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29 May 2008

Nonsensical Crappy Stuff

Intro: Most hardcore bloggers update their blog(s) at least once a week. The more hardcore ones updates their blog everyday! So, what happens when these blog addicts want to post something but can't find anything to write?
This is what most bloggers do when they are experiencing a blogger's block. They do what I do best: write nonsense, or post some stupid picture. In this post, I'll do both.

At one stage or another, every blogger will eventually be faced with the issue of updating blogs. There are so many more things to be done in the world which engender updating blogs seemed like a trivial obligation. As a result, people like me would resolve to writing Nonsensical Crap. To deeply delve into the subject of crappy stuff is an adventure. Complex though is it; I shall now attempt to provide an exhaustive essay on the importance of writing Nonsense for the sake of updating 3POINT8. Here begins my in-depth analysis on the glorious subject of crappy stuff.

Nonsensical crap can be linked to many areas. One of them is the obvious obligation issue whereby a blogger is obliged to blog something so that they are fairly treated as contributors to the blogosphere. Nonsense is both a need and a want. Blog readers may be tempted to disregard this fact, but I haven't. To put it simply, people like crappy stuff and the hidden message it brings.

Cited by many as the simple most important influence on post modern micro eco compartmentalism, several of today's most brilliant minds seemed incapable of recognizing its increasing relevance between crappy stuff and improvement. By blogging about anything, a blogger can sometimes discover a hidden talent or a new style which may benefit the blogger themselves along with their readers. Though it seem like a ridiculous attempt to improve oneself by writing craps, it is not impossible. NIKE's selling quote "Impossible is not a fact, it is just a thought" is a representation of this point.

Society is a simple word with a complex definition. Most of the brilliant minds in this world would certainly agree with this statement: Society begins and ends with nonsense. Nonsensical crappy subject may sound like gibberish to a common folk or it could be seem as the most brilliant idea to a person whose forte is in creativity. Considering some of the world greatest inventions were thought by the most creative minds of their time, it becomes true that Nonsense has always been and will continue to be the major building block for the world in which we live in.

It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilization history that Nonsense is rarely given rational consideration by people, trapped by their perception of crappy articles equal to unworthy reading material. Despite this fact, some of the greatest minds in this era are willing to go to length to argue that Nonsense is in fact elitist. However it is not so much nonsense that is elitist but rather the defining characteristic of Nonsense. It can also be said that the subject is contextualized into a that includes personal interpretation as a paradox.

While it has been acknowledge that Nonsense has an important part to play in the development of mankind, it is yet to receive proper recognition. This is understandable since everyone has their own perception towards Nonsense. Some find humor in it, some find sarcasm, and some find revolutional ideas, while others couldn't make any sense out of Nonsense. It is enlightening to consider the words from one of the most recognizable fictional character, Dr.Seuss: "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."

There has been a great deal of discussion in the world of nonsense, centered on the value of crappy stuff. It could be said that the premise of Nonsense holds that consensus is created by the collective unconscious. What can we conclude? Well, Nonsense has a special place in the minds of everyone. It questions, bring forth improvement and it brings the best out of people. Consequently, Nonsense collaborate success, applauds greatness and is a joy to behold.

[Top Comment by popjammerz]
cool. ur nonsense post not nonsense also, it made SENSE!!!!
I think for multiple posts in a day are unless the blogger has a lot to tell, a lot to share, or just mainly they wanna post stuffs~
but it's really unhealthy to post just for the sake of posting. i mean, why not just don't post at all? why must some bloggers post just because they want to have posts in their blogs and they want people to read them? Why must posting a post be so routine? Is it bad to have no posts at all a day?
or back to one question - why do people blog?
do they blog for fun
do they blog for leisure
do they blog for sharing
do tehy blog to connect
or do they blog for popularity?

