maggie mee everyday, stoning in a sitting posture for hours. Man, that’s bad for the body…
And they claimed that time is always against them. (Isn’t it amusing how TIME is what we have the most, not to mention the most precious of all, yet the one that we use most inefficiently)

If you give them a light poke while they are really focusing on memorizing something, and u get see a living human-volcano exploding. Then they use ‘excess-stress syndrome’ to justify their actions. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get to see the worst anger and frustration anyone can reveal.
It’s amazing how willingly they are to remove that fake mask which they have been putting on all this while.

Intense pressure and stress brings out the worst in people. Let me savour the sight while it last. After all, times such as these don’t happen frequent.

Dang, I just love the sight of people suffer through self-torture.
Hehe, I'm regard myself as an observer.
I'm not evil....am I??

04 November 2006

HappyPeople and MaskRider

Humans are interesting!!

Last Wednesday, I was in a lecture theater attending my class. The lecturer was explaining something about system control and later went to the black-board and wrote something down.

Its the perfect time to tell grandmother stories to the person next to me when the lecturer is not looking in our direction. Just when I was about to get into the climax of the story, a very well-build person came into the lecture theater from the front door, the door next to the black-board. He had six packs, a very mascular chest and interestingly he had his front body painted green.

Well, we all had our eyes on him as he was topless only wearing a short trek pants (like those Bermuda shorts). Lets just call him HappyPerson1. And so HappyPerson1 walked casually into the theater, until he was next to the lecturer. The lecturer was oblivious about HappyPerson1, he was too focus on writing his stuff on the board.

Then, HappyPerson1 turned his back against us, lifted up his arm. Initially I thought he was some punk looking for some trouble. As he was facing the lecturer and standing in close proximity, I really thought that he was gonna give a punch to the lecturer. But no, I was wrong, he lifted both his arm up, just like how an angle would open up its wing.

Then the lecturer noticed his presence, turned around, and looked at HappyPerson1 with a gaze of confused state. The lecturer must be thinking: “Who the heck is this topless person doing in my class?” The lecturer stood there stunned for a moment still trying to figure out what is happening.

Suddenly, this masked guy, (lets called him MaskRider1) ran into the lecture theater. As he was running into the theater, he too lifted up his hand giving that ‘peace’ signal. Then he ran towards HappyPerson1. Everyone (the geeky students) in the theater was having their eyes fixed on this MaskRider1. Man, everyone must was questioning if this guy has an AK-41.
Ok, this is the interesting part. Just as MaskRider1 reaches HappyPerson1, he pulled his pants down. HappyPerson1 still with his arms spread out, is now topless and bottomless. Well, he was wearing a G-sting. So yeah, still considered bottomless. Anyway, MaskRider1 quickly ran out of the theater while HappyPerson1 still standing there giving us a fashion show. HappyPerson1 maintained that pose for bout 5secs. And when HappyPerson1 thought that fashion show is over, he wore back his pants and casually walked out of the theater. Wait no, it was more like he was walking like a turtle. Just before he went out of the theater, he lifted up his arm, and gave us the ‘peace’ hand gesture.

And the geeky students were all laughing hard. Subsequently, we hear people outside the theater burst in a real loud laughter.
And the lecturer turned to us and asked: “Did u guys see what I just saw? Did u guys enjoyed the show?”
One guy shouted back: "Is that all? We don't want to see what we already have!"

If u asked me, they came into the wrong lecture theater. I mean, this is an engineering class. There is like 150 students with only 5 females here. Well, it would be more enjoyable if that was a business lecture instead of an engineering class.

Last week of uni, and I’m guessing that’s how HappyPerson1 and MaskRider1 way of releasing stress. Man, that was 1 lecture worth attending for.

Oh, did i mention that "Humans are interesting"?

02 November 2006

Welcome to Austria

I find this very amusing..
Austria is home to a town called 'Fucking.'
The sign reads: "Bitte — nicht so schnell!" in German
In english, it translate to "Please — not so fast!"
Hmmm...'Fucking' ....'Kids'.....'Please - Not so fast!'......Can you see any relation between these words?? Are you imagining something now??

