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11 October 2006

Artificial Heart Pump

Last monday, i was in a lecture attending my fluids dynamics class listening to a guest speaker as he talks about his company, Ventracor. And he was the head designer engineer of the company. Imagine, a head designer actually came to one of our lecture and gave a presentation about his company and their works on artificial heart pump.
Building an artificial heart has been the Holy Grail for medicine for decades. Now, the australian company, Ventracor came out with an impressive looking device which could prolong someone's life with a weak heart.
---- http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s978930.htm
Humans...have come a long way, and now they are capable of manufacturing stuff which could temper the organs of our body...

That head designer engineer brought with him 2 artificial heart pump to the lecture theater, which he allow us to pass around to have a close look at it... As he was talking about the device, there was this tingling chilly feeling inside of me.
The current version of artificial heart pump by Ventracor

The inside of the artificial heart pump.

He mentioned about a number of success operations.
Out of the many, 2 of them left me with minor fear....
1) A guy was suffured heart failure. Just before his death, an artificial heart pump was installed within his body which keeps him alive for more than a year. And he is still alive. Freaky thing is, that guy has no pulse. Imagine, a person walking around the streets with no pulse in him...
2) Another fella, had an earlier version of an artificial heart pump installed within his body. The earlier version of the heart pump was a bit bigger, bulkier and not so fashionable. The freaky thing is that, the heart pump would emit some mechanical noise everytime it pumps blood throughout the whole body. So, in the hospital, nurses and doctors would freak out whenever this person is walking along the quiet aisle. They could hear his mechanical heart pumping and his breathing a few meters away.....

These inventions are great.
They bring technology to a step further.
They save lives.
They improve the lifestyle of the community.

However, i have a bad feeling about this... It feels like as though this thing is turning people into the undead, a zombie...
[Damn, i better make sure that my conscience are dead the next time i see it]