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31 August 2008

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For those who has been loyally following this blog, 3POINT8, I reward them with good quality post.

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But if you noticed, I haven't been blogging for quite some time. There are a couple of reason to that.
1) Professional blogger have standards. None of my recent drafted can surpass the quality of recent post. Hence they are not qualified to be published.
2) Addiction is a bad habit. I've been trying to get over my addiction to blogging for the past few months. Two weeks of not involving is quite an achievement. (This month has been a great month to me)
3) A celebrity blogger is here with me. (Lets see if there are more than one way to FuRape someone *legally*...If you have any brilliant ones, do drop some ideas)
4) None of the reason above can beat the fourth one. The most influential factor to why I've slowed down: I'm addicted to Youtube.

Cheer up. That doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop blogging. It only means that I'll only publish articles which I deem worthy for 3POINT8. Therefore, for those who doesn't want to miss out on great articles by the great witter 3POINT8, subscribe to my blog!

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16 August 2008

Power Corrupts

All my life I've been told to be cautious against the work of an evil. They told me that it lies dormant in every kid. Fearing that warning alone may not be suffice, I was taught by my guardians to recognize the demonic aura and how not succumb to such malevolence. As a kid, I never knew the purpose of such education. As naive as I was, I took heed to the advice offered by my guardians even though I was never able to relate to their abysmal experience back then.

Today, hell opened its gate in front of me. Today I witnessed the downfall of men.

If anything can drive fools to any action, no matter how desperate, how low, how underhanded, it is the taste of POWER. Dangle the promise of it in front of them and they will tear each other apart for it, like starved rabid dogs unleashed against each other. Power extract the worst out of people. Some will use any means to obtain it: begging an enemy, accusations, sniping at each other's credibility, claiming to be the better person. Nothing is too cheap, all bets are off. Their allies are no better, heckling, teasing, provoking, speaking loudly while their faces hidden in the shadow amongst the crowd, for if their friend gets what they want, they too will have a taste of that elusive forbidden fruit; even if it is but a smattering. These, who will do anything for it, who thirst for it most, are least qualified to wield it.
'Finally he understood. It didn't matter whether the old demon Yawgmoth had been evil to begin with. The process of creation, the endless power, had made him evil.'
---- j robert king, onslaught

'"Fool." the djinn of the ring said to the old sorceror.
"You could have wished for anything, even wealth beyond your greatest imagination. But you wished for power. It will be your undoing."
---- author unknown, aladdin, the book of the thousand and one nights

Would you be tempted to destroy the whole world if you were granted an immeasurable amount of Power, Power that god couldn't even rival with?

[Top Comment by Quesera]
No doubt the evil power you mentioned is disastrous. But what is happening now and in future; is even more scary. As It is, our future is seemly determined by bunch of freaky money-craze zombies.
If you are a Malaysian and worsen still, if you are a Sabahan then look around you. The price of fuel and the commodities is rocketing high. The people in the rural area is god forsaken poor. While the youths are mostly unemployed.This included the young graduates. Most of them had migrated to peninsular Malaysia.
Life in Town now a days is monotonously dull.In some area you feel as if you are in ghost town.Surrounded by spirit from the past. I guess, this symbolized that all those days of happy hours we used to enjoy must have been forgotten for good..
To me, this is not simply a reality show but a memorable nightmare.
Hopefully, this fenomena is not our destiny created along the frontier of heaven by the Almighty.
God willing.

09 August 2008

Being last in Olympics 2008

I watched the olympics 2008 opening hours ago. Here are some pretty photos on the opening ceremony

Being a malaysian, I was proud when the Malaysia Team entered the stadium just after Madagascar's team. (I loved the msian team dress) Towards somewhere in the middle, I saw the Singapore Team too. (The sporean flag girl looks quite attractive. I'm guessing that is a Singaporean marketing tactic.) GoGo Msia and Spore!

Knowing my blog is sarcastic/thought-provoking one, 3POINT8 shall cover a bit on the symbolism on the 'Parade of Athletes'. If you watched the live telecast, or read the news, you probably knew that the last country to make an appearance in the stadium is CHINA. (If you don't, now you know China is the last one to make an appearance. Ain't you glad you read this post?)
Olympics is mostly about winning, being first and getting the gold medal. Sadly not all countries think that way. China is a perfect example. China was the last to make an appearance in the 'Parade of Athletes'. So, in a way it does symbolize that China is the last as compared to all participating countries. And I believe they call those who end last as LOSERS. Not to mention that the China Parade has the most participant. In a way, China is the BIGGEST.

Lets do a simple mathematical equation here:
Loser + Biggest = Biggest Loser
In conclusion, China = Biggest Loser.
That is the power of symbolism. Everyone has a different interpretation on the subject of symbolism.

Didn't I mention that 3POINT8 is a sarcastic/thought-provoking blog?
Well, the argument above is sarcastic part. Here comes the thought provoking part:

Gold medalist must slowly eliminate competitors in order to be number one. Meaning, gold medalist has to endure all the way to the finals, and beat the crap out of the other finalist. To be worthy of being the ultimate winner, they have to be last surviving competitor.
In a way, one has to be the last, in order to be no.1!

Therefore, only those who can persevere to the end are those who are worthy of being the ultimate winner!
So, how do you feel about those being last?
Are they losers? Or they winners?

[Top Comment by ButaChan]
olympics opening was supposedly very impressive to foreigners of the west, whereas within china the locals supposedly hardly batted an eyelid cuz chinese are supposed to be more used to all these large synchronised performances than the westerners are.
china came last in the flag bearing march past because it's olympic tradition that the host country always comes out last.
the singapore flag bearer is far from attractive!!!!! alot of singaporeans were not too glad about the choice because she's actually china born. part of the whole 'foreign talent' scheme thing. true, she's one of the best players but still, not pure singaporean blood. how embarrassing is that...!!

04 August 2008


Cemeteries, a place where people pay respect for the souls taken away by the death-reaper. I'm not gonna get into spirits, mediums, and ghosts. Instead, I'm gonna write about property.

What do think about living next to a cemetery?
Its no surprise that land value beside cemeteries are all categorized as low-value property. That kind of place has the potential to stir up the resident's imagination and it could possibly make someone go cuukoo. Also, they say that the soil have higher level of contaminates. After all, its a place where they dump dead bodies. So, its understandable that no one wants their private living house to be associated with a cemetery.

Given a choice, no one wants to live next to a cemetary, but would you consider your options if the government give build you a house and give it out for free. Alrite, maybe you'll take the house, but I'm almost certain that you will NEVER stay there. But what if the cemetery is a tombstone cemetery? That type of cemetery where its just tombstones erected everywhere. No dead bodies or whatsoever. Lets be rational, its a peaceful place, its quiet, there are less crime, no ghost will ever linger around there. I'd say its the perfect residential area, provided you are not a psychic or medium by profession.
Question is: Would you mind living right next to a tombstone cemetery?
I'm just wondering cause I've read the smartest argument this week:
Girlfriend: "You can't live there - it is only 1 mile from the graveyard the ghosts will come at night"
Chris: "there is no such thing as ghosts"
(Rookie error - got me nowhere)
Chris: "Ghosts can't travel that far"
(not bad but didn't convince her)
Chris:"Ghosts don't live in the graveyard, they stay where the body died"
(This she accepted without question. Strangely the fact the 40% of my street was destroyed by bombs in WWII didn't lead her to the conclusion that there might be ghosts closer to home)