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16 November 2006

HappyPeople and MaskRider Video

Have u read my post about HappyPeople and MaskRider??

Guess what, I found the video on Youtube...

Dang, they did not film the lecturer's expression when MaskRider was pulling HappyPeople's pants down. He was standing there stunned with that blank empty expression on his face!!!
Notice how our lecturer turned to the blackboard in dis-belief at the end of the show??
Well, he turned back to us shortly after that and with a wide grin on his face said to us: "Did u guys see what I just saw?"
(By the way, that lecturer of ours, He is a jap!! I'm telling you guys now so that u guys do not have to guess where he got his slang from..)

The video is titled "Got ya pant!" in youtube.


liz qte said...

dang! so funny.. long time never comment on ur blog.. uh well.. exams.. gambatte naaa!!

4444 said...

Yup, it has been a long time since ur last comment....
Ish, naughty liz!!!
Anyway, All the best to your exams too.
Oh wait, should I say 'exam'?? If not mistaken, liz the Qte only have to sit for 1 paper only....right??

Liz Qte said...

hyahHAhAhHAaa... ya only one exam! but i feel like so burdened.. it's sunday now, and i m so anxious. my exam is tomoro >.<

4444 said...

All the best to your exam liz!!!