25 May 2008

Dream a little Dreamz [Contest Entry]

Have you heard?
AMBP is giving out tickets to a show known as Dreamz happening in Genting. [Click here for more details]
[Beginning of contest entry]

* Who is the professional image consultant dishing out juicy tips on how to look your best at CloveTWO.com's Lookin' Good section?
Wendy Lee

* Name the bloggers at the Guy and Parent blogs.
Andrew William & Sharmila Rajah

* At which section do you find stories on women's fashion and beauty?
Style Sheet

Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because I wantz to prove my fantazies wrongz, and that Z do come true after dream.

[End of contest entry]

I looked back at the contest entry part, and I feel that its inadequate to make up for a quality blogpost in this blog. As a bonus, I'm gonna post something extra.

Why is the title of the show called Dreamz?
Ok, I would understand that witnessing a white lion and a white tiger is like a scene in a dream. After all, how often do you get to see a white lion and a white tiger. Having a chance to see a normal tiger and lion is rare enough, So I suppose seeing a WHITE tiger and a WHITE lion is like seeing a mythical animal in a dream.

If something doesn't make sense, it must be a dream. Sometimes you just have to wonder what motivates daredevils, and magicians to do what they do best. They perform unbelievable magnificent act in front of your eyes which you know isn't possible under normal circumstances. Normal people who drop a few stories high would break a leg or possibly face death. But these daredevils, they can to drop a few million stories high and survive. The things they do defy logic. Its like watching a dream in reality.

So I would understand why the call the whole show DREAM.
But no. This event is called Dreamz. Wait a minute here, dreamZ???? A Z behind dream??
From all 26 alphabets A~Z. It seems like the character Z is the hip and happening character.

Allow me to speculate why is this so:
In school, in college, in university, and even in public transports, those who sit at the very end are usually the hippy ones, the more happening ones. As a student being in that environment for more than 10years, certainly it gives an impression that those at the END are the happening ones. So in the 26 alphabetical system, 'Z' lies in the end and It would appear that 'Z' is the most happening character of all. Moreover, z goes with almost every english word.
[For example: Its easy to pronounce Happeningz but its pretty hard to pronounce Happeningh.]
Don't you think so?

Anyway back to the event and the slogan.
My slogan [Attending Dreamz would be a dream come true for me because I wantz to prove my fantazies wrongz, and that Z do come true after dream.]

When I came up with this slogan, this came to my mind:
Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep. And when you place lots of 'Z' together, you get zzzzzzzzzz. I believe that the length of zzz is proportional to sleep slumber factor. Eg:
zzzzzzzzzz = Very slumber sleep
zzzzzz = 'Just nice' kind of sleep
zzz = not enough sleep
z = disturbed sleep

So, when I mention 'after dream' in the slogan I was referring to reality (after dream = being awake).
'Z do come true' would illustrate this: "I'm so amazed by the show that I'll gladly sacrifice my sleeping time to recap the magnificent moment!"

What do you think about the alphabet 'Z'?
Do you think its a coolest alphabet?

[Top Comment by Su]
Try S. You'll tend to get more than you want.
i want eggS. pass me penS. walk the dogS
the S adds extra value to stuff XD

22 May 2008

Obliged Favours

Unrelated Stuff: I've joined Curryegg in her cause. Pictures arousing pity-ness uploaded and blog frame is changed to a more pinkish colour. (The frame colour doesn't show up on Internet Explorer though)

As we enter the golden age of humanity, things got more complicated. There is the written law so massive that no single person knows em all. And there is the unwritten code practiced by the public. Apart from abiding the law, we are sometimes obliged to follow certain unwritten code practiced by the public. (eg: People are not suppose to fart outside toilet territory) If thats ridiculous to you, it gets worse. There are times when we are FORCED to do a favour.

Have you heard about the Yao's 'stingy' China quake donation sparks debate?
Some may stop and think: "Wait a minute... Since when are favours forced upon?"

Let me illustrate the dilemma above with this example.
A billionaire in Sichuan so rich, so powerful that everyone expect him to donate millions to survivors of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. After all, a couple of millions is like nothing to him.
If he comply to charity events, its normal cause he is expected to give back to the society for what he earn. If he doesn't donate a single cent, the public is gonna expose him of his "evil" scheme condemning him for a favour that he refuse to do.
What the hell is happening here? Why is the public demanding for a favour that he is not required by law to do?
Back in the good old days when the world is being ruled by the single most powerful man on earth with an iron fist, the rule was simple. Never provoke the rich and powerful! Beg the Pharaoh, and he'll demonstrate his flying kick Asian style. Lay a finger on the king, and his guard will slay you down. Protest against the government and the royal assassins will hunt you down.

