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30 March 2008

3POINT8 support Earth Hour 2008 by going BLACK

Earth Hour is an international event that asks households and businesses to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour on the evening of 29 March at 8 pm local time until 9 pm to promote electricity conservation and thus lower carbon emissions. [source]

Reason why my blog is going black for a day is explained here @ Blackle.
[For those who are lazy to read the link, let me summarize the story for you. WHITE consume up to 50% more electricity on CRT monitor as compared to BLACK.]

3POINT8 is going black for a day! [till 31stMarch]
I know Earth Hour 2008 was yesterday. I admit, I missed that, But I'd still like to do the whole world a favor for a day.

ccchai pointed out on Google goes Black. However, its only applicable to US and Isreal.
Puvanan added that Google in UK goes Black out too.
This site reported that Black increases electricity consumption, contrary to Blackle's claim.
[Since I do not know which is true, I'll just make the change to make people aware of current environmental issue]
My Blog has been reverted back to the normal White/Black Background.

Tag - Nux, Benard, Tekkaus, joshuaongys

Certain people follow rules, certain people bend em, and certain people combine em.
I'm tagged by 4 people: Nux, Benard, Tekkaus, and Joshuaongys.

Out of 20+ ques, I'm only interested in doing 4+

List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Nux blogs often. New stuff to read every now and then.
Nux can write a decent post. (do drop by her blog to check it out)
Nux was willing to chat with a handsome stranger the moment I say 'hi' to her on msn.

Benard blogs useful stuff (I recommended his favicon post to 3 people and I managed to convert my com to NTFS from his blog post)
Benard's blog is featured in Adverlets main website.
Benard works like a madman (as described in his profile) [we need more madman in the world]

Tekkaus got 1 follower on pacmee. He gets 1 extra life in the game of Pacman.
Tekkaus got more subscriber than me.
Tekkaus got alot of small lil icons on his blog sidebar. (For those who loves to click on icons, this is the perfect place)

joshuaongys blogs about movie. And he wins stuff from em.
joshuaongys believes in god, angels, heaven and possibly santa claus.
joshuaongys is a long name. I wonder if there is an award somewhere out there for long name.

Do you feel good to be friend with the person who tagged you? Why?
Nux: Nux is among the 1st few bloggers who supported this blog
Benard: I get at least 1 visit from benard's blog everyday.
Tekkaus: I got to know his blog recently and he treated me as a friend by tagging me.
joshuaongys: Standing next to him, everyone we meet tend to remember my name more.

If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
NO. *hint hint* to ladies who i haven't confess, you stand a chance.

What makes you different?
I have a Number Blog. My profile can be found here @ Xniquet-Wiki.
[If this tag bores you, xniquet-wiki is a good read]

Do you believe in god?
I feel uncomfortable disclosing this fact. (If you really want to know, drop me a mail.)
[I'm a restricted thinker. That makes me an opposite of free thinker, yes?]

Finally, I'm gonna tag these people.
The One
The Only
The Great
The Chosen
The Mighty
The Supreme
The Almighty
The Omnipotent
I wonder if these people will get back to me

[If you like my answer, do tag me. I'll pick something interesting to write. Also I'll add in some sarcasm in it.]
[Warning: By doing so, you would have officially given me a chance to write anything I want about your blog. If you do not want me to write about something and yet you still want to tag me, leave a note there]

28 March 2008

3POINT8's Happy Moments [Video]

Summary: Happy Card is the only thing that drives 3POINT8 happy.

Video Included in this post

This is my first attempt in producing a video.
Director: 3POINT8
Producer: 3POINT8
Cast: 3POINT8 & Kif
CameraMan: K0kFye
Time Spent: 4 hours
Video Inspired by: Curryegg

If you like this video, do drop a vote for me by clicking here
[Rank 5 = good]
[Rank 1 = bad]
Voting closes at 7th April 2008

26 March 2008

3POINT8 got Flamed [minor grill]

Related Stuff: Post inspired by YuinYin.

Supporters make us feel good. Enemies try to put us down.

When our social circle expands, we'll have our own supporters and enemies (and a lot of people in between). And since everything happens for a reason, I'm guessing supporters and enemies plays an essential role in our lives.

I need supporters to drive me further, to motivate me in what I do best.

I need enemies as they are the perfect person to point out my mistakes. Even though the mistakes are not actually mistakes, but for some reason, they have this special inhuman ability to turn it to a mistake. Also, there are times when an enemy's remark have more impact than words of encouragement.