Anyway, this is a real sign board in a real town known as 'Fucking'.
I'm serious!!!
To read more about it: Welcome to Austria

31 October 2006

International Nomad [updated]

Nomad, a member of a group who move from 1 place to another rather than living in 1 place all the time. Two of friends I’ve made here in Australia can be qualified as an internation nomad. They spend all their life travelling around the world.

This guy, Allen, moved to dunno moved how many countries already. He mentioned that he had settled down in more than 5 countries, but I only recall him mentioning Argentina, Australia, UK and Malaysia. Well, his parents work with MAS and due to their career, they have to shift here shift there. The move to a new place settle down for a period of time (2-3years) and the company decides to allocate them again. And so the cycle repeats.

Seems fun right??

I mean, they are privileged enough to travel all over the world, get to experience different culture. Plus, they get to socialize with people of different culture, learn to speak a dozen of language and he gets 2 free return-ticket to anywhere in the world each year. (A return ticket to everywhere in the world!!! And if he used up those tics, the only have to pay 10% for a subsequent ticket!! Man, given this incentive, almost anyone can afford to travel around the world in 80days) And this guy Allen, dunno been to how many different schools in different countries. Hmmm…maybe that is why Allen took up International Business Course. Suits him perfectly…

Yesterday, I get to make another friend who travels all around the world. His name is Ceej, from Malaysia. From our 1st conversation, I learned that he started traveling with his parent at the age of 12. From then onwards, the longest period he stayed in a foreign country is 5 years, which is US. From his appearance, his age is probably the same as mine. So he probably traveled and settled in a number of countries.

During their short stay in a foreign country, they had to be enrolled to an international school. And they said that there are a lot of their schoolmates are those who get travel all over the place too. And the average period that their schoolmates stayed in a particular country is only 2years… Imagine, travelling all over the world, experiencing a life as an international nomad…

How cool is that??
Sounds pretty cool to me!!!

However, the drawback is that they don’t have many ‘long term friends’

Update: I spoke to Allen today. He has settled in a number of country including: Malaysia, UK, Australia, Argentina, Austrien, Cambodia and China. Man, this guy is good!!! Guess what, he is 1 year younger than me some more....

30 October 2006

Back to net

My internet has sucessfully upgraded to the super fast lightning speed, ADSL2.
Today is my first day enjoying the fast internet connection.
However, the connection is a bit jumpy... I'll give it a few days for the system to stabilise...

My housemate is feeling a bit generous today. He bought a new wireless router for the whole house today....
No more lan cables, no more pesky lines... I'm now using wireless technology now. WOOHOO!!!
1 thing funny about wireless router though, it doesn't work if a microwave is operating nearby... Some say that it because both devices operate at a very similiar wavelength. In other words, they 'boh song' with each other and try to dominate each other's wavelength...(something like that..)
So, if my internet connection breaks down, its probably the microwave's fault...Either that, or its the service provider...
But its more likely that the microwave is at fault...

26 October 2006


I'm changing my internet connection to ADSL2 soon...
then i'l be able to enjoy lightning fast data trasfer speed....

HOwever, drawback is....i'm deprived of the internet connection till this monday...
sigh, hopefully they hasten the change of connection.....

23 October 2006

Weird day

Today is a very odd day....
I met some friends who i hadn't met for quite some time...
People who don't usually greet me actually greeted me today....
Strangers around me are also more kind than usual...

There can only be 2 explaination behind this:
1) Today is a good day!!! Some stars and constellation happens to fall in the right position thus allowing me to receive tremendous luck...
2) I've turned into a super lengchai overnight...

I'm probably thinking too much...

21 October 2006

Thesis Selection

I've been busy lately doinr research on a few thesis topic which I'm interested in...
Oh, for those who do not know, I'll be doing my thesis next academic session. We had to submit my preference as soon as possible to secure the topic of our 1st choice of thesis selection.

