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03 September 2006

Project Warman

Engineering Students in australia who is currently in their 2nd year studies would be familiar with thie term: "The warman project".
Well, to those who have no idea what is it, let me enlighten you. The warman project is a yearly national competition organised by australia and new zealand designed to test the minds of many future engineers. Students in a group of 3 or 4 have to build a machine to complete a set of task. The theme for every year is different.
This year, the theme is to 'beautify the highway of gondawan planet'. Yes, they actually created a fiction story behind every warman competiton.

The inter-university warman competition was held last week and winners of this competition gets to compete in the national level.

I was forced to join the competition. This is considered as one of our 'homework' for a subject known as 'Machine Design'. Given the time and budget, i would pour in all my heart and soul in this project. But noooo!!!! They have to orginise his competition in the middle of my mid-session exam...and the grades from this competition is just not worth the effort.
Oh well, its not entirely their fault...its just that I dun think the effort is worth it, considering I have more important assingments and exams going on that period.

So, to cut the story short, we came up with a very simple device. In the competition, i would say that our machine is the most simple-looking machine capable of performing less than 50% of the task required. Yup, this is how 'dedicated' we are towards our 'homework'...
Oh well, having said that, i'm proud that we got a lil bit of marks form the competition. Even though the marks was a bit low, but i find it kinda satisfying considering the little effort and the minimal budget wasted on the project.
Can't say that i didn't benefit from the project. At least i made some new friends during that competition. And i believed that was more important than any grades...
Our simple looking device, efficient and cheap.