I'd say the perfect ratio for someone like me would be 90%supporter / 10%opposition.
Some people in blogosphere knows that I constantly ask this question:
"How does it feel to be flamed?"

Back then, I asked that question out of curiousity not knowing why I asked that.
Even until now, I do not know why I asked that but I'm suspecting that I want someone to be my 'enemy', someone to go against me.
[To those who love to analyze a person's personality, this is your chance. Analyze mine!]

So far, almost every comments in this blog has been a positive one. Recently, I got a seemingly negative comment from someone:
"See...that's why I said you are superficial. hugs only pretty girls huh? Beauty don't come from outside but from inside." ---- 22March 0841, LittlePolaris

This is not the first time she said that. I really should reflect myself on this.
[Note: Lots of ideas after this line deleted]

When I drafted this post a few days ago, I wanted to leave a sarcastic remark saying:
"If I can't hug a pretty girl, then i can only hug a guy, or animals"
Then I figured, a sarcastic tone of voice doesn't suit post like these.

[On a more serious note]
LittlePolaris is my dear friend. This post is not meant to give anybody a bad image. The stuff she wrote on her blog is very heart warming. If you have the time, do visit her blog @ http://www.yuinyin.com

[Looking back at what I wrote, this is so not my style. Emotions really does affect the things I do] [No wonder Rue Hann once said: "write the moment, it gives a different feel."]

Serious time over. Next post coming up: A Happy Moment Video

24 March 2008

A Stranger gave me a HUG

Summary: Juan Mann gave me a hug not knowing whether I'm HIV- or HIV+. Best of all, he didn't charge me. Its FREE!
Post inspired by Yitken.

There is this video Voted as:
#23 TOP FAVOURITE of all time.
#33 MOST RESPONDED of all time.
#35 MOST VIEWED VIDEO of all time.
#52 MOST DISCUSSED of all time.
Its the Free Hug Campaign Video.

Free Hug Campaign Pioneer, Juan Mann had been giving free Hugs since 30th june 2004. From then on, its was a phenomenon. From Sydney to the whole world, It inspired people from different race, different ethnic, different background to be part of something that is heart-warming.

Even my brother and his buddies did a 1day YitKen Free Hug Campaign in the Curve, Msia on the 9th of December2007.

This is how it all started according to Juan Mann:
"----I'd been living in London when my world turned upside down and I'd had to come home. By the time my plane landed back in Sydney, all I had left was a carry on bag full of clothes and a world of troubles. No one to welcome me back, no place to call home. I was a tourist in my hometown.
----Standing there in the arrivals terminal, watching other passengers meeting their waiting friends and family, with open arms and smiling faces, hugging and laughing together, I wanted someone out there to be waiting for me. To be happy to see me. To smile at me. To hug me.
----So I got some cardboard and a marker and made a sign. I found the busiest pedestrian intersection in the city and held that sign aloft, with the words "Free Hugs" on both sides.
----And for 15 minutes, people just stared right through me. The first person who stopped, tapped me on the shoulder and told me how her dog had just died that morning. How that morning had been the one year anniversary of her only daughter dying in a car accident. How what she needed now, when she felt most alone in the world, was a hug. I got down on one knee, we put our arms around each other and when we parted, she was smiling.
----Everyone has problems and for sure mine haven't compared. But to see someone who was once frowning, smile even for a moment, is worth it every time." [Source]

It's funny how a little hug makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language, it's always understood.
And hugs don't need new equipment, batteries or parts.
Just open up your arms and open up your hearts.
---- Jill Wolf

Hugging is all natural: it is organic, naturally sweet, it has no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and is 100% wholesome.
----Sharon Lindsey

I manage to take a photo with Juan Mann.
[Photo taken on 20th march 2008]
[This guy is Tall. If you watch the video, you'll probably notice that he is the tallest person among everyone caught in the video]

If this post makes you happy, do vote for my Happy Moment [Click here to Vote]
[Rank5 = 5 star = good] [Rank1 = 1 star= bad]
[You can vote as many time as you want. Voting closes on the 8th April 2008]

21 March 2008

Hugging a Pretty Girl with AIDS

Related Stuff: 2nd AIDS Post inspired by Popjammerz.
[Mission Possible Conference: HIV/AIDS Conference] [Date: 1~4 May] [Venue: UPM, Selangor, Malaysia] [Target Audience: 18~25 yrs old] [Fee: Rm78]

A list of funny people who I will never give my hug to:
1) Dying people lying on death bed with crushed bones. [unless they are my enemies]
2) Zombies with blood oozing out from its flesh. [unless I have a gun]
3) 'Un-hygienic' people suffering airborne disease. [unless I have the same disease, or worse]
[The first 3 types of people are still bearable if I'm forced to hug them. But people type no.4 are those I would never give my hug to. Not even if I have to delete my blog.]
4) Idiots. Thats practically everyone......except YOU and me.

