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30 October 2006

Back to net

My internet has sucessfully upgraded to the super fast lightning speed, ADSL2.
Today is my first day enjoying the fast internet connection.
However, the connection is a bit jumpy... I'll give it a few days for the system to stabilise...

My housemate is feeling a bit generous today. He bought a new wireless router for the whole house today....
No more lan cables, no more pesky lines... I'm now using wireless technology now. WOOHOO!!!
1 thing funny about wireless router though, it doesn't work if a microwave is operating nearby... Some say that it because both devices operate at a very similiar wavelength. In other words, they 'boh song' with each other and try to dominate each other's wavelength...(something like that..)
So, if my internet connection breaks down, its probably the microwave's fault...Either that, or its the service provider...
But its more likely that the microwave is at fault...


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