I submitted the form 2 days ago, last friday.
Jeng jeng jeng, my first preference is this thesis topic:
TOPIC 1151****************************************************
Supervisor(s): Dr Michal Tordon, A/Prof N A Ahmed
Title of thesis topic: Upgrade of UNSW wind tunnel test facility
Brief summary: This is a continuation project to upgrade the largest teaching subsonic wind tunnel of Australia.
Laboratory access required: Yes Lab. name(s): Aerodynamics (L209)
Suitable for: MECHATRONIC
What is a 'Wind Tunnel'???
A wind tunnel is a research tool developed to assist with studying the effects of air moving over or around solid objects. Typically, a plane has to be tested in a Wind Tunnel before any construction takes place.

I spoke to the 2 supervisor (Dr.tordon and Prof.Ahmed) regarding my intend of taking this thesis topic. Judging from our conversation, apparently I am the only student who approached them regarding this thesis topic.
It could be a good thing as i won't have any competitor who could potentially 'steal' my topic. And i am also interpreting it as "I could possibly be the only idiot who is gonna take this seemingly "uninteresting-with-no-future" thesis topic.

The interesting thing is that, they state that the 'Wind Tunnel' i'm dealing with is the biggest wind tunnel in the whole of Australia. They also claim that it is possibly one of the biggest wind tunnel in the world. This device is freaking huge! Ths size is like 2 classroom size and a height of 2 story tall.

Hopefully this statement: "Dealt with Australia's biggest Wind Tunnel" will look good in my future resume.

18 October 2006

Looking down

Since the thesis topics has been posted up lately by UNSW, i was kinda busy looking around for information and meeting people to find out more about those topic which i'm particularly interested in. And since we have to submit out thesis topic preference before this friday, we have to act fast in our decision...

I spoke to mr.tomonari furukawa, a supervisor in charge with thesis topics that has something to do with robatics and system control. [He is probably the best and the smartest lecturer in the my faculty. Everyone in the uni respects him a lot...]
And I was very aware of my own body language during the discussion with him. The bad thing i noticed about myself is that, i tend to look down on the floor while i'm talking to him.

Even during the conversation, i was very aware of this bad habit of mine...and i was telling myself the whole time, "dude, look straight while you are talking!! There aint nothing interesting on the floor...."
Sigh, too bad....habit remains as a habit....and i tend not to look straight if i'm talking, particularly if i have a tremendous amount of respect towards the person i'm talking to ....

Well, I have change my habit bit by bit....
3 months!!! I'll give myself 3 months to do that!!!

16 October 2006


As defined in wikipedia.org, a thesis is an intellectual proposition. A dissertation, a document that presents the author's research findings and is submitted in support of candidature for degree or professional qualification.

The time has come to a stage when I am required to decide what to do for my thesis subject in order to graduate from UNSW.
There is this long list of thesis topic that is available to students. I have to choose 5 prefered topic from that list before this friday. Out of so many topics, I found out that i'm more inclined towards topic which involves either programming, electronic, or management.

For the next couple of days, I have to visit those 'supervisor' who came out with those thesis topic in order to get a rough idea on what to expect.

While deciding on my preference of thesis topic, it got me thinking: Mechatronics, a field so vast with endless persuit of knowledge....What would be my career path be?? What would I end up doing in the future??

Perhaps, someday I'll get to build my own big bad giant robot that has the potential to dominate the whole world...

15 October 2006

[Quote] Bruce Lee

Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man,
sooner or later the man who wins is the one who thinks he can
---- Bruce Lee

14 October 2006


Sometimes, I feel like i'm not productive enough...
Instead of wasting time, I should be doing some productive work...
Sometimes, I question my purpose...
Instead of thinking about the future and remisnicing the past, I should focus on the present living for the moment....

I was searching for motivation these few days...
And instead, I found a demotivator website, www.despair.com
MOTIVATION. Psychology tells us that motivation- true, lasting motivation- can only come from within. Common sense tells us it can't be manufactured or productized. So how is it that a multi-billion dollar industry thrives through the sale of motivational commodities and services? Because, in our world of instant gratification, people desperately want to believe that there are simple solutions to complex problems. And when desperation has disposable income, market opportunities abound.

