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28 September 2006

Sight, Sound, Touch

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every single moment, we receive information mainly in 3 different types of forms:
Sight: something we see in our mind's eyes as an image or a vision...
Sound: something we hear either externallt or emanating from that little voice...
Touch something that we feel or touch...

Usually its the combination of these 3 experiences that helps us to interpret the outside world. But one of the these 3 senses [Sight, Sound, Touch] tends to dominate the other 2.

Those heavily influenced by sight are visual people. Visual people are those who gives primary importance to the way things look and how things appeared to be.
Those heavily influenced by sound are auditory people. Auditory people are those who think sound is important and respond to the way things sound.
Those heavily influenced by touch are kinesthetic people. Kinesthetic people are those who experience the world through physical sensation and how things feel.

Naturally we have a mixture of all 3. However one of these system dominates the other 2.
Studies have shown that
55% people in our culture are motivated by primarily by what they see [visual],
15% by what they hear [auditory],
30% by physical sensation [kinesthetic].

If you understand the dominating system of a person, perhaps communication would be easier if you can communicate to their dominating senses.

For example:
When asking a question, there are 3 ways of dealing with different type of people:
Visuals: "How does it look like?" "Can you imagine it now??"
Auditory: "Does the whole thing sound good to you??" "Do you hear that small little voice telling you to go for it??"
Kinesthetic: "Can you feel what i'm trying to say?" "Can you describe your feelings then?"

(I did a self-test on myself, and results show that i'm a kinesthetic person. However, I'm not convinced with the results...)


liz qte said...

hmm.. i wonder what i am.. where did u get the test? i'll try

4444 said...

I got this from a book titled "How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less" by Nicholas Boothman...
Supposingly its a book, but i have it in pdf format...
Do u want it??