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28 February 2008

3.8 answerproof questions

This is a post filled with questions. If you got nothing better to do, do leave an extraordinary reply after reading em. Most creative answer will be posted up in this blog. [I prefer short and sweet comments. But don't force yourself in this if you don't want to. Its only for my amusement.] (And if i feel like it, I'll challenge the owner of the blog to one of their post)

1) Widely accepted claim: How we perceive things depends on how we think
If you think that you are not thinking, which one are u doing?

2) Widely accepted advice: Don't be a copycat, Be yourself.
If you do not know your own personality, how could you be yourself?
Besides, how do u know for sure that you possess a particular personality?
Did you make that personality up or did someone told you that?
If you made up your own personality, I wonder if its a personality understood by most people.
If someone told you that you have a certain personality, are you being a copycat to a common personality?

3) Widely detested blogging behavior: Plagiarism
Compare the 3 sentence and tell me which of the 3 sentence is plagiarism?

1st sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (line4, pg238 of Cambridge dictionary)
there (line 38, pg384 of Oxford dictionary)
an (line 44, pg4 of New dictionary)
....and so on......

2nd sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (para1, line1, word3, of Blameless)
there (point5, line2, word3, of How to steal a person's heart)
an (para1, line2, word4 of obscene+OMG+weird teeeeshirts)
....and so on......

3rd sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (para6, line2, word1 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
there (para6, line2, word2 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
an (para6, line2, word3 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
...and so on...

4) Suspected truth: 3POINT8 = top blogger?
Don't bother answering this. This is not a question. This is a statement.

26 February 2008

Happy Moments

Happy - Happy MomentsRelated post: This is a contest entry organized by Happy.
Happy is the new prepaid mobile plan in Malaysia with happy rates.
Calls are charged at 1sen/sec and capped at 99sen. Click here for More info
Call rates:
38sec = 38sen
99sec = 99sen
4444sec = 99sen
Sms rates:
4sms = 40sen

In this contest, I'm suppose to write or record what makes me happy. If you are happy, organizers happy, and me happy, I could win RM5K with this single mind blowing post!

*In a very deep manly sexy voice*
Ask yourself, is the world turning into a better place?
Are you feeling happy?
More importantly, are you feeling safe?
War, guns, soldiers, and politics can be sad sometimes.
Even so, every person has the right to feel safe and confident in their own way.
Nobody likes live in fear. Nobody likes to be judged.
Shutting the whole world, we all seek comfort in close ones who love us for who we are.
When in fact, people should be loved no matter who they are.
All we need is a happy hug to remind us all the we are all humans after all.
Humans, Warm fuzzy being capable of loving someone and being loved in return.
To love your best friend is easy. To love a friend can sometimes be difficult. To love a stranger is almost impossible. But if we could all do that, the world can be a better place for me and you. Plus, it makes everyone happy.

As for me, this is what make me happy:
To be able to appreciate HUGE BIG things in life.

And this is what will make me and my family happy.
[The rm5k winning prize money will go to my brother's education if I happen to be the Lucky Winner]

If you feel happier after reading this post, CLICK HERE to vote for me!
Rank5 = 5 star = good
Rank1 = 1 star= bad
[If you can't see any 'code' there with firefox, try to open the page with IE internet explorer]
[Oh ya, you are eligible to vote more than once]


Update: My appreciation goes to those who voted for me! THANK YOU! TERIMA KASIH! DOMO ARIGATO! GRACIAS! SPACIBA! XIE XIE!

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25 February 2008

Unrelated Stuff

Ever wondered why things happen for no apparent reason?
If you are a thinker like me, its a good time to start wondering...

Related Stuff: I know this is a meaningless post. Therefore, this post will be deleted on Monday 8pm. (unless someone posted a witty comment)
Visit my main page for my masterpiece post.

24 February 2008

Caption Contest - Nameless Panda

Related Stuff: This is a contest entry organised by -r y u-.

In this contest, I'm suppose to write the most creative caption in a picture of 2 bathroom place mat. This contest is only open to the people who are not living in the same house as ryu. I sure hope that ryu doesn't barge into my house and stay for a night for as long as the contest is still running.

Presenting my witty entry:

Presenting my sarcastic entry:
[You need an IQ of 160 to imagine this]

So, anyone else up for the challenge?

