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27 August 2006

A walk in the rain

There was a performance done by the UNIBUDS (University Buddhist Society) tonight. And this yearly function is known as bohdinite. This years theme:"the unshakable balance".
They have this super funny and super corny sketch, instructed and done by uni students.
Moral of the story:
When the mind likes, it pulls.
When the mind dislikes, it pushes away.
When the mind has no hatred or greed,
then it feels so calm and freed.
In such a state of equanimity,
Will we have...an unshakable balance.
Gee....I have no idea what it means. Is pulling and pushing suppose to be a bad thing??
Anyway, after the show, i escorted two ladies back to their house...
And so, thats when my '40mins lonely walk back home' began.
I journeyed alone...under the mild rain...with the perfect dark sky filled with bright lit stars...
The temperature was kinda cool with this mild wind...
Even though my pacing at that time was kinda fast, i tried to enjoy it for as long as i can.

Along the way back home, i walked through across uni grounds. Distracted by the spotlight lighting the quiet little small lonely pathway, i tilt my head up and rain drop was all that was in front of my sight. Being highlighted by the strong spotlight, small little droplets of rain, as light as they are, fell gracefully. Far beyond that sight was that perfect dark sky filled with star dust.

It was an unbelievable sight!!
With my hand far stretched towards the vast galaxy, to capture that sight was my dream.
Perhaps it was a good thing that i walked alone. I probably wouldn't have appreciate the sight if i didn't. But it would be better if there is someone walking by my side...

That was my walk... A walk in the rain