AT DESPAIR, INC., we believe motivational products create unrealistic expectations, raising hopes only to dash them. That's why we created our soul-crushingly depressing Demotivators® designs, so you can skip the delusions that motivational products induce and head straight for the disappointments that follow!
E.L. Kersten, Ph.D.
Founder and COO of www.despair.com

12 October 2006

[Quotes] Confucius said:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.
---- Confucius

11 October 2006

Artificial Heart Pump

Last monday, i was in a lecture attending my fluids dynamics class listening to a guest speaker as he talks about his company, Ventracor. And he was the head designer engineer of the company. Imagine, a head designer actually came to one of our lecture and gave a presentation about his company and their works on artificial heart pump.
Building an artificial heart has been the Holy Grail for medicine for decades. Now, the australian company, Ventracor came out with an impressive looking device which could prolong someone's life with a weak heart.
---- http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s978930.htm
Humans...have come a long way, and now they are capable of manufacturing stuff which could temper the organs of our body...

That head designer engineer brought with him 2 artificial heart pump to the lecture theater, which he allow us to pass around to have a close look at it... As he was talking about the device, there was this tingling chilly feeling inside of me.
The current version of artificial heart pump by Ventracor

The inside of the artificial heart pump.

He mentioned about a number of success operations.
Out of the many, 2 of them left me with minor fear....
1) A guy was suffured heart failure. Just before his death, an artificial heart pump was installed within his body which keeps him alive for more than a year. And he is still alive. Freaky thing is, that guy has no pulse. Imagine, a person walking around the streets with no pulse in him...
2) Another fella, had an earlier version of an artificial heart pump installed within his body. The earlier version of the heart pump was a bit bigger, bulkier and not so fashionable. The freaky thing is that, the heart pump would emit some mechanical noise everytime it pumps blood throughout the whole body. So, in the hospital, nurses and doctors would freak out whenever this person is walking along the quiet aisle. They could hear his mechanical heart pumping and his breathing a few meters away.....

These inventions are great.
They bring technology to a step further.
They save lives.
They improve the lifestyle of the community.

However, i have a bad feeling about this... It feels like as though this thing is turning people into the undead, a zombie...
[Damn, i better make sure that my conscience are dead the next time i see it]

09 October 2006

Voluntary Work

My secondary school friend Gerald, made some remark about charity work in his blog...
He mentioned his experience when only as little as 1 out of 10 people support his effort for collecting funds for some AIDS donation drive... And he was on saying that how 'the more fortunate' people should be more caring and observant towards those who are less fortunate...

His post about the charity drive is kinda inspiring...which makes me want to talk about voluntary work...

I'm glad to say that i've done some voluntary work myself. Most of it were affliated withPBSM (Malaysia Red Crescent Society).
And i'm proud to have join the ranks of VAD (Voluntary Aid Disaster Unit). Even though the term VAD sounds nice and impressive, but i've never been called to those major events like those really big accidents, chaotic events , demostration and events like these....
At most, I was called to service in those company family day, sport events, and those one-day event.. And it was all pure voluntary work, and sometimes i have to fork my own money to pay for transport fee and medical items...And sometimes the workload can be pretty hectic.
As a medic, we have to be prepared, calm and steady all the time. We are not suppose to display a panicy face, not even a tired face... Doing so would freak out the patient and the patiend would lose confidence in our ability, which is not a good thing...

So, question is...why would i do something with little or no benefits in return???
I probaby wouldn't be able to express it clearly in words, but its the sight of those expression....the grateful look on those patients, that thankful gesture on those organisers, that sincere face saying 'Thank you'....was all well worth it...

It's not everyday that people are really grateful for what you have done....
and in events such as this....I get to experience this almost every time....

Of course there are other unwritten bonus that comes with the job such as meeting new people, old and young, rich and poor... And i was 1 fortunate guy to get to listen to their experience. I found out that people in general are very interesting and they have rich experiences of their own....

Throughout my days as a medic:
I've driven an ambulance. Everyone can test-drive a ferrari, but not an ambulance. :)
I get to play with an resuscitator (an equipment capable of performing CPR).
The best was when i dyed my hair golden colour while on one particular PBSM duty....How cool is that?? Its not everyday u get to see an 'ah-beng' medic on duty... Golden monkey boy

06 October 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival also known as Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival, August Moon Festival or the Lantern Festival is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the lunar calender.
This year, Mid Autumn Festival falls on the 6th of october....which coindently is today...