22 February 2008


I want to write a blog post, but I got nothing to write about.
Therefore I present a very rare post on a true account of my personal life:
I'm speechless most of the time. -_-"

Actual unaltered comment from real life characters in reality:
littlepolaris: "U r not shy... u r just... =_= speechless"
pinky: "kif sometimes makes me speechless"
cenni: "he has that effect to everyone"
Anonymous: "Dot Dot Dot"
Join in the speechless gang
JohnnyKiu: "..."
x: "xxx"
syamsulariff: "haa???"
chingy: "Errrrrrr...."
Littlepolaris: "I am seriously speechless!!!"
742: "No comment =.="
fluxevz: "ur speechless aura is too strong"

Never forget to not leave a comment if you do not think I've failed to make you speechless.
[Does it make sense to you?]

20 February 2008

PC Blogger

Related Stuff: Post inspired by Curryegg. Micheal wants to tumpang fame.
Potential subscriber: Mich, 742, Curryegg and PopJammerz

A new Magazine will be coming up in the near future, PC Blogger! I have time traveling friend who was kind enough to bring me a souvenir from the future.
An edition of PC Blogger, dated Feb 4444. I read the whole thing, and I can say that the magazine is freaking awesome! If you want to read this issue, you only have to survive for a few more thousand years. I tell you, its worth it! PC Blogger will blow your mind literally!

I can't leak out the content as it'll probably change the course of the future. The best I can do is to scan the cover of the magazine and show it to you guys to prove that its for real.


Btw, this is the original Photo:

A not so ferocious pic:

18 February 2008

3POINT8 of ReviewGod

Recently I managed to get myself into the ranks of ReviewGod, a blog which reviews blog. I have a strong feeling its my insanely divine supreme superior super owning super duper writing skill that landed me there. Anyway being in this group is good opportunity for my to improve my writing skill, and the ability to critic.
On the 15th feb 2008, I wrote a review for Tinkitalks. Its the first blog review I've ever written in my entire life. To write for something without a sample for the first time is freaking difficult. There were no guideline, no proper format or any procedure to write a review.

The review written by 3POINT8:

The challenges I had while writing the review:
1) I'm not used to giving bad comment, so it probably explains why my critic was mild at the moment.
2) I did not give any rating to TinkiTalks as i have no reference to how good a blog is good and how bad a blog is bad.
3) ReviewGod is a new site. There isn't any system on how things are done as a proper system is under top secret discussion.
4) Time.

Despite the challenges, I will try my best to write a review which reflects the blog. It's true that different people have different taste, and you might love a blog that I will never read. Therefore, what I am about to write is only a guideline for those who thinks the same as me.

Anyway, I believe that the main purpose of ReviewGod is not to flame anybody or to talk bad about anyone's blog. I've always thought that there's no point in writing a negative review of a small unknown blog most people won't even have heard of it. So screaming "Never visit that blog!" seems kind of pointless and mean. [On second thought, I'm mistaken. I find joy in writing sarcastic negative comment.]

I'm pretty sure that our main purpose is publicity, to let people know about blogs that exist somewhere in the net. I like to think myself as someone who provides a reason to people out there to visit a blog.

Want more publicity to your blog?
Bow down and Click here. I dare you to submit your blog to ReviewGod!
[Note: ReviewGod does a review on those who ask for it. Reviewgod will not review blogs which they have no permission to do so.]

16 February 2008

Self generated electricity

Oh, hansome boy... you spark up my life. When I'm with you, my favorite love song keeps playing 24/7. While you are at in, can you charge up my hp, my blackberry and my hybrid car too?

Have you heard? US scientists have developed a microfiber fabric that generates its own electricity.

If made into a shirt and with enough body moment, the microfiber fabric produces enough electricity to power small little gadgets like a MP3 player. This is what the guys would use it for.

Girls would probably use it to charge up their stun-gun. Even better if they could make the whole shirt an electric field for females. This is so that when a rapist goes in for the kill, all females need to do is move around, UpDownUpDown and zap the rapist to a different type of pleasure!

I'd say this invention is ideal if coupled with a technology able to transmit electricity without any medium. For eg: If electricity can be transmitted wireless from the shirt to my laptop, I wouldn't need to plug in power to my laptop nor use any batteries to operate it.
Imagine if that happen. We can use hardcore dancers, gym user, and 'night people' to power the whole city! We wouldn't even need windmills anymore.