I'm not sure if thats how history was, but I have a very strong feeling thats how things work back then. If I'm living in that era, I wouldn't want to mess with the big guy. Heck, I wouldn't even ask for favour from the rich and powerful no matter how desperate things seemed.

Now, things are different. Instead of avoiding the big guy, the public stalk them now. When someone is famous, all sorts of people go to them expecting good deeds to be done. It is as if the public is imposing some sort of obligation to these special group of people.

In conclusion, people expect the influential to perform acts of kindness towards the society. If the influential oblige, its perfectly normal. If they don't, they are a bunch of evil people.
[sarcasm] I guess this wouldn't affect any big time bloggers in any way even if they are filthy rich or super famous. Thats cause they won't be able to see real people begging them to perform any act of kindness. Where is the fun if I can't experience people begging me? [/sarcasm]

What do guys think? Do you think you will feel obliged to contribute to the society when you have become an influential figure in the future?

[Top Comment by Yeong]
come to think of it. it's so thoughtful of you to mention about how perfectly normal it is for the influential to oblige, because i don't see any wrong too.
I don't even see why did they report yao's "stinginess" (hey at least he did his part) while all those media crew do are to chunk gossips into headlines. not doing almost anything to help the people in the quake but to pry celebs' lives and compare and contrast? gee, it isn't really the time now. i think media these days are just...unbelievable.

18 May 2008

Personality changed by Blog Templates

"Where there is light, darkness cannot exist"

What we see... changes us without us noticing.
Its true! [Most blackboards used in school are actually green. Looking at something green is claimed to bring a calming effect on the human mind.] [Red on the other hand is an attention seeker. It symbolizes something important. However the downside of it is that Red drains your energy if you look at it for too long.]

I had some time off today. So, I looked back at my previous posts to see how much I've changed. From there, I noticed something:

For the past 3months, my post are getting deeper and deeper. Also, I tend to twist a common belief towards an issue hoping to reveal the 'other' side of the coin to all my readers.

And I was thinking... How did i turn up to think like that? No one taught me how to twist a fact nor was I trained to perceive beyond the sphere.
I'm suspecting that it could be my blog template that is slowly changing my thinking.
This is how I interpret my blog template:
Containing all the main points, all my post are written on a white sheet. Surrounding the white sheet are black sections that briefly describe the blog.

Its like saying, this blog is inherently dark in nature, where as the white core is the beacon of light, an exact opposite to the dark mysterious black section. Another way of putting is; seeing light and darkness at the same time.
[It always gives me the impression as if I'm crawling out from a deep tunnel with a slight hint of daylight.] Some may interpret it as a slight hint of hope in a hopeless situation, some may interpret it as good within evil. Either way, there is always a twist in the current situation.

Initially, I tried to create something that reflects my personality. But in the end, its my own creation that is shaping my personality.
[Yup, You will find none other template like this cause I created this template on Dec2007. My post before 2008 were mostly personal post. After the template change, my posts were somewhat sarcastic in Feb2008~Apr2008.]

Kinda Freaky eh?

Question to bloggers out there:
Do you believe that blog templates has the power to change the blog owner's personality?

[Top Comment by Kamigoroshi]
I can relate to this because I just completely changed the colour scheme of my blog yesterday.
I think that the way our blog looks is divided into two aspects. Who we are and how we feel. The theme itself doesn't influence who we are, but it does influence the way we write on our blogs. For a personal blog at least, it influences what aspects of our lives we choose to share with the world.
So this is my take on it. Who we are, influences the general layout of the blog. Whether it be practical or aesthetically pleasing. It's who you are. There is a reason why you place things there. Those motives are dictated by you.
What we feel, influences the colour of the blog. Light, dark, warm, cold, slate, contrast. That will indirectly affect the mood of not just you, but your readers as well. It is that mood sets the tone of how we accept what's been written.
So no. I don't think the layout changes us because at the end of it. Our blogs are the reflection of who we are and what we want to show the world. Changing a theme could easily be slipping into some new clothes that you always wanted to wear.
Truth is...you have changed. So at the end of it. Your blog changes with you.

