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27 November 2008

Funky Weird Names

Hi my name is: 'Kiffy turned left and left Kippi where as Kippy turned right right'

Ok I lied, that wasn't my real name. But this is a real name: 'Captain Fantastic Faster than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk and the Flash Combined' [link]
Formerly known as George Garratt, this 19 year old teen from England changed his name to C.F.F.T.S.S.B.W.H.A.T.F.C. just a month ago.

Surprised to say, I was inspired by this kid. Some say you have to be born different to cast your name in the book of record. But this guy is just a normal kid and he now holds the record for world’s longest name. It goes on to prove that any tom, dick and harry can have a world record achievement by being overly creative.

Then again, that inspiration crumbled the moment I imagine the awkward situation he could be in:
1) How is his girlfriend gonna introduce him into the family?
2) Imagine if he enlist into the army with the rank of a private: "Private Captain".
3) I wonder if any HR manager would hire this kid after reading his name.
4) And I bet 9 out of 10 times that he will be searched by customs officer in the airport.

I could understand that there is a definite trend towards people choosing an unusual or "weird" name. Reason being our surroundings are becoming too similar. No matter where a person lives there are the same chains of stores and fast food outlets - we want to set ourselves and our children apart. And this can be achieved by choosing out of the ordinary or weird baby names. [link]

But some names are just terrible and they should be avoided. These are some of the worst actual name anyone can have:
Al Kaholic
B. O'Problem
Curry Egg
Ching Chong
Dick Holder
Ima Cumming
Iva Biggun
Sue Zuki
Sok Chun
Talula does the Hula
Terry Wrist
Such names could present a social hurdle especially during their youth. It makes a fool out of them and sets them up with a social disability and handicap. In short, consider the consequences before you decide a name for your kid.

On another note, I agree with anyone who says that 3POINT8 is a great name. However I strongly disagree with those who claims that 3POINT6 is a terrible name.

Question to you is: What is the worst actual name you have come across?

1) The longest name to appear on a birth certificate is for Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenk Koyaanisquatsiuth Williams - 57 letters compared with Captain Fantastic's 81. [I'll treat you a cup of coffee if you can pronounce this name with your eyes closed]

By the way, Curry Egg is a good name. I just want to witness how does someone positive as Kelly Tan deals with the situation when someone criticize her alias 'Curryegg' as a terrible name. Apparently she is good at turning things around by insisting that both her and my alias 'curryegg' & '3point8' is a good name. Situation well handled!

[Best Comment by Kelvin]
Now I wonder how he's going to fit his name into forms when he wanted to register something like bank accounts,creditcards,member cards? I bet the registrars will go @.@ following with.............."wtf". There's another bad name called, Lai Ngip Kim. I saw that before and it's a bank's branch managers name. LoLz. Maybe ask him to change to 3->8 ;p

22 November 2008

Organ Trade / Share

"Hi Miss, I would love to share my liver with you for eternity."
-- 3POINT8

At this age, kids are being taught of the value of sharing and the synergies it brings. Tools, knowledge, vision and feelings. The more we share, the better the society progress. Carpool, libraries, and gyms are great examples based on concept of sharing.

Then again, tools are dead things and knowledge are intangible which makes it easy to be shared. But what about delicate stuff like organs, enzymes, neurons, hormones? At the rate technology is progressing, I wouldn't be surprised if I could share my liver with my dying 'liver-less' friend in the future.

I know this concept of sharing is far-fetched, impossible and downright outrageous (Organ transplant was once considered to be an impossible task and a disgusting one), but think of the possibilities and the benefits it brings.

Imagine a thrill seeker who wants to ride the newly constructed 4g roller coaster ride. Thing is he has a weak heart and experiencing such thrill would trigger a heart attack. Then again, this wouldn't be a problem if his 18yr old grandson can trade his heart with the old man. In the future, I guess trading hearts would be like trading watches. Within a minute, I can take out my heart, and implant someone's heart within my body in a painless manner.
Think of the possibilities. Especially when you are asleep, some of your body would just be totally useless for that period of time (eg: eyes, hands, legs). Why not take two arms from my sleeping housemate, and have four arms so that I can type, write, sms, and use a mouse at the same time. Even better if enzymes and essential minerals trade are possible. The endless possibilities baffles me.

Then again, there is always the problem with ethics. Playing with other people's organ is something to be treated lightly. Even worse, a mugger could stalk you from behind and mug a brain from your head (or two if you so happen to have more than one brain. Even if that happens: No fuss, I could share a brain with my best friend. After all, sharing a brain with him would mean that I get to know if he has been hitting on my sis all along.)

What do you think?
Even if organ sharing / trading is possible, would ethics deter you from doing it?