Wait...scrap the 'night people' off. They'll probably go: "Dear, can you not move so much. You are turning ON the lights and the speaker." [Ok, so we need the windmills.]

Also, I'd figure courting will be much easier. All they need to do is to ready the electricity transmitter, move around for a bit, and zap the person of their dreams.
I wonder what other ways we can harness power from the microfiber fabric...
How would you use it if you have a shirt that generates electricity?

14 February 2008

V-day (2)

Related Stuff: This day has got to be the best day of my life. I slept for 14 hours and I had numerous wonderful dreams. Dreams that could have been. Life is wonderful!
Also, iCalvyn and Popjammerz wish you all a happy V-day!

Happy Valentines Day! Isn't this exciting? I know, I'm amazed. Time passed by so fast.
For the singles out there, go treat yourself a box of chocolate.
For the couples out there, Have Fun!
Well, doesn't matter if you are attached or not, you just have to have to appreciate this day like every other day, yes?

Well, I'm drafting a blog post right now. Its gonna be posted up soon. And I know some of you all will be like "OMG, I LOVE YOU"
And I'm going to be like: "Thanks".

I know you all love to come back to this blog. I know that, and I'm aware of it. That is what that keeps me going. Thats what that inspires me to write.

I hope I'll be able to compose another great post next year on v-day!
That is if blogger.com still exist. Well, it might not! OMG, what would people do if blogs cease to exist. You guys are obviously nerds and you love to read blogs!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a wonderful v-day!
I have no idea how you guys are planning to spend this wonderful day, but I know I just made a post to the people that I love. That's you blog readers.
I want to express my thanks. Thanks for loving me too!

Being thankful and practicing gratitude is an easy way to achieve happiness.

13 February 2008


Unrelated Stuff: When the plane I board today landed, the pilot announced: "Welcome to KITKAT *long paused* I apologize. Welcome to Sydney

I wonder how vanilla taste like when you are sitting there alone, staring at the moon along with the star-filled skies, thinking of that someone who is so far away in the land of curry. (wait, is that india?) The land of belacan then. (ah yes, i'm talking about msia)

Its officially valentines day now.
If I could express the content of my heart, I would.
But I'm no surgeon, and I'm definately not good with emo post. This is something i gotta learn from the girls.
Since i'm gonna be spending the night eating vanilla ice cream alone, anyone wants to donate their ex-gf?

12 February 2008

Gamer's Valentine

Shoot! Quick quick, press '2', change to arrows and shoot the fella. 'Right Click', enter sniper mode and aim for her heart! [That is what gamers would advice if they were playing Virtual Cupid.]

14th of feb, Valentines day is every singles dreadful day and every couples worry day. Its a double edge sword. Dreadful single sitting alone in the cafe by the window watching thousands of loving couple pass by. Couples accompany their other half worrying that their effort may not be good enough to enter v-day mood.

In this post, I'll reveal 3.8 reasons why most hardcore gamers are single.

There is this pretty nifty function called SAVE/LOAD in most games. Gamers are perfectionist. If they suceed in a game, they'll save their progress. And if they fail, they only have to load the game and try again.
In a real relationship there is no such thing as a LOAD function. Whatever you say or do, helps you AUTOSAVE. If they succeed, good! If they fail, they probably have to play the game all over again. (And the game has to be a different game)

In every game, there is a cheat code of some sort. Even if there are no cheat codes, there are gamehacks like trainers and walkthrough. If a gamer got stuck in a game, all he has to do is go online and find the cheat codes.
Against someone when something bad happens in a real relationship, it'll be weird for gamers to hold the controller and go "Up down left right, Up down left right, A A B B"

Gamers can play more than 1 game at a time and not feel guilty about it.
In a real relationship, that'll be call cheating. Unlike reason no.2, This kind of cheating is bad. REAL Bad.

This time, I'll let my readers fill in the remaining 0.2 by leaving a witty comment.
[Fevernut: at least games wont come checking up on you 24/7]

09 February 2008

Innit's Serial Dang-er

Related Stuff: Post inspired by keemanxp. If keemanxp threatens me with heaps of ang pao, I may have to delete this post from this blog. So, its a good time to subscribe to my site in order not to miss post like these.

Warning: This post is meant to be read with a smile and a sarcastic attitude.

