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31 March 2007

I'm sorry... [CaseClose]

[Leena] But what if you found out that it was all a lie?

I have a very strong feeling that she is referring to me!
For now, I'll just assume that she is referring to me.

I'm sorry for acting childish and immature the other day.
There is no good explanation to it nor any good excuse behind my childish behavior...
I was just curious about something the other day and decided to try it out.
There are things which I dun understand and I may never will.

The bad thing about me is that, I'm afraid of calling her to apologize..
The same reason why I don't usually call ppl... Coz i have a phone phobia...
I know I should, but I can't...

I'm sorry...

27 March 2007

The other side of Success

Imagine getting the pulitzer award!
Imagine getting the nobel prize!
Imagine being the best President in the history of books!
Imagine having the whole universe in your command!

Doesn't that sound like fun??
Success, recognition, power, riches... Whatever they desire, they can obtain it in a snap of a finger. They probably can do it without having to leave their favourite couch.
Those in that position must be having a great time enjoying their success.
Being successful in the eyes of other must be the best feeling anyone can get.
That is what I thought until recently.
I never knew that there are other 'not-so-happy' sides behind success.

Being successful can rip off a person's drive and determination.
Once they got what they want, what next?
What if there is nothing next?
Wouldn't that be sad?

Its like those movies that focus on the element of 'revenge'. Once u get your 'revenge', what next? And they often end up living a lonely sad life.
What if this can be said the same for success??
Scary isn't it??

I remember when Dilbert hit it big and it became clear that I would never again have to worry about money. It was a wonderful feeling, but it didn’t last. I went from happy to hollow with no warning. The first moment that I could afford any car I wanted, I lost interest in having a nice car. I simply couldn’t see the point, if there ever was one. Success is surprisingly disorienting.
One day, about ten years ago, I was alone in my office, sitting on the couch and reflecting on the fact that I had managed to become rich and famous in my dream job. For the first time in my life, I had no goals. And for a goal-oriented guy, that’s an empty feeling. Success was supposed to feel good and stay that way. But it tricked me. There was a huge hole in my soul. I sat in my office and sobbed.
----> Scott adams

This creator of dilbert reveals the 'other side' of success:

Well, enough of fantasizing about the other side of success...
I want my success now!!! I demand it!!!
No wait....Success can't be demanded...
Oh well, I'll just wait until it demands me!!
Maslow's Hierarchy

26 March 2007

Patience is a virtue

What happens when you serve a cup of cobra's blood to a person who has a phobia of blood?
What happens if you give a dozen a red roses to a peron who you know clearly is allergic to flowers?
What happens if you throw a dozen of tarantulas to a person who just lost and arm to its poisonous sting?
What happens if you confine a paranoid person with a passionate mad man armed with grenade and AK-47?

According to my roommate, anyone face with such circumstances would cringe on the floor, fall into seizure, roll around and cough out foam.

Yea, he could be right..
Coz i'm about to cringe on the floor, fall into seizure, roll around and cough out enough foam to drown the whole of australia.
And what might be the cause of of my distress, you might ask.. Undeniable, all of my distress are a result of my room-mate's lifestyle habit.

For starters, he is someone who is not going to stay for long. So, he doesn't own any closet or any shelve to store his stuff...not at the moment. For the moment, most of his stuff are lying on the floor cluttering my room. Well, I would have done the same thing given the limited space in my room. But I wouldn't since i'm commited to 'tidy-living'.

To present the golden trophy of distress to my room-mate's lifestyle would be to commemorate his unique selection of music and the volume of his preference. Let's just say it's load enough to rival a world class soprano.

And....jeng jeng jeng...
The platinum medal of distress would be to reward his constant invitation to watch anime and online games. The moment I take out a book, place it on my super cool black 2nd-hand table, flip a page, and there he goes: "Eh, Kif, let's watch zipang! I heard there are good reviews on it".
Alrite, I guess 1 episode of anime wouldn't waste away my life that much. Then as I lift up my favourite cyan-coloured mechanical pencil, he flashes his "WoW 10-day free trial invitation card" with the left hand, and starts playing WoW with the right hand. Yes, a rare showcase of a great talent.