A list of People who I will definitely give my hug to:
1) Pretty Girls.
****Scratching my head while trying to think of another 3types of person to make a list of 4****
[44hours later] Sorry readers, I know its suppose to be a list but I can't come up with anything else.
(I don't have to explain myself on this, yes?)

So, you see... AIDS isn't really a factor to why I wouldn't give my hug to.
As long as they are pretty, I'll gladly hug them.

Seriously, everyone should learn how to love everyone.
Everyone deserves a hug... including idiots who live next to you.
So, start giving random person a hug. You'll brighten up their day for sure.

Anyway this post is written to promote Mission Possible Conference.
Reason to why you should check this out: I heard lots of pretty girls and cute guys going for this event. You can hug anyone you like over there.
[Click on the poster for a bigger view]

For more info:
Do check out their website @ http://hope-aiesecupm.blogspot.com
To chat with someone, contact: Rue-Hann [aiesec.ruehann@gmail.com]

PS: Instead of hugging, I'll gladly exert all my strength to crush em if they are stress balls. Especially the red frowning stress ball.

19 March 2008

Annoying Text Style in Blogs

Time loss can never be recovered. This is what makes Time valuable to each of us.
The speed at which you do things decide how much time you'll waste.

I draft all my post in txt file before uploading them to my blog. When I read my post on txt file, I feel normal. But when I read the same post on my blog, I tend to read at a faster pace. I'm suspecting that the blog template has something to do with my behavior. [Dear readers, have you experienced something like this before?]

Reading speed does change reading experience. Certain articles are meant to be read with a faster pace where as some are meant to be read at a slower pace. Generally, a faster reading speed is more desirable as Time is money.

Examples that may slow down reading speed.
1) Trailing wordsssssss and dotsssss.........
3) RaNdOm CaPiTalIZe LetTeRs
4) Alternate Use of font style
5) Similiar background text colour / Bright coloured words
6) Really Small Fonts
7) Abysmal coupled with complicated bombastic elected choice of phraseology / Bad English
8) L33t languag3 / 3xtr3m3 µ$3 0ƒ £337 £4|\|9µ493

[Take out your stopwatch and start to time yourself as you read the paragraph below]
Letssss COMBINE ALL THE ABOVE ELEMENT and maKe a paRagRaPh thAt InVokes FruStration to AnYoNe RaEaDinG ThIs... CAPITALIZE LETTERS and AlTerNaTe CaPiTaliZe is bearable. What ticks me off is that I have to scringe my eyes at certain text colours. [Warning: Read with patience after this line] Terybal Spaeling and sms lgng isnt a gd thng eit3. Its equally deplorable with complicated English word as it plummets comprehension celerity. If you think that was bad, read the next sentence. Nothing is more frustrating than L33t languag3, 3sp3c14lly, wh3n 1t$ $0 Ð4mn ƒr34|{1n9 1n73n$3 £1k3 th3 n3x7 £1n3. 1ƒ ¥0µ (4|\| Ð3(1p|-|3® 7|-|1$ £1|\|3, £34\/3 |\/|3 4 |\/|3$$493. ¥0µ'\/3 34®|\| |\/|¥ ®3$p3(7!
(especially when its so damn freaking intense like this line, If you can decipher thus line, leave me a message. You've earn my respect)

Did you manage to finish the paragraph above? Is your stopwatch still running?
Yea, I figured you won't finish the paragraph above. Its not easy making sense of what I wrote in the last sentence.

So then, do you hate blogs with all these annoying elements?
If you do, then perhaps its time you convince them to stop writing like that.

1) Don't boycott bloggers who write like that. Though it slows down reading speed, it not always a bad thing.
2) About the l33t Language. I used Leet Translator.
3) Kudos to Pinksterisme, Aronil, Hauyon and chingy who manage to finish the paragraph.
4) Chelsea uses a good mix of colour in her blog.