There had been complains from RoyalShortness, apology from Gelitifa and intention of public humiliation by Azrin on Dang-er in Innit. Just Yesterday a fanatic innit fan requested me for a blog link. Thinking back to the things he had done in Innit, I'll be associating myself to a serial dang-er.

His danging behavior may seemed outrageous, despicable, evil and dang right annoying. But he must have a reason to why he did the stuff he did. So, in order to understand his motive, I have to put myself in his position. I had to understand why he was attracted to danging.

I danged a few post and I now present to you the reason to why people dang:
1) Danging people allows you suppress post that you don't like from being top5 (this is especially useful if you loveeee that someone.)
2) The pink Dang button looks more attractive than the yellow Nang button.
3) The font of "Dang it" seems bigger than the "Nang it" button in terms of width. (Nang it = 14mm) (Dang it = 16mm)
4) We can't a Dang a post if it doesn't have any Nang count. (Meaning, we can always Nang a post, but we can't always Dang a post. That makes danging a rare button to press)
In short, The Dang button looks more attractive than the Nang button. Plus, it's rarity makes it a privilege.

Second issue is about the dang haters.
Loving Nang-er and hating Dang-er is like drawing parallel line to loving beautiful people and hating ugly people. Loving Nang-er is easy, but loving Dang-er requires strong mind-power. If everyone can love Nang-er and Dang-er equally, I'm sure hate, prejudice and discrimination will be no longer be in Innit.

As for me, I would neveeeerrrrrrr dang a post. Believe me.

Suspected truth:
1) Nang was chosen because it resembles nuffNANG. Dang was chosen because it resembles damn.
2) Everyone loves innit, especially nangers.
3) Everybody loves 3POINT8 (and raymond too...)

- Nang and dang is old news. Innit comment spam is the getting popular now. (I wonder if nuffnang team is gonna introduce a function to moderate comment)
- Read The Voice of a Serial Dang-er by keemanxp for another point of view.
- Read Caught You Naked by Azrin for a list of suspected dang-ers

06 February 2008

Right Mindset for Ang Pow

Unrelated Stuff: I'll be on a quest to experience one of Chinese Ongoing Tradition, the Chinese New Year (CNY). Time to take a break from the blogging scene till 10th feb.

CNY is around the corner. This time, I'm gonna talk about money....again. Red Packet a.k.a AngPow are monetary gifts commonly given during CNY to the unmarried from those who are married.

AngPow collecting is easily one of my favorite practices from the Chinese tradition. I mean, who doesn't love an occasion whereby people give you money for no reason. The closer you are with that certain person, the more money you'll get. I guess that is why Chinese tend to stick together, to leech on one another.

Collecting AngPow from close relative is easy. Heck, you don't even have to ask for it. They'll willingly hand it to you. Collecting AngPow from stranger is the hard part.
There was once when I thought it was just plain wrong to receive money from unknown stranger. Thing is, I want to build up my money empire. And what's stopping me is...guilt, the feeling of receiving something from some someone unknown.

The only thing I can do is to change my thinking. I search high and low for the perfect paradigm to adopt, so that I'll be rich without feeling guilty. I traveled to high mountains, isolated myself in dense forest, swam to the deepest trench in search for the ultimate paradigm. Years of torture and yet I can't achieve my goal.

Everything changed when google was introduced to my life. Within minutes of searching, I found the ultimate paradigm by Spike Milligan.
"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy."
Yes, that why I want to be rich, to prove that money can't buy happiness.
I'm fighting for what I believe in. I'm striving for a good cause. And if you believe in my vision, you can help by donating your hard earned AngPow money to the infamous 3POINT8.

For those who are not married, Happy Collecting AngPow.
For those who are married, be generous this year!
And to all those who celebrate, Happy Chinese New Year!

05 February 2008

Fireproof Money

Related Stuff: Post inspired by a post Aronil made on 26th Jan 2008.

Have u seen a burning money before? I certainly haven't.
That right folks! According to theory, Money is fireproof!

Money is the root of all evil.
Evil is at its purest in the very depth of Hell.
Assuming hell is a fiery place,
Wouldn’t that make money -> fireproof?

Think about it! If you really want to try it out, you can start with the smallest note, rm1. Note that burning rm2 is not as easy as rm1, since rm2 is bigger and better. The same applies to rm5, rm10, rm20 and rm50. What I'm trying to say is that if you can burn the rm50 note, you can definitely burn those other notes.
Besides, Malaysia has recently released the new rm50 which is so much better and superior than the previous rm50 note. So, if you are able burn the latest rm50 note, the smaller note shouldn't be a problem.

