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24 May 2010

The Legendary Red Knight

Started its first production in 1995 and ended in 2005, I have to say that Proton Satria is one of Malaysia's favourite National Car. The Proton Satria is a 3-door hatchback with its designed inspired from the Mitsubishi Mirage. The name Satria means knight in Sanskrit, a name that does justice in reflecting the sportiness of the car.

My family once had a Proton Satria. Memories of the car is pretty much fond within me as it has accompanied me throughout the year when I was in high school all the way to 2010. What comes next after this paragraph is pretty much a boring recount of my experience with that car.

I remember the first time I drove the car. It was a Saturday back in 2002 when my dad was sitting next to me trying to get me familiarise with the car. Because it was a manual transmission car and it had a long clutch, the car dies everytime I switch from 'neutral' to 'first gear'. Every junction was a nightmare to me. I had to multi-task like I'm a freaking quad processor chip. I had to be mindful of oncoming traffic, feel the vibration of the engine with one leg on the clutch and the other on the accelerator, one hand on the wheel, the other on the gear, and at the same time face humiliation by the loud horn from the car behind and also to tune out my dad's nagging. That's keeping track of 8 things at a time, and believe me, it wasn't easy. Nevertheless it was a great experience.

Other than the first memories of my first time driving, I also remembered the day when I first drove it alone. It was a Sunday at about 4.45pm driving to school for karate class. The first song that came out from the radio was "Hot in Here" by Nelly. I remembered that moment because it was a freaking hot day.

I also remember the fear of driving in a storm. That day I was heading home after having to attend International Understanding day hosted by the Interact club of Damansara Utama School. It was the most frightful day in my driving experience. It was a heavy storm that came pouring out of the sudden and visibility was so bad that I could only see 10m ahead (which is about the length of two cars). And it doesn't help that I had to rely on signboards to get back home as I was unfamiliar with the road back. I almost got into an accident that day because of bad visibility. But it was all good.

I remember being the first among my peers to obtain a driving license back in high school. I was also the second person in my school year privileged enough to drive to school. Too bad, i wasn't a cool kid back then. Else I would have seduced a lot of pretty girls. Nevertheless, I still remembered the many night outings when I'm among the unlucky soul who ain't suppose to get drunk all because I will the one responsible to ferry everyone back home. Hence, the car was well known as the 'The Legendary Red Knight' among my peers.

Such fond memories as I try to relive the wonderful moments with the car. Though it ain't some fancy Ferrari, I sure did have countless great times with that small humble car.
Early April this year, the car has been sold off.
Gone so fast are these nine years. Farewell, Lengendary Red Knight.

20 May 2010

Back to the Blog

"Even zombies come alive after death. It is as if they belong to neither heaven & hell."

The previous blogpost was meant to be the last blogpost. Back then I expect that I wouldn't have the time, energy & creativity to keep up with my blogging needs. Its either i force myself into blogging, or quit totally. Quitting back then seems to be the sanest choice.

Over time, I was exposed to so many experiences. Experiences I felt compelled to blog about. But for some difficult-to-explain reason, I refrained myself from penning it down in my blog. As time pass by, I grew envious by the blog entries made by avid bloggers. Reading their blogpost reminds me of the excitement I once had when I was a hardcore blogger.

I've thought about this for the past 4months whether I should pick up blogging again. Today, I've made up my decision to revive this blog. Except this time, I'll hope this blog more personal than ever. I write not for the public audience anymore, I will write for myself. This is so that I'll be able to relive the awesome experience of every blogpost sometime in the future.

It's good to be back.