18 March 2008

3POINT8 vs Bar38

Related Stuff: Post deleted

Someone out there is challenging me!
Who do you think will win?

15 March 2008

Symbols of BlackBird

Related Stuff: At first, this post was meant to be a Happy post. Somehow it turned out to be something different. Anyway, if this post managed to convince you to change your view to something positive, Smile and Be Happy.

Crows...Crows are dark creatures symbolizing bad omen. Some say they are representation of hell, some say they are symbols of gossip. In India, Crows are seen as Messengers of Death. Could it be their dark feathery feature which made them into such fearful creatures?

Think again. Never conjure an impression based on one strong negative feature.

Crows...they fly higher than those who rely purely on legs. The ability to fly is a symbol of freedom and achievement. Therefore it can be said that crows are Supreme Being capable great things.
- In North America, Crows are personification of Supremacy. When it flaps, their wing creates the wind, thunder and lightning.
- In Black Africa, Crows are like a protector spirit acting as guides to men warning them of dangers that lay ahead.
- In Japan, Crows are seen as a divine messenger.
- In Qing Dynasty are like a royal bird, the emperor instruct that no one can hurt or kill crows. [Source: PinkLeo]

Instead of focusing on a negative habit of a person, Isn't it easier to respect a person based on their positive abilities?

Depending on how you look at it, a blackbird can be a symbol of fear, or a symbol of greatness.
To a great photographer, 3 black bird can be a symbol of happiness.
Ps: Do vote for my Happy Moment ya! [Click here to Vote]
[Rank5 = 5 star = good] [Rank1 = 1 star= bad]
[You can vote as many time as you until 7th April 2008] [I know it may be too much to ask for, but I hope you can vote for me everyday until April]

13 March 2008

Tag - List of Four

1. A Postcard handwritten by the sender
2. A hug
3. Your Vote here in Happy Moments. Click here [rank5=good | rank1=bad]
4. www.3point8.com (Anyone willing to sponsor me with no strings attached for 38years??)


Angelic, Sweet, Curry and Egg
Somehow, she has this alluring aura. Whenever I read her post on curryegg, I feel a bit happier. And it happens all the time. Perhaps its the way she writes, or perhaps its the way she think. Or maybe it was something else.... I can't quite figure what it is.

She put my link at the very top of her eggroll!! Happy~~~

Hello *with that sweet voice*

Jump with joy

I have a crush on her

1. 3dot8
2. four4s
3. ThreePointEight
4. Four-Four-Four-Four

Question To These Lucky 4 Bloggers:
With no.2

With no.4


Lets just say you won't want to see the both of them 38km apart.

How to differentiate alphabets and numbers

1/100 picosecond ago.

Nupe. He enjoys.

Yup. *Name concealed to retain anonymity.*

Yes! forever and ever

Same. To infinity and beyond

He does. His brother was featured in this blog @ Happy Moments & Flexible.

When alternate personality kicks in

In Blogspot.

Gee... It was so long ago and I can't remember. But I have a feeling that I met no.2 the moment my personality splits.

Short answer -> 100% yes!

P.s: Who wants to get tag? Offer open to Sexy girls only.
Hurry up, 4 spaces left. [Do tell me which no you want to be in and I'll try to give you my honest opinion] [Instead of linking myself, I'll link to those participants in the Lucky 4 Bloggers section]

Have you seen a circle that links back to itself in an impossible way?

11 March 2008

Mission Possible Conference

Related Stuff: Post inspired by Popjammerz.
[Mission Possible Conference: HIV/AIDS Conference] [Date: 1~4 May] [Venue: UPM, Selangor, Malaysia] [Target Audience: 18~25 yrs old] [Fee: Rm78]

There will be a conference on early May to fight HIV/AIDS in a youthful way.
Pay attention, in a youthful way! Can anyone tell me what youths do best when they try to fight for something? Could it be brawn or seduction??? I don't know about that, but I heard there are hot chicks and strong muscular guys going for it.
[Check out their poster]

Most guys had to go through the conventional 'offer a drink', 'sweet talk', and some 'night activity' to get to exposed to HIV. Also, that doesn't always promise that they'll get first hand experience on HIV.
But with this conference, I heard that they are gonna organize some 'meaningful activities' which guarantees a 100% success rate of HIV exposure to participants.
[Check out their poster]

