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04 November 2006

HappyPeople and MaskRider

Humans are interesting!!

Last Wednesday, I was in a lecture theater attending my class. The lecturer was explaining something about system control and later went to the black-board and wrote something down.

Its the perfect time to tell grandmother stories to the person next to me when the lecturer is not looking in our direction. Just when I was about to get into the climax of the story, a very well-build person came into the lecture theater from the front door, the door next to the black-board. He had six packs, a very mascular chest and interestingly he had his front body painted green.

Well, we all had our eyes on him as he was topless only wearing a short trek pants (like those Bermuda shorts). Lets just call him HappyPerson1. And so HappyPerson1 walked casually into the theater, until he was next to the lecturer. The lecturer was oblivious about HappyPerson1, he was too focus on writing his stuff on the board.

Then, HappyPerson1 turned his back against us, lifted up his arm. Initially I thought he was some punk looking for some trouble. As he was facing the lecturer and standing in close proximity, I really thought that he was gonna give a punch to the lecturer. But no, I was wrong, he lifted both his arm up, just like how an angle would open up its wing.

Then the lecturer noticed his presence, turned around, and looked at HappyPerson1 with a gaze of confused state. The lecturer must be thinking: “Who the heck is this topless person doing in my class?” The lecturer stood there stunned for a moment still trying to figure out what is happening.

Suddenly, this masked guy, (lets called him MaskRider1) ran into the lecture theater. As he was running into the theater, he too lifted up his hand giving that ‘peace’ signal. Then he ran towards HappyPerson1. Everyone (the geeky students) in the theater was having their eyes fixed on this MaskRider1. Man, everyone must was questioning if this guy has an AK-41.
Ok, this is the interesting part. Just as MaskRider1 reaches HappyPerson1, he pulled his pants down. HappyPerson1 still with his arms spread out, is now topless and bottomless. Well, he was wearing a G-sting. So yeah, still considered bottomless. Anyway, MaskRider1 quickly ran out of the theater while HappyPerson1 still standing there giving us a fashion show. HappyPerson1 maintained that pose for bout 5secs. And when HappyPerson1 thought that fashion show is over, he wore back his pants and casually walked out of the theater. Wait no, it was more like he was walking like a turtle. Just before he went out of the theater, he lifted up his arm, and gave us the ‘peace’ hand gesture.

And the geeky students were all laughing hard. Subsequently, we hear people outside the theater burst in a real loud laughter.
And the lecturer turned to us and asked: “Did u guys see what I just saw? Did u guys enjoyed the show?”
One guy shouted back: "Is that all? We don't want to see what we already have!"

If u asked me, they came into the wrong lecture theater. I mean, this is an engineering class. There is like 150 students with only 5 females here. Well, it would be more enjoyable if that was a business lecture instead of an engineering class.

Last week of uni, and I’m guessing that’s how HappyPerson1 and MaskRider1 way of releasing stress. Man, that was 1 lecture worth attending for.

Oh, did i mention that "Humans are interesting"?