14 May 2008

4444 - A million dollar number

Written in an article in New Straits Times, dated Tuesday May 13, 2008:
[New Straits Times is a newspaper agency in Malaysia]

---- A woman splashed out HK$1 million (RM413,000) for a car license plate carrying the number "4444", despite its traditional links to death in Chinese culture, a report said yesterday.
---- The bidder paid the price in a government auction of 270 unusual vehicle license plates on Sunday, the Chinese-language Apple Daily said.
---- The number four is often avoided by Cantonese people because its pronunciation is similiar to the word for "dead".
---- Some skyscrapers do not include floors that end with the number, such as 14th or fourth, as they are less likely to be rented.
---- However, car license experts said that the number four was considered lucky for people originating from Chaozhou province of Guangdong, because it sounds like the word for "water" in their dialect.
---- Water is seen as a symbol for money in the traditional Chinese feng shui energy system.
The woman declined to talk to reporters after the auction
-> AFP

If you notice my blog url, I'm a big fan of the number four:
4) My blog is listed as number 444 in the Million Blog List. [Thanks to BeautifulAndHappy.com] (still waiting for the number 4444 to open up)
4) The fourth post posted in this blog is all about the no.4.
4) Most the tags I've done in the past revolves around the number four. [eg: Tag - Facts and Mistakes and What if I had 1 million dollars?]
4) Four Forever!

PS: This is the conclusion I came up from the newspaper article:
Luck = Money. Chinese rather be rich than to avoid death.

Suppose an evil genie comes up to you, tells you that its your lucky day! He then makes it clear that he is gonna present you with 2 offer and you must choose one of them.
(Choosing none, or choosing both, or coming up with a third option of your own is gonna force the genie to strip you naked, cast you down to hell before making sure that you are not fireproof)
He offers you with 2 choices:
1) Grant you riches beyond all wealth anyone possess.
2) Grant you a peaceful death and send you to heaven.
Which one would it be?

11 May 2008

Depressed...But Happiness got in the way

[I like to hear your feedback on this. Feedbacks based on your first impression are more desirable than carefully thought-out argument. That is because feelings are at its purest when logic is out of the picture. If you take too much time contemplating on the quote below, logic sets in, screws up your feeling and as a result may cause you to feel differently as compared to your initial feeling. So what I need you to do is: Read the quote below and note your initial feeling / first impression.]

Take a read of the quote below:
1) I want to try Happiness....But Depression got in the way.
What is your first impression when someone told you this?
A hint of Sadness, Pitiful, loneliness, depression, compassion or something else?

Now, take a read of the quote below:
2) I want to try Depression....But Happiness got in the way.
What is your first impression when someone told you this?
A hint Happiness, joy, arrogance, sarcasm or something else?

Note your feeling before reading the rest of the blog post because the following might convince you to think differently.
Technically, quote1 is an exact opposite of quote2.
If quote1 gave you a hint of sadness, quote2 should give you a hint of happiness.
Think about it... Is that how you feel when you read the quote above?

Somehow, this is NOT how I feel about it.
Quote1 sounds sad because this fella is depressed.
Quote2 sounds sad because this fella wants to be in a state of depression.
So, both quote sounds sad to me.

Then someone told me to think otherwise:
Quote1 sounds happy because this fella wants to be happy.
Quote2 sounds happy because this fella is happy!

What do you think?
[The quote leaves room for multiple interpretation and I'm pretty sure everyone has their own thoughts about it. From these individual interpretation, I'm just curious to whether people are more inclined to think sad thoughts or happy thoughts.]

