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28 July 2008

Hi Kiffy Boi

No much thing you can comment on? Are you freaking serious or are you just being sarcastic? Either way, I can't tell. Who are you to tell the thought provoker 3POINT8 that you have not much comment on this issue?

Despite not having any comment, this guy actually had the guts to tell me that he wants to share something. And these are the some of the words that he used (in sequence):
"Nice! Button is big and nice, in the right place. Don't shy, show it up. Keep it up. Nice for me"

Alrite, this guy is gonna get it for treating me like this! I won't put up the stuff he wrote. But I won't hide the link either. [Click here to read what he wrote]

If you want the same treatment he gave me, drop him a comment here @ myblog2day's Free Blog Review

20 July 2008

I'll be walking on water

When we talk about the one miracle which involves a person walking on water, the conversation has to involve Jesus, son of the big guy. Have you heard of any other person walking on water before? How could you have? After all, he is the only person who can do it.
"About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came to them, walking on the water. When the disciples saw Him, they screamed in terror, thinking He was a ghost. But Jesus spoke to them at once. “It is all right,” He said, “I am here. Do not be afraid.” ---- Mathew 14:??

Back in the old days, they call a person who is capable of walking on water: a ghost. I can tell you for sure Jesus wasn't the only one who could do that. There is another person, who can perform this miracle. Now in the modern day, we call him a freak! He is the key person behind mindfreak: Criss Angel.
Other than this 2 person, no one else can pull off this act. Worry not. I shall be the 4,444,444th person in history to attempt this act. I'll be walking on crystalline water ice soon. On second thought, walking is too easy. I'll glide and fly on it instead.

Yup. 3POINT8 is going for a ski trip from 20/7/08 till 22/7/08!
Bye bye internet~~~ Bye bye blog~~~
So, Have you ever tried walking on water before?

1) Snow = a form of crystalline water ice

[Top Comment by Knight]
No No..there's one similar to it who can't walk on water but run on water...We call him 'Wong Fei Hong'

17 July 2008

World Youth Day sinking Sydney

By Catholic Church, organised in Sydney from 15th to 20th July, is the one of world's anticipated grand event known as World Youth Day. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will make his first visit to Australia. Through the WYD08 experience, young people from throughout the world will make a pilgrimage in faith, meet, and experience the love of God. World Youth Day is an invitation from the Pope to the youth of the world to celebrate their faith around a particular theme. Everyone is welcome to attend.
Yup! Everyone is welcome to attend. That is what they want people to believe in. If you ask any aussies living here in Sydney whether they would welcome them, They'll probably tell you: "Hell no! Go back to your country!"

That is because this event will attract over 125,000 international visitors to Sydney. It feels as if the whole population of china is coming over to Sydney with one goal, to sink Sydney along with their faith. I'm not a believer in faith. But after today, I think I'll give faith a chance since Sydney is surprisingly still floating.

Seriously. Because of this event, streets are jam-packed with people, roads are blocked, busses are full, and my eardrum is getting weaker from all the shouting by berserk fanatics. Worst of all, they are taking all up all my usual eating spot. Man, I can't eat out, I can't walk out, I can't even sleep soundly from the glaring fireworks happening 24/7. Its just annoying!

Whinners complain an do nothing about it. Winners however make use of the situation and do something about it. There are ingenius people out there who made their 'complains' into a profitable business. 'T-Shirts'. There are people out there producing 'funny' T-shirts to voice out their complains.

This is the best I've seen so far:

13 July 2008

Revive My Blog Post

Bloggers sometimes write a damn freaking huge good blogpost, post it up and a few days later it gets chucked into the archive never to be seen again. (The scenario illustrated will not happen if you are an expert in SEO or have a PR10 blog)

Its saddening considering someone wrote a masterpiece and it sits there lying deep in the archive never to be read by anyone ever again. Even a fanatic blog reader like has me has to spend a few hours digging through someone's archive just to have that 5 short minute of reading pleasure. Spending a few hours for a few minutes of fun is just not worth it.

So, I thought to myself: "Why not start up something where all the blogpost are of masterpiece value? That way, even society-bummers wouldn't mind spending time digging into an archive thats filled with good quality post."