Today is all about the big round moon, lanterns, mooncake the story of 'Chang E'.
There are various version of the Chang Er story circulating....

However, i'm more into the big round moon instead of the story behind Mid Autumn Festival.
I find the full moon mesmerising beautiful....

To everyone:
Happy Mooncake Festival...
Enjoy your night....

05 October 2006

Dorky face pt2

Remember my previous dorky face post??
Well, i present to you another episod of my dorky face collection...
(Cool pic eh? My tongue has just enlongated a few inches long...Oh btw, that was me in the lower middle part of the picture. The one wearing a white jacket with a green t-shirt inside)

Usually, my dorky face pictures are only for personal keepsake..
But not this particular photo... This time, it has gone a few levels up, this particular photo has just gone international...
I just found out that the same picture was used in a flyer advertised in the UNSW ISS website.

04 October 2006

DJ Layzr in M'sian DJ Battle

Recently the 'Malaysian DJ Battle Championship' was held in 1utama KL presented and organised by Bionic DJ academy on the 9th september 2006.
"This is a platform for aspiring djs to showcase thier skills, network and exchange idea" ---- DJ Fuzz
Some of Malaysia's finest DJ went in competing for the grand title in hope of being Malaysia's best DJ player. My elder brother went for it...in search of fame with no fear of defeat and the goodwill of healthy challenge.
Too bad I wasn't there to witness DJ Layzr, my elder brother showing off his skills.

Some of the pics taken in the DJ competition:

Some of the best DJ in Malaysia and in the middle is DJ Layzr

DJ Layzr in the grand competition

DJ Layzr showing his skills

And in the end, not only did DJ Layzr survive the competition, he went back home with a grin on his face bearing the title of WINNER OF MALAYSIAN DJ BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2006 “BEAT JUGGLING CATEGORY”
Great job. brother!!!

For more photos of the event: More Photos!!!
To see the results of the competition: Competition Result

02 October 2006

Pictures from camp

I just got this...Below are 4 pictures featuring some of my experiences from the previous camp i've been to a week ago.

Yo! whats up?
This is me, all geared up!

Made some new friends in the camp...

Night time....Keep on rockin'

And towards the end of the camp, we had so much fun that we've gone back to our kiddy state.... Looking back at the photos, we look like a bunch of retards..

01 October 2006

PostSecret [Updated]

Its probably one of my favourite blog. I never fail to visit this site at least once a week. Thats coz this site is being updated every sunday.....
Its actually a site where ppl post in their secrets in a form of postcard. And this guy name Frank (owner of the blog) post up those postcards...

A secret of mine has just been posted by a guy last week....
my deep dark little secret...

Updated on 5/10/2006
The postcard I was referring to:

30 September 2006


A phenomenon of combustion manifested in intense heat and light in the form of a glow or flame, and we call that 'Fire'. In short, Fire is simply glowing gas...

I came back from a camp the lately. And the 1 thing that i miss in camps is a campfire... (Oh well, since the last camp was more like a luxury camp, so nupe, no campfire...)

Anyway, the one thing that enjoyed most in a survival camp is to start a campfire.. and to maintain it...I don't mind the heavy carbon smell, the smell of sweat, the intense heat, the torment of staying in one place feeding the fire...so as long as there is a something burning in front of my sight...

I find joy in watching something burn. The colour of the fire, the burning amber, the scorching heat...I'm just fascinated by all of it..
Sometimes I would sit there for a quarter of the day just staring at the dancing fiery glow, imagining how the whole planet earth would one day burn and break down to pieces...

Sometimes during any ordinary normal days, I would play with a lighter, trying to burn a piece of paper...just for fun.
Yes, I could be the next potential arsonist.
(Offer me a lighter and a barrel of gasoline.. I will gladly burn your house down..with your permission of course...at no extra charge)

28 September 2006

Sight, Sound, Touch

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every single moment, we receive information mainly in 3 different types of forms:
Sight: something we see in our mind's eyes as an image or a vision...
Sound: something we hear either externallt or emanating from that little voice...
Touch something that we feel or touch...

Usually its the combination of these 3 experiences that helps us to interpret the outside world. But one of the these 3 senses [Sight, Sound, Touch] tends to dominate the other 2.