Btw, I'm not depressed or anything like that. I'm just playing around with words and I'm trying to comprehend the different effect it brings. Indeed, the power of linguistic is a mystery in itself.

07 May 2008

See you in court, GOD!

Attorney: This Myasthenia Gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
Witness: Yes.
Attorney: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
Witness: I forget things.
Attorney: You forget things? Can you give us an example of something you've forgotten?

I had a chat with a friend earlier on the recent massive court case happening in Malaysia involving a blogger. Somewhere between the conversation we talked about court cases and funny legal issues. He added that people staying residing in US all their life and never been involved in any court case are considered as a VERY successful person.

Not sure how true is this, but i heard people saying that people can sue for about anything in the states. For instance:
1) Wife and Mother suing child for a piece of defamatory artwork. [The Eminem court case]
2) Lady suing MacDonald's coffee for causing 3rd degree burn to her 'sensitive area' [Link]

The sky is the limit.They say that anyone can sue against anyone and anything. Family member, Best friends, intangible stuff (intellectual property), ideas, environment, goverment and the list goes on. All you need to do is get good lawyer and you can turn the courthouse upside down. I wonder if anyone tried to sue religious teaching, god, angels, devils, heaven, hell and Chuck Norris. Apparently there are such cases in the past:

Oh God, this Lawsuit is Legally Insane. [9nov2007] [link]
----A Kansas City man has sued God. Recently, Greg Rollins, 50 and unemployed, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri alleging God was negligent in designing Rollins and his brother (both of whom allegedly suffer with schizophrenia) and his handling of the world. Rollins is demanding $1 trillion.
----"I don't believe there is a god," Rollins said. "But if there is a god, I want him to come and defend himself. I want him to pay for my condition, my brother's condition, all the crippled people and all the people dying in this war that he could stop."
----Judge Gary Fenner quickly dismissed Rollins' pro se suit. "For obvious reasons," wrote Judge Fenner. Rollins countered that perhaps the court was scared to move forward with a lawsuit against God.
----This was the first time God has been sued in Missouri, but it is the second such lawsuit from the Midwest in as many months. Last month, Nebraska State Legislator Ernie Chambers filed suit against the Almighty for what he claimed were allegations of making terrorist threats and inspiring fear.

Let just say by some magical power, a genie grant you the ability to sue anything you want with 98% success rate, what you sue against?

04 May 2008

Clash between 2 different thoughts

While talking to a stranger in the lecture hall:

......[lets skip to the interesting part]....
K1f: "Yea, I noticed most asians are strong in Memorizing stuff for exams."
Steve: "You racist bastard!"
(Steve gave Kif a Back Spinning Teakwando kick, a Muay Thai Uppercut, a Karate Chop on the neck followed by a Brazillian jujitsu headlock)

3days later, K1f woke up in a hospital paralyzed with a broken body, trying to recall what happened earlier.
He begins to wonder: "What did I say to offend Steve?"
Then he slowly analyzed the flow of conversation and what could have happened.

Steve's Stuff of Thought:
"K1f, thats it! By mentioning Asian, you are looking down on the rest of us, are you? You think you asians are so mighty and high?"
"My ancestor invented the lightbulb! Think before you talk!"
"Do you know how much it hurts when you talk about people who always fail in exam?"
"Have you ever thought of how I feel? You straight A bastard!"

K1f's Stuff of Thought:
"Steve Dude. I mentioned that asians are strong in memorizing stuff. That doesn't mean caucasians, Indians, Malay and Aliens are not strong in memorizing."
"Dude, I didn't even mention about your race or anyone's weakness. I only boast about an Asian's forte in exam."
"Steve, I only mentioned exams, and asians! I didn't even mention anything about failure."
"If I knew that I'd end up in the hospital, I should have dress nicely for the nurses."

Hi, My name is K1f...This is a representation of how I felt 38days ago. Perhaps I should blog about turtles next time. If they choose uppercut me, At least I have a year time to avoid em.
Have you ever encounter this kind of situation whereby someone tried to hurt you for something you said that wasn't intended to harm anyone?
Is there a method to reduce this kind of ill-fated experience?