You won't get to go through hangover from excessive alcohol or a sense of regret performing drunken acts from this event, instead you'll get to have a cool looking certificate if you join this conference. Ok, i made that up. I'm not so sure about it anymore. Maybe there is small chance that you'll still get hangover and a sense of regret, but you'll definitely get to have the cool looking certificate.
[Check out their poster]

Their theme is Mission Possible and their motto is You can make a difference! Yes....its possible for everybody to be HIV positive and they are teaching you how! [Positive is a good thing, yes?]
I'm pretty sure this conference is gonna teach you the fastest way imaginable to get HIV. Participants doesn't even need to wait till get out of the conference to exploit that kind of knowledge. I'm sure the organizers are able to accommodate to each participants best interest.
[Check out their poster]

Do check out their website @ http://hope-aiesecupm.blogspot.com
To chat with someone, contact: Rue-Hann [aiesec.ruehann@gmail.com]
Additional Msg from Rue-Hann: anyone interested, pls do come too la~

Bonus Joke for 3POINT8 readers:
Two junkies are sitting by the side of the road, happily shooting up whatever it is that happy junkies shoot up with, and generally having a good time. A socially conscious individual walks up and notices that they are sharing a needle. He lectures them about AIDS and the danger that comes from sharing dirty needles. One of the junkies looks up and says, "It's ok, we're wearing condoms." [source]

08 March 2008

Advice requires Credibility

"Work Hard kid, and someday you'll be successful" is an advice we all receive from our parents at point or another.
As a child, we listen to them and we agree to their advice. That is because they are all sensible advice. More importantly, they come from a credible source. Anyone elder than you knows very well that diligence and perseverance is what makes a person successful.

But what if.... a low class underachieved society garbage says the same thing (Work Hard kid, and someday you'll be successful) to you? Would you have take the advice to heart knowing that came from an ungrateful kid who leeches off money from their parents?

Imagine a person who lends money from everyone and never pays them back. He comes up to you and give you some financial advice. You would ignore his advice, yes? Somewhere in between the conversation, you'll most probably be cursing at that guy wondering when is he gonna return back your $38. He owes you money and there he is trying to give you financial advice.
My point is.... when someone gives advice, they have to have credibility. Or else, no one is gonna take heed of that piece of advice.

What do you think of this?
"don't smoke. it'll kill you"
This is an advice passed down from generations to generations. I'm pretty sure that it comes from a particular someone a few centuries ago. And i bet $38 with you that he is dead!

so, then....
why take advice from a dead fella?

06 March 2008

Inconspicuous Stranger

Unrelated Stuff: When I saw my subscribers (by feedburner) jumped from 21 to 40, I was ecstatic! As a reward to all my loyal readers, allow me to present a SUPER long post for you guys! Get a cup of green tea, sit down and ENJOY.
This is a dark post meant to be read with a sloowwww pace.

----Inconspicuous Stranger----
FEAR drove him the moment he walked out of the building. He made no delay in starting up his car just as soon as he flung his equipments into back trunk of his seemingly ordinary car. He wanted to get the hell out of the city, to anywhere as far as possible. He had this strong feeling that he should be somewhere else so as long as his presence no longer linger around in the city center. What hindered him then was his shaky hands. He had been driving the same car for two years and yet he felt as if the key he was holding was a key that he had never touched before. It was as though the key had grew slightly in size and a more slippery feel to it than before.

Just as soon as he managed to slot in the key, he tried to calm his mind as he carefully turned it clockwise, clocking up the car engine. He couldn’t help thinking about the mistakes he had done in the building earlier. Just as soon as his mind went to that thought, he made another silly mistake. He forgot to switch on the signal lights as he got out from the roadside. Well, it’s not like that was mistake worth mentioning nor it was a mistake he noticed himself.

Like every other experienced driver, he couldn't recall the roads he used nor the number of traffic lights he passed by. Those details weren’t worth to be registered in his memory, especially after since what happened earlier. By the time he reached Manly Park 80km from where he started off his journey, he could only recall driving through the Brooklyn Bridge at 90km/h with the scenery of a bloody sun setting as it touched the sea far beyond his vision.