Oh, 1 thing you should know about the great Kif. Most would agree that KiF is very patient person. Kif wouldn't want to complain such minor problem to his roommate. After all, Kif wouldn't want to spoil his fun. Most say that I have a very different view on life as compared to others. So, I'll just let his way of lifestyle go on (after all, we are all roommates. We should all learn how to compromise).
So then, I treat this as a perfect oppurtunity to practise my body language particularly the 'moody face', the 'stressed out look' and the 'black face look'. And of course the 'happy face' (The transition from a 'black facr' to a 'happy face' only occurs the moment he opens the door and step out of the room). Anyone can change their face from one expression to another distinct expression is easy to do but to do in a split second is something not everyone can accomplish. Yes, It takes and eternity and tremendous effort to refine this useful skill.
Go ahead, try it. Try giving a [frown with a sad face couple looking at oblivon with the heavy breathing] and change it to a [genuine smile with a radiant face and not forgetting those big glad eyes] in an instant. If u can do it, your 'genuine' smile is probably just an act.

Plus, this is a good exercise to build up my 'boiling point'. Not a very useful trait in life, but i guess it only comes useful when you are chosen as a victim of 'MTV's boiling point' TV show.
Oh wait, I guess I'm wrong. Patience is a virtue.... It is something of paramount interest in our life after all.

25 March 2007


21 March 2007


Parkour also known as Free Running is a kind of sport where running meets acrobatics, a lil bit of martial arts. Originated from French, the aim of parkour is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and as quickly as possible. It is a beautiful sport using only the agility of a human body to pass through any obstacles which may include leaping through from one building to another, falling from a few stories high, long jump a river.

This video was featured in Discovery Channel. It previews the sport of free running.

Extracted from the movie Banlieue 13, this video feature the extreme side of Free Running.

Other than running, there are other factors behind this sport which makes it so elegant! It requires the agility of a person plus a quick wit and a clear mind to perform a beautiful run! Free-Runners are running so fast that they hardly have the time to calculate the distance for a lethal jump. Failing to judge the distance or mess up with the jump, free-runners may end up with a broken spine or even worse, death! However, if properly executed, free-runners can be in a run for for most elegant being.

I am deeply fascinated by this sport. I like the idea of continuously running forward overcoming any obstacle gracefully. [Too bad I do not have what it takes to be a Free-Runner.]

19 March 2007

Trouble Logging in

I haven'update my blog for so long. It has been a week since my last post.

Well you see, I have trouble logging into blogger for the past week.
Its not because of I do not have access to the net.
Its not because of slow internet connection.
Its not because of Blogger.com breaking down also.
For the valid reasons, It is because of some silly problem that I can't log in to Blogger.com. Hehe, well....Its because I forgot my password.
I've tried all sorts of keywords for hours. Frankly speaking, I was about to give up. Then again, Today must be a very auspicious day for me!!! I manage to recall my long lost password today! If my blog happens to be the no.1 blog in the whole wide world, I would gladly declare 19th March as Blogging day!!! The day when I recall my password.

Funny isn't it??
All of the sudden, I forgot the password for something that I've been using consistently for almost a year...
Speaking of which, yeah...It has been a year since I have used this blog.

12 March 2007

Amazing Race

I went for the 'Amazing Race' event organise by Sydney Hope Church last saturday. This version of amazing race is only a one-day event. No wait, its more of a 3 hours amazing race event + BBQ.

The event was held on the beautiful ground of Olympia Park in Sydney.

A brief story of the race:
Each team consist of 4 members. We were all told to run around like lost tourist seeking for clues and landmarks just so that we do not get lost in the same place over and over again.
Out of the 12 teams in this race, our team [Lissya, Anita, Kah Fai, and Kif] were the 4th team to complete the race. Its quite an accomplishment considering we took our own sweet time, walking casually, taking photos everywhere. Wouldn't have done it without the team...
The walking was all good exercise, the scenery was breath-taking, and the company was the no.1 factor which made this event great!!!

On that small lil note: "Congratulations! You have one final task. Race towards the BBQ pits @Bicentennial Park. Time is of essence."

10 March 2007

Locked out V3

Yup! You probably would have guessed it!!! I got locked out from my home again...
Well then, here is how everything starts.

