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21 November 2006

Exam Report

KiF's UNSW Exam Report:

Current Status: Completed!
10-Nov -> Thermodynamics B ------ GOOD
13-Nov -> Principle of Control ------- BAD
14-Nov -> Eng Experimentation B --- GOOD
15-Nov -> Computer Networking ---- SO-SO
17-Nov -> Fluid Mechanics B --------- GOOD
20-Nov -> Mechanics of Solids 2B ---- SO-SO
21-Nov -> Machine Design B --------- SO-SO

I think i've perform fairly well this semester. Not too good, not too bad, just average. Hopefully I am able to secure a good grades enough to award me with a 1st class honours. I reckon that my overall grades won't skyrocket up very much or decline by a landslide.
I think I've managed quite well considering that I've sat for 7 core-subject exam within 8 working days. (excluding sat and sun)

1 thing for sure, I wont fail any of these papers, unless:
i) There was a mistake in adminstrative work, or
ii) The invigilators are can't read my handwritting.
Though the second case is more likely to happen, but chances that i'll ever fail any of these papers are close to 0%.
However, if I fail, I'll lose my scholarship, I'll probably have to pack up and fly back to m'sia as I won't be able to afford to study in UNSW anymore. Then, UNSW would have lose a good student, and the world would have lose a potential revolutionair (not sure if the word exists, but what the heck...) Therefore, it is vital that I DO NOT fail in my UNSW academic days.

Chances that I get to continue my studies in UNSW is approximately 100%.

GOOD -> More than 80% has been done correctly
SO-SO -> Able to finish the exam paper, but unsure of final answer
BAD -> Can barely finish the paper. Included silly mistakes, and messed up the whole paper.


liz Qte said...

ahAhHAHAhahaa.. u are so funny! Have a great holiday.. let's go out one of these days

4444 said...

Thanks for the compliment....

Yeah, Let's go out!!!
I'm bored and I'm VERY VERY VERY free!!!