Thus, ReviveMyBlogPost is created for that purpose. This blog is to reward subscribers with one well-written super-owning super-interesting article to read everyday.

This is a blog managed by a couple of dedicated admins and a dozen of promising blog writers. The idea of this blog is to publish ONE good-quality blogpost everyday (only ONE post per day. no more no less). Members are only expected to copy and paste their old blogpost to this blog. So, in a reader's perspective, they get to read something interesting. In an author's perspective, it doesn't take much effort to join the club.

More info can be found here @ http://revivemyblogpost.blogspot.com/2008/06/about.html

When I started this group, I thought that this would be a revolutionary idea. It turns out I was wrong. In a way, its somewhat similiar to 9rules. The difference is that ReviveMyBlogPost is more suited towards msian/sporean community.

What do guys think about this concept?
Do you think this blog will work in the long run?

[Top Comment by popjammerz]
Hey 3.8, i think this is a very good idea~
"Its saddening considering someone wrote a masterpiece and it sits there lying deep in the archive never to be read by anyone ever again" - very fantasy haha. "lying deep"..feels like treasure hunting hehe!
i personally think it'll work in the long run. people always love to have their good post re-read~ well, people love their posts to be read as often as possible especially if they reckon it's good! same to me! :)

09 July 2008

A lost blogpost

*Thurtee... What you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? The whole gang will be there*

*Eggy... What you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. The whole gang will be there*

*Hey Pointy! How you doin? Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. The whole gang will be there*

The above would sound familiar if you have organized an huge gathering with friends before. See what was involved? You have to plan for a date & place, make an effort to contact people, send out invitations and wait for their feedback.
If you have done a gathering before, i'm sure you will need to spend some time in making the whole event a success. There are time when someone will call you back while you are watching your favourite show. So, you sacrifice a few mins clip to talk to that guy, and convince them to attend for the party. Sometimes, they call you in the middle of the freaking day while you are taking your sweet nap. (I mean, who calls people in the middle of the day? I call ppl in the middle of the night. Why can't they all do that?)

Anyway, point is... You have to spend a little bit of effort and time to organise something.

What about organising something bigger? Like setting up a club/society/company. It makes me wonder how much effort they have to spend and how much leisure time they had to sacrifice in order to set it up.

Sometimes these people disappear for a while, and suddenly pops up with something that they can be proud of. At this point, I've forgotten what I want to write. And I'm kinda stuck now, not knowing how to continue this article.

But somehow, I still have the urge to write this:
*Hey babe... Nice to meet you! Wanna come to my place for a gathering this coming sun? It'll be great. Put on your sexiest dress coz Brad Pitt and I will be there*

05 July 2008

G Cheatcodes

With so many promising game being released this time around, I couldn't help it but drown myself into the review of GrandTheftAuto4, MetalGearSolid4, SoulCalibur4, DevilMayCry4. I do not own any game console nor do I have the opportunity to play all these games, but for some reason, I would go youtube, wikipedia and fan-site just to read about them.
I guess I'm a game addict in a sense. Thing is I'm not addicted to the gameplay instead I'm addicted to the storyline and the game concept of these promising games. Sometimes I would go as far to search for cheat codes for all these games even though I know I wouldn't have the chance to play em.

I've seen lots of cheat codes and almost every game out there has a cheat code of some sort. Even when there are none, there is always a way to hack into the game and do some illegal alterations. However, there is this one game that doesn't seem to have any cheat codes, hacks or anything of that nature.

I know most people have played this game before, and I'm pretty sure many are still out there searching for some sort of cheat code to this game.

The name of this game: Girls...

"Ladies, guys like playing video games because we can eventually figure them out and win. We can't do that with women. I can't go online and find a cheat code to deal with you b*tchin' at me. I can't hold a controller at you and go "triangle, square, up down two two" and have you blink and disappear." ---- John Heffron

I need help! If you found any cheat codes to this, do share.....

[Top Comment by Gnomefan]
other than that, the main cheat code that works on ALL women are, the joke code, the money code, your bank statement code, and also flower code. Google it! :P