Those heavily influenced by sight are visual people. Visual people are those who gives primary importance to the way things look and how things appeared to be.
Those heavily influenced by sound are auditory people. Auditory people are those who think sound is important and respond to the way things sound.
Those heavily influenced by touch are kinesthetic people. Kinesthetic people are those who experience the world through physical sensation and how things feel.

Naturally we have a mixture of all 3. However one of these system dominates the other 2.
Studies have shown that
55% people in our culture are motivated by primarily by what they see [visual],
15% by what they hear [auditory],
30% by physical sensation [kinesthetic].

If you understand the dominating system of a person, perhaps communication would be easier if you can communicate to their dominating senses.

For example:
When asking a question, there are 3 ways of dealing with different type of people:
Visuals: "How does it look like?" "Can you imagine it now??"
Auditory: "Does the whole thing sound good to you??" "Do you hear that small little voice telling you to go for it??"
Kinesthetic: "Can you feel what i'm trying to say?" "Can you describe your feelings then?"

(I did a self-test on myself, and results show that i'm a kinesthetic person. However, I'm not convinced with the results...)

27 September 2006

Been away...

For the past 3days, I was away to a camp...
I havent had a chance to update this blog until today...

Yesterday was the day i came back home from camp. I came back home tired and exhausted... After 2hours of doing nothing at home, I K.O-ed, and slept for 12 hours. From 6pm till 6am..

A short note:
I felt a sense of achievement. I've been to at least a camp every year since 1998. Thats 9 years of consecutive hardcore outdoor activity, literally. At the begining of the year, I thought that this year would be different. Guess I was wrong.
[Oh well, this one is more to a fun camp, a more luxurious 1] [I miss survival camp]

22 September 2006


Mid-session exam is all over.
And now, for our hard effort, we are granted with a 1 week break.
Time to sleep...
Good night

20 September 2006


The only thing that is truly yours
that no one can control or take away from you
is your ATTITUDE

18 September 2006

Science of Complaining

Does complaining make us happier?
Somehow, we feel that if we complain, we’re going to be happier.
Are we happier when we complain? No.
Are the people around us happier when we complain? No. They’re more miserable.
When we live with people who are more miserable, are we happier? No.
So actually, when we complain, we become more unhappy.
----Ven. Thubten Chodron

It has been proven that the silent language of the body contributes more than spoken words in a 'face to face' conversation. Most of the actions portrayed by the body are thoughts of the mind...Usually it speaks the truth, even though spoken words may be a lie.
What the mind thinks, the body acts accordingly unconsciously.
So, i firmly believe that when people complain about something, their body emits an aura of discomfort towards everybody around them. And when you are not comfortable with yourself, you have the potential to put others to be in a position of discomfort. Subsequently when people are not comfortable, they are less happy than before.

Experiment: try complaining in front of a body mirror and be aware of your body language. How does it act? What does it tell you? Even if you can take it, would u still rather someone act that way all day long??

Moral of the story:
1) Complain a bit less.
2) Stay away from whinners and complainers... Either that, or stop them even before they begin.
3) Stick with seemingly happy people... (cause the brain cant tell the difference between a genuine happy face and a fake happy face anyway)

16 September 2006

Donkey Face

I'm doing this due to popular demand...
A pic of mine with some dorky face or doing some dorky action.

Humans are interesting...

14 September 2006

Stanford Prison Experiment

What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph?

Welcome to the 'Stanford Prison Experiment'. It is an experiment to discover parts of human nature within the vicinity of prison bars...
The desire for power, the fight for control, the crave for being superior over others.
The sadness of loneliness, the despair of hopelessness, the isolation of not having an identity.
This is a 2-week experiment where volunteers were assigned to be prison guards, and prisoners.

This is a very twisted yet interesting experiment...
In the end, the planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress.

Visit this site for more info: http://www.prisonexp.org/
[Warning: This is a very twisted experiment.] [Only suitable for psychological stuff lover]

Within the illusion of life, Death is the only reality,
but is Reality the only death?
Within the reality of imprisonment, Illusion is the only freedom,
but is Freedom the only illusion?