So, if you really are curious on the fireproof money theory, why not skip the rm1, rm2, rm5 rm10, rm20 and go straight for the big guy, the Rm50! [That way, you get to save rm38.]
rm100, rm500 and rm1000 is not recommended as the safety features aren't as good as the newly released rm50.

I'd expect some of you skeptics to ask me prove this theory by asking me to post up the infamous fireproof money burning experiment video.
Know what? I tried burning money, and I tell you, its fireproof! [I can't post the video up here as I know get into lots of trouble if I do that.]

1) rm50 = 50myr (Myr = Malaysian Ringgit)
2) Burning money is illegal
3) Money actually belongs to the government, you just borrow it.

03 February 2008

Half Water

People, thinking and paradigm... the world will never be deplete of them. As long as there is one person alive, then there is one person thinking. Thinking usually happens with a set of assumption, concepts, values and the by-product is a paradigm.
(Oh yea...paradigm is a big word and I'm learning to use it)

What I'm going to talk about next is the two distinct different style of thinking. The Positive and the Negative. [This post has nothing to do with paradigm. I got carried away earlier]

Heard of the famous quote from Buddha: "We are what we think"
Doesn't matter if you are a negative thinker or a positive thinker, life goes on. However according to the quote, if you do not think, you become nothing, zero, virtually non-existent. If you do not think, Life stops!

You know how people always ask: "Do you see the water as half-empty or half-full?"
Then the questioner either favor you as a positive thinker or discriminate you as a negative thinker depending on the answer.
The only person who would ask me that is either a motivator, aspire to be a motivator or pretending to be a motivator. And there are only 2 reasons why a questioner would ask me that:
1) To figure whether I am a negative thinker or a positive thinker
2) To make me think!

To the questioner, reason1 doesn't really concern him.
So what if I am a postive thinker. [He is already a motivator. Nothing I say is gonna motivate him more than his mind will]
And so what if I'm a negative thinker. [Its not like whatever I say is gonna bring him down since the questioner is on his way to be a motivator with a light beaming aura surrounding him.]

Now, reason2 is more important as it makes people think! And If I consider myself as a considerate person, I'm gonna make him think too.

Consider this counter statement to the question: “half empty, half full - who cares as long as there is water in the glass”
which translate to: who cares as long as I'm THINKING.

Since its a new way of answering, I'm sure my super geng-chao answer is gonna shock the questioner as he searches his mind for a proper response. As long as he is searching for a response, he is thinking! As long as he is thinking, life doesn't stop for him. Therefore how I answer the question is essential for everyone's survival, unless I'm an evil strawberry who doesn't care about the lives of others.

So, Do you think I'm good enough to convince my other readers that "thinking is a matter of survival and life."

Dibert's Principle: If you are out to impress someone, make sure you use the word 'paradigm'! Once you master the word "paradigm", its time to sit back and expect a promotion.

01 February 2008

Man boob

Related stuff: Erm.. from the response I get from my readers, I have a feeling that my previous post is a little too hard on the females. Well, let me make it up to all the females out there with a post on men's big genetic flaw.

Breast, Boobs, Bossoms, they all look great on females. Flaunt it well, and I'm sure they can be all be a superstar like J.Lo. Some say its so deadly that it could rival a nuclear bomb. It is perhaps the most deadliest organ in the 21st century.
Thats for the female.

For male, its a totally different story. Man boobs is every man's worst nightmare. Its so bad that it can potentially spoil someone's appetite. There is an unconventional saying that man's boob is the key to all successful diet.
That kind of stuff scares us men and women alike and it smashes the owner's self-confidence to small little tiny particles.

Other than being totally unattractive, it harbors the potential for cancer growth. Yes, cancerous cell can grow on men's breast tissue. Ouch!

To a male, its probably the most useless organ. Some say its the appendix, but I'm pretty appendix has a purpose. Apparently it only agree to function after being struck by an irreversible injury to the internal organ which leads to death.
[My facts could be wrong]

Therefore, the man's breast could easily be the most useless organ of all men. And if you read the 1st paragraph, Man's breast can also be considered as a deadly organ.

So ladies out there.... you can laugh at my breast.
*The last sentence, doesn't sound very right, does it?*