On a perfect friday, my m'sian friend, Allen invited 1 of his argentinian friend, Pablo over to my house. Pablo is another exchange student in Australia Mcquarie University from his uni in US. Apparently both of them attended the same high school in argentina. Well, thats just the intro.

The real story starts here. So, the 3 of us decided to have dinner over in an Indonesian restaurant. I think Allen wants to intro some asian culture to his friend, Pablo. Well, we had fun trying to convince Pablo that belacan is quite an exquisite beverage. It was fun looking at his facial expression the moment he tried the super-kau super-spicy super-nasty belacan. Swallow a spoon full of wasabi and you probably get to express the same facial expression.
(Notice the countries involved?? Malaysia, Argentina, US, Indonesian, Australia....Gee the world really is getting smaller...)

Anyway, after the dinner, I passed my set of house keys to Allen as he is gonna attend someone's b'day party. Meanwhile, I'm off to Kah Fai's place...
I stayed there for quite a while until 10pm, the time when I start to miss my aussy home. And coincidently at that time, all my housemates were out, in a land far far away. Guess what, they are not gonna be back home till 7am in the morning. And Allen is gonna party till 4am...

Dang, feels like I have a home, but it seems beyond my reach.
[Luckily I have friends who are willing to take me in their place. If else, I guess I'll be lurking in the back alley, looking for a dark damp nice spot and just squat there as I cuddle myself in the cold night doing nothing other then staring at the moon and stars until I have access back home.]

It good to have friends around!!! Agree??
[oh, btw....The guy who took me in, got a free autograph from me. Ah yes, 1 of the many benefits of being my friend...]

07 March 2007

Locked out V2

I was locked out from my room again...
Something similiar to this story: "Locked out!"

The difference is that: Oon Peng and alex is not involved in this 2nd version of the story.
And the main character has been replaced by the international nomad, mr.Allen.

Allen climbed the ladder.... He unlocked the door...
But no matter, I'm still the hero of the day. After all, the room is mine, the window is mine, the door is mine, and the lock is mine. And without someone as capable as me supporting the ladder he was on, he probably would have fallen down a few hundred stories deeper than the infinite abyss.

Yup....another interesting day in sydney.
According to Allen, this is 1 of his most memorable experience here in sydney. So, that upgrades my status to a SUPER-hero. A hero who is able to supply 1st hand unforgettable experience to friends of KiF....
Yes yes yes....one of the many benefits of being KiF's friend.

Wanna be my friend now??
While u are at it,why not ask for an autograph while its still free....

03 March 2007

A friend in need is a friend indeed

This week is the 1st week of Uni. All of the sudden, almost every society in UNSW came out lurking from the dark trying to set up a stall on the busiest street of uni, the Uni Main Walk. Their goal is probably to get new members and their money. In return, those society will try their best to provide 'group experience' to those who would join in.
According to a friend of mine, Yu Ang, societies are mainly for those who are new to the uni, those who haven't found a group of friends to hang around with yet. And these societies are meant for them where they get a chance to socialise around and hopefully to find a group where they can belong in.

Well, I was summoned to help a friend to set up a stall in the university yesterday morning.
The society I was helping out was UNIBUD (Univeristy Buddhist Society). While helping out with the setting of the stall, Yu Ang mentioned a quote:
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Friends.... Are friends really that important?? Are they the essence of our lives??
I wonder what kind life would someone lead if they have the philoshophy of "I want to know how long I can survive without a friend"
Back to the quote: "A friend in need is a friend indeed"
Could it mean that:
1) A friend who helps out when we are in trouble is a true friend—unlike others who disappear when trouble arises.
2) someone who needs your help becomes friendly in order to obtain it.

Gee man..... A quote with double meanings. I don't like this at all. It's misleading.
Wait a minute... On 2nd thought, I'm starting to like this quote. Sounds deceiving. Indeed, quotes with misleading messages are interesting. Muahaha...

01 March 2007

Malaysia Business Info pls??

I nothing much to blog about. Seems like I'm having a blogger's block... Life is just too boring here in sydney.

However I'm curious about something at the moment.
Information such as:
1)Malaysia main imports
2)Business trend from last 5 years
3)Total ammount of import in malaysia in terms of US dolllars, and breakdown of goods
4)Aspects behind production , Quality Control, management and marketing

Does anyone know where I can get all this kind information??