Post Inspired by The Organ Trade, a Global Black Market

[Top Comment by ColourfulWorld]
Wait a minute. You are talking at another level far beyond our imagination, or our current technology?
I personally would prefer advancement in genetic engineering to provide everyone the ability of cellular regeneration. This way the trade will not happen at the first place as everyone will always have healthy body parts almost forever. But just like your trade, if everyone can't die, the Earth will not be able to sustain the current growth rate. We would soon congest the entire planet, causing total destruction unless we start space colonization. Anyway, I always believe in the principles of supply and demand. If everyone can perform self healing, there won't be any demand for organ trading at all.

16 November 2008

Chess - A game of Destruction

Chess is on of the most popular board game ever existed. It is the ultimate strategy game that involves high level analytical skills. It is also the most destructive game ever created. In this post, I will walk you through on the benefits and the concept of Chess.

A game of Chess is good because:
1) Chess improves concentration. During the game you are focused on only one main goal -- to checkmate and become the victor.
2) Chess develops logical thinking. Chess requires some understanding of logical strategy. For example, you will know that it is important to bring your pieces out into the game at the beginning, to keep your king safe at all times, not to make big weaknesses in your position and not to blunder your pieces away for free. (Although you will find yourself doing that occasionally through your chess career. Mistakes are inevitable and chess, like life, is a never-ending learning process.)
3) Chess teaches independence. You are forced to make important decisions influenced only by your own judgment.
4) Chess develops the capability to predict and foresee consequences of action. It requires you to predict an opponent's move and the consequences it brings to your army. Consequently it encourages you to develop steps to counter an opponent's possible movement as well as to leverage your advantage.
[Source: http://www.quadcitychess.com/benefits_of_chess.html#why]

True, a game of Chess is beneficial to players. However if you look at the game as a whole, Chess is one terrible game that stresses on the concept of DESTRUCTION.

If you do not know what is Chess; Chess is a game consisting of 2 players. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to kill the opposing king. You have 16 units at your command (8pawns, 2knights, 2bishops, 2rooks, 1queen and 1 king)

In ALL Chess game the following rule apply:
1) To win, you are expected to make sacrifices.
2) To win, you have to destroy your opponent's king.

In chess, any move chosen will leave one worse off than before they moved. It is a no-win situation. In a player's point of view, the best scenario is to able to keep all 16 pieces alive while killing off the opponent's king. Even in the best scenario, you have to destroy something - your opponent's king.

Chess is in fact a game of destruction. Sure it develops your analytical skills and logical thinking, but not many people came to realize that chess players are developing their analytical skills for the sole purpose of destruction.

Then again, you can argue that chess is a game that teaches its player how to protect an important piece, the king. And you could use that argument to stress that PROTECTION is a concept being taught in a game of Chess. However, you need to cripple your opponent in order to ensure the safety of the king. In a way, you need to destroy something in order to protect something. Ultimately, it is still a game of DESTRUCTION.

Question is, would you encourage your kids to play Chess?
If you do, you might be encouraging them on how to dispose someone (eg: parents) with the most efficient method. I guess that is why my parents never taught me how to play chess.

PS: I suck at Chess. That is why I have a grudge against all chess players. As usws mentioned, it never fails to damage my ego and pride every time I play the game. It hurts to lose you know...

[Top Comment by ColourfulWorld]
Chess also promotes sportsmanship. In tournaments, we don't checkmate people. Instead, we move around to the extent that the opponent resign so basically it's not destructive at all. Guess you must have played so little chess that you don't know how Grand Masters play. Anyway, the correct term is "capture", not "destroy" so it's not as damaging as you think.

12 November 2008

Private Police Corporation

Within 24 hours, I read four blogpost expressing their disappointment against malaysian government police:
1) Victim Report not Being Treated in a Professional Manner [link - Juan's Blog Head]
2) Streets Lurked with Snatched Thieves [link - chankelwin]
3) Corrupted Personnel vs Anti Corruption Citizen [link - humblerboy]
4) Arrogant Police with PMS [link - benjicajess]

I've heard of bloggers complaining about police, but I've yet to read a blogpost praising the job well done by Malaysian Police. Indeed malaysian streets are not safe. Is the system within Malaysian police greatly flawed?

Could there be a better way to quell all these problems?
Perhaps there is. Regardless of any great ideas out there, I came out with a radical one.

Privatize Police Corporations into Profit Companies
Privatization has a couple of advantages.
1) Cost Efficient (Most companies aim to reduce operating cost)
2) Risk Displacement (Risk would be transfered from government to private enterprises)
3) Reduce Government workload (Privatization allows a certain area to break off from the government. With one area eliminated, the government can direct their money in other areas such as health, education)
4) Fast Response time (Private companies are more responsive to customer complaints and suggestions)
5) Flexible (Private Companies could allocate their effort in a higher priority department with ease)

Privatization sounds like a good idea but how are they gonna operate considering they consume heaps of resources. Not to mention they have to generate profit for business owners.