It was 7.04pm by the time he got out of the car. That’s about an hour left before total darkness lurks in. Seeing how there was still a slight hint of sunlight at dusk, he made his way to the bench furthest from the playground, one that is being shadowed by trees barely visible to the public. He was relieved to discover that the seat was unoccupied. What more, he could feel the moisture in the air and a slight temperature drop in the atmosphere. Probably that explains why there weren’t many people at the park at that time. Or perhaps it’s the norm of that particular park since it was his first time being there.

For the first five minutes, he wasn’t sure what kind of feeling was dominating over his mind. Was it fear, was it terror, or was it pure paranoia? He was well aware of the number of people who took a glance at him, their body figure and the colour of the shirt they wore. It was the first time he was so attuned to his senses that he couldn’t believe that he had such great attention to such minor details. If he could, he wanted to stare eye to eye to those who took a harmless glance at him. Then again, he figured that wasn’t in the best of his interest since he had to reduce his presence to as little as possible, preferably to the state of an invisible man.

Millions of detailed Information flowed into his mind. The rush was so intense to the point he decided shut his five senses to the world. It was also then when he start to backtrack his memory from the Brooklyn Bridge drive all the to the city center. That was the easy part. The hard part was recalling of what happened in the building. For the longest hour of his life, he couldn't take his mind off the assignment, the people involved, and the possible consequences that awaits him.

No matter how positive he tried to view it, he couldn’t come up with any future events that could benefit him in any way. Other than money, nothing good can come out of it. The more he thought about it, the more his fear grew. That one hour was the worst emotional turmoil he had been in his entire life. What happened in the building earlier was worse than the act of euthanasia he did to his father a month ago.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t come up with an explanation to why people around him had to go away. That was then he took his leave and drove to another park only to spend 40 minutes thinking about the same thing over and over again. For the longest night of his life, that cycle repeats for a few more times till dawn. He kept track of the parks he visited but he couldn’t be bothered to count whether it was 10 or 15 parks he had been.

The moment the sun rose, he figured there was no point reminiscing the past. So he made his way back to his crummy little apartment hoping all this will pass just as any other ordinary event in his life. As he silently steps into the room, the first that was on his mind was the void emptiness of nothing. Or rather I should say nothing was on his mind. All he wanted to do is to skip his job for a day and get a good day sleep.

As mysterious as the man himself, details of the assignment should never bring to light for any slight hint of sin is going to be trouble for everyone, especially to the person who owns a small apartment and an ordinary car.
----Written By 3POINT8----

Read part2 here @ Assassin's Ego.

What do you think of the story? Good?

04 March 2008

The hidden aura behind APPLES

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Have you come across the quote above?
For some reason, I kept dreaming about the quote ever since I got a flu. Yesterday was the 3rd day I dreamt about it. This is Freaking me out~~~

Its always an apple people talk about. I mean, Have you heard a quote on bananas, cherries, or prunes?
I don't think so....

So then, what makes an apple so powerful?
Is it because you no longer need Windows when u have an Apple?
or does it grant a person an immortal life?

If an apple can keep a doc away, I suppose 2 can keep just about anyone away and 3 apples can keep god away. Say, this could be be best method to shun those annoying basket in your life. Not to mention it adds a plus point to your health!

Say, do you eat apple to keep someone away?
[I eat apples to keep maggots away from my apples]

Extra: Knight has a point. "He ate the only apple to kick himself away from Heaven" Indeed, The apple keeps GOD away....

02 March 2008

My point on 3.8 answerproof question

Continue from previous post:
Pinksterz's comment impressed me the most.
But out of so many questions, I'm only concerned with Q3.
And I love how usws said that everyone's a copycat someway or another
Anyway, what i'm about to write here is a combination of Q3, Q2 and Q1 (in that order)
My point is: [q3]Plagiarism exist everywhere. Depending on how you look at it, the stupid brave ones does it more than 100% where the creative ones does it less than 0.001%. Often the world will almost always think of ways to kill the person who plagiarists more than 10%.
[q2]Be yourself.. If you are a copycat, continue to be yourself. [q1]Besides, if a copycat doesn't think that they are plagiarizing someone's work, they aren't because that is what they think.

One more thing, that infamous line "Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???" which i stole from tinkitalks....
None of the 3 statements are considered as plagiarism as I gave credit to the original writer.

That is why I love religious blogger (only if they practice what they do best). Before stating a point, they will always mention the source. (eg: Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind....)

At the pace technology is going, I wonder if blogging will be termed as the NEW religion a few hundred years down the road.

[read the comment]
ps: Hail Pinky