12 September 2006

Fish vs Nintendo

Original version:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Modern Version:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give him a nintento and he won't bother you for a week.

10 September 2006

Humans are interesting

Humans are interesting...

09 September 2006

Full moon

A full moon night. A breath-taking scene that is available every month, anywhere and best of all, its free…
Sometimes, the huge moon hovers up above the dark night sky illuminating the night scene.
Sometimes, the full moon shy-fully hides behind moving misty clouds with its glow partially conceal by the cloudy shadows.
Sometimes, the full moon would be accompanied by millions and millions of twinkling stars.
Sometimes, beyond the light feathery rain lies the compelling full moon being the attention of the night scenery.

Its very rare for me to miss the sight of the full moon. Every month, there would be a night when I just stare at the mesmerizing moon.
To enjoy the tranquility of a quiet night, a full moon night is the perfect beauty scene of nature anyone can get anywhere.
Just the sight of it washes my worries, brightens my night. And it almost always makes me feel that life is beautiful in its own way.

Inspiration from these few messages:

Tonite is the first day of snow, somehow I walked under the snow happily, snow drop silently and at a moment I can feel dat life is beautiful.
---- 0030, 24/10/2003

From where I see it, d moon 2nite is mesmerizing beautiful. Decorated by movin misty cloud, surrounded by twinkling stars, I begin to feel tat life is beautiful
---- 2345, 3/8/2004

I saw da moon tis few days. So wasted no lengchai teman me to xiang yue. Haih so wu liao ere.
---- 1402, 4/8/2004

06 September 2006


Nickname: ThE ForEver BluR ME
Personal msg: you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you
has just signed into the msn network.
His real name -> Kah Fai. (1 of my juniors, a first year student studying in UNSW mecharonics engineering)

I chat with him for a couple of minutes, and out of the blue he said: "oh ya .. read my personal message for you 1 .." (referring to 'you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you'.) [Yes, that is the famous quote from rock lee of Naruto Anime....i think..]
He was envious of those who has the priviledge to play all day long and yet manage to get super grades for their exams. And he go on about saying that he will one day show eveyone that hardwork, determination and persistance will take him further than any genetically-born genius.
And now, i've found another rare friend who has the undying determination of a zombie.

Oh yeah, I also know this guy, Leon Teh who uses this line as a signature for all his emails:
"I will prove it with this technique that hard work surpasses genius......Lotus!!", Rock Lee to Uchiha Sasuke.
Seems like hardwork, determination and persistance almost guarantee an enhancement in anyone's personality.

05 September 2006


I'll be busy for next few weeks studying for exams and completing assignments...
Until then I'll leave u this quote..
You can't make anything idiot proof because idiots are so ingenious.
---- Ron Burns

Updated on 9/8/2006
"Senyum adalah garis lengkung yang meluruskan segalanya"

03 September 2006

Project Warman

Engineering Students in australia who is currently in their 2nd year studies would be familiar with thie term: "The warman project".
Well, to those who have no idea what is it, let me enlighten you. The warman project is a yearly national competition organised by australia and new zealand designed to test the minds of many future engineers. Students in a group of 3 or 4 have to build a machine to complete a set of task. The theme for every year is different.
This year, the theme is to 'beautify the highway of gondawan planet'. Yes, they actually created a fiction story behind every warman competiton.

The inter-university warman competition was held last week and winners of this competition gets to compete in the national level.

I was forced to join the competition. This is considered as one of our 'homework' for a subject known as 'Machine Design'. Given the time and budget, i would pour in all my heart and soul in this project. But noooo!!!! They have to orginise his competition in the middle of my mid-session exam...and the grades from this competition is just not worth the effort.
Oh well, its not entirely their fault...its just that I dun think the effort is worth it, considering I have more important assingments and exams going on that period.

So, to cut the story short, we came up with a very simple device. In the competition, i would say that our machine is the most simple-looking machine capable of performing less than 50% of the task required. Yup, this is how 'dedicated' we are towards our 'homework'...
Oh well, having said that, i'm proud that we got a lil bit of marks form the competition. Even though the marks was a bit low, but i find it kinda satisfying considering the little effort and the minimal budget wasted on the project.
Can't say that i didn't benefit from the project. At least i made some new friends during that competition. And i believed that was more important than any grades...
Our simple looking device, efficient and cheap.