Within an hour, here are some money making ideas I can think of:
1) Advertisement
When victims come to report a crime, the police could take their statement and later offer services which can help alleviate the victim's grieve. It can be counseling sessions, hospital recommendation, insurance claims, real estate deals, or even product offerings.

2) Free Labour
There should be incentive for nabbing criminals. Depending on the severity of their crimes, they can put to use to benefit the society by being a social slave. We could force them to contribute to society by letting them do all manual shitty job that no one wants to do. (I'd say its worth it to spend 1month worth of effort in nabbing a team of criminal and make them do hard labour for the next 20years. Their wage would totally cover the expenses of catching them)

3) Tax Benefits
Since police exist to serve people, they should have close ties with the government. The government could offer some tax incentives to these kind of companies. Maybe zero tax even. That way, citizens can invest in the privatized police company and get tax rebates from gov. It benefits everyone: the gov, the public, and the corporation itself.

4) Surveillance
Cameras in prime location would decrease the likelihood of crime since everyone is being monitored. Considering this corporation has the power to place cameras in prime location, they could make a statistic of the type of people who happen commute in those location. Information such as these are valuable data to consumer business owners. They could sell these information. (hmmm...This could clash with privacy issues. Then again, ever since the introduction of google maps and internet satellites, our privacy has been reduced significantly.)

5) Simulated Urban Warfare
(Ok. This is purely for fun and wouldn't make much sense.) If there are people paying a huge lump sum of money to go base jumping, I'm pretty there would be someone willing to pay for extreme excitement. Clients could pay the company for a number of staff to play a real life urban warfare with them covering a large area (eg: a shopping mall or the whole city). Its fun for clients and its training session for company staffs (police). In a way, staffs are being paid for training.

The above is suited for criminal related police, but what about traffic police? What kind of benefits could they gain from privatization?

Instead of real police, a privatize police could employ movable cameras and speed trackers to catch traffic offenders. There is however a disadvantage here. These equipments requires money to operate. Build too much, and everyone obeys the law. Good for citizens, Bad for privatized police. Too few, its gonna be bad for both sides. So, they have to optimize amount of devices they have along with the location they can place these equipments so that there will be income from traffic offenders.

Zero crime is not exactly a good thing either. News corporation, insurance company might break down. Worse, it could lower a nation's defences and it'll be trouble when a genius crime lord strikes. Therefore a certain percentage of crime is essential for greater good of all.

Good thing about Privatized Police Corporations is that they don't have pledge allegiance to the government. They only need to pledge allegiance to the law. Politicians can choose to hire them to increase their credibility. (Note: I am talking about police, one that upholds the law. Not mercenaries who works for money)

Think about it, Privatized Police is good for everyone. They get to earn money, citizens get safer streets. Plus, a privatized company doesn't need support from taxpayers money. It means that citizens get to enjoy the services of a police, and they can choose not to pay for it. Even better if its a public company. Anyone can be an investor and be a business owner. Good thing about this is that, you are doing society a favour and earning money at the same time.

Of course there are disadvantages to a Privatized Police Corporation. One concern being that they won't be working towards the public's best interest. Even so, I think a privatized police could work better than the current one.

Yummy....... I can almost taste the smell of a profitable business here.
I mean why wouldn't it work? Energy, resources and telecommunication industry has been privatized and they are doing pretty well.
What do you think about this?

[Top Comment by Acura]
Maybe they should give them a basic salary plus commission for every criminal they caught.
If they recommend it to 3 frens to join the police force, they get a percentage of their commissions as well. Get enough downline & they can retire early.

09 November 2008

[ad] NicoleKiss Boutique

Note: This is an advertorial post for NicoleKiss Boutique.

Christmas time is around the corner and those who celebrate, will almost always expect a gift.
For guys: Other than cosmetic and feminine products, any gift will do.
For girls: Any cosmetic or feminine products will do.
For your love ones: Your presence is better than any gift in the world.
For mistress & concubines: This one is a little bit tricky. Fear not as I have a suggestion for you.

For Rm65 (about 25usd), you can get a kinky dress wrapped in a nice Xmas box delivered to your door step. [Click here to visit product link]

You may find these descriptive words in the website:
-- Translucent pink fabric, so cute and sexy he won't be able to resist his hands on you!
-- This is an uber comfortable piece. The silk fabric is to die for, you would want to wear it to sleep everyday. The baby pacifier designs are just irresistible.
-- Nothing like the old classical black bring-me-to-bed-now design. Translucent (see through almost), black, dark, lacey and sexy, what more can you ask for in a lingerie?
-- Gown and Panty Set. White soft translucent frabic, very flowy and comfortable for wear. Lacey brim.
-- Ultra comfortable to wear and extremely soft fabric. White delight for all young virgins (or wannabe) out there.

[Now, try reading the words in bold in one go.]

I seldom do advertorial post mainly because I know advertisers will not like my style of writing. I only do ads if I know for sure I can make fun of them and get away with it.