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07 November 2006

Feedback on my last post

Someone gave me a feedback about my previous post:
It's juz too cruel to enjoy people suffer.. I hope u will suffer 1 day and i will enjoy... what do u feel?
---- Lok Kah Fai
Ah yes, Kah Fai, a person who values Righteousness and Justice. I have to give credit to this guy. This guy is just too good.... I'm actually annoyed by 3 short sentences... Finally, I got criticized... Oh well, thats a good experience...

Let me justify my actions.
In reply to that 3sentences:
I have some core believes and some minor believes.
1) I believe that we should enjoy every moment that take our breath away. Every minute, every second that pass us by.
2) I believe that how we feel is 10% affected by what happens to us and 90% affected by how we react.
3) I believe that we humans have the freedom to choose. As long as determination goes, obstacle is not a big factor in our choice of options.

So, when other people suffer (external event),
- I can choose to ignore that and continue to act as if everybody is enjoying themselves as they should have.
- Or, I can choose to feel what they are feeling, and suffer with them.
- Or, I can choose to savour and enjoy the sight.
- Er, I can only think of 3 options...Can anyone suggest a 4th alternative??
Since someone told me that I should be positive all the time, I choose to enjoy rather than to feel their suffering. Sorry for not being emphathetic. (thats just not in 1 of my believe system)

By the way, I'm not torturing them.. Its more like they are doing that to themselves.
So, as long as I'm not doing bad things to other people, I should be fine. I do not wish for them to suffer as well... I hope that they will get better as time goes by... In the meantime, might as well enjoy the sight while it last.
No wait, I should rather put it this way. They are studying too hard, so much so that it seems like they are suffering more than enjoying themselves. I believe that they do that because they are GRATEFUL for the education they are receiving now. (after all, not everyone has the privilige to get into a university) And they continue to work hard just to make their education more worthwhile. So, in fact...I am enjoying watching people who are working real hard to earn a piece of paper qualification.
Remember, I'm merely an observer. I avoid doing things that bring harm...

Wacthing them is more enjoyable than watching a bunch of slackers who care about nothing wasting away their life...
No wait, I think it would still be enjoyable and enlightening to witness a bunch of slakers doing what they do best, doing nothing... Their talents in 'doing nothing' far exeed my level. Place me in an empty room with no windows, no doors, no lights and nothing inside, I'll