31 August 2006



27 August 2006

A walk in the rain

There was a performance done by the UNIBUDS (University Buddhist Society) tonight. And this yearly function is known as bohdinite. This years theme:"the unshakable balance".
They have this super funny and super corny sketch, instructed and done by uni students.
Moral of the story:
When the mind likes, it pulls.
When the mind dislikes, it pushes away.
When the mind has no hatred or greed,
then it feels so calm and freed.
In such a state of equanimity,
Will we have...an unshakable balance.
Gee....I have no idea what it means. Is pulling and pushing suppose to be a bad thing??
Anyway, after the show, i escorted two ladies back to their house...
And so, thats when my '40mins lonely walk back home' began.
I journeyed alone...under the mild rain...with the perfect dark sky filled with bright lit stars...
The temperature was kinda cool with this mild wind...
Even though my pacing at that time was kinda fast, i tried to enjoy it for as long as i can.

Along the way back home, i walked through across uni grounds. Distracted by the spotlight lighting the quiet little small lonely pathway, i tilt my head up and rain drop was all that was in front of my sight. Being highlighted by the strong spotlight, small little droplets of rain, as light as they are, fell gracefully. Far beyond that sight was that perfect dark sky filled with star dust.

It was an unbelievable sight!!
With my hand far stretched towards the vast galaxy, to capture that sight was my dream.
Perhaps it was a good thing that i walked alone. I probably wouldn't have appreciate the sight if i didn't. But it would be better if there is someone walking by my side...

That was my walk... A walk in the rain

23 August 2006

I walk alone...

When there is a path,
would you walk alone??

When the pathway is long,
Would you rather travel alone?

Even if there is no destination,
would you still continue your journey?

Confined and isolated,
would you still walk along the lonely path?

(Perhaps everything will change tomorrow. All my hopes are placed upon the event that will occur on the 24th of august 2006, 3pm. Then maybe, just maybe, reavealed will be the 1st clue to the destination i've been wanting to go ages ago...)

20 August 2006

3point8 4444 v2

Someone actually commented that the 3POINT8 4444 is funny....
That's something new!!!
Well, can't say that i ain't glad to hear about it. In fact, i'm thrilled by it!!! (Thanks Julie!!!)
U know, everyone has their own ego, and i'm sure that practically anyone would be delighted when someone compliment on their creation, their ego...

So, the question is: Why did i name my blog 3POINT8 4444??
You have probably read this tagline at the top of my blog...

I really believe that the past describes a person. For example, if a person was once a president of a club, most likely he would be perceived as someone who has leadership skill. Thus someone might describe that person as a leader.
And i really believe that the future defines a person. By future, i actually meant the ambition, goals, and believes of a person. For example, if that someone has a burning desire to be the most handsome guy, he would hunt for the latest trend of clothing, the most fashionable hairstye, the best cosmetic product, and learn the most suitable body language to project his 'handsome-ness'. Thus his actions and his thoughts would dictate the person he would be in the future. We become what we believe in.

3POINT was my past...Back then in TARC, I earned the nickname of 3.8
For that period of 2years, my CGPA throughout those 6 semesters were roughly around 3.8. So, people start to address me as 3.8. Can say that i was quite proud of that nickname. Probably because it represents the standard of my intellectual level. But of course, i wouldn't have done it without my friends... I really appreciate those who had lend me their notes, those who have tutored me, those who have ask me questions, even those who have annoyed me during exam period... Without them, i probably wouldn't be in UNSW,australia now....

4444 is my future... The number 4 is a number of completeness, with a beginning and an end.
Many of the cycles that we know of, have four components. [The 4 elements: Earth, wind, fire and water] [The 4 stages of apocalypse :war, plague, famine and death] [The 4 quadrant of cartesian coordinates]
I have no idea why, but since young, i've been obsessed with the no.4. I tried to relate everything wih the no.4. Even until now!
Everytime i eat a cookie, i would make sure that i will take exactly 4 bites to finish it!
The no.4 has been deeply implanted into my mind. I will still continue to relate everything with the no.4. So, I guess thats the future for me.