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05 December 2006

Industrial Attachment

Today is my 1st day of my Industrial Attachment with Primary Horizon in Malaysia.
What roughly know about this company is that Primary Horizon is currently maintaining 22 goverment hospitals in Malaysia, and the are involved in a lot of current constructions. Heard that they are also involved in a construction somewhere outside Malaysia.

Well, I'm being assigned to 1 of their many projects in Setapak, Malaysia. 'Boustead' is building a Military Hospital, and they kinda hired a few companies to do the work. Primary Horizon is one of those companies under Boustead. Apparently Primary Horizon is in charge of the electrical system and Intercomm communication.

So far so good.
The Project Manager and the Site Manager of Primary Horizon is kind and patient enough to brief me through the whole operation. And they seem like a bunch of nice people.....
Best part is, I got a new black shoe with metal guard and a those construction safety helmet for free!!!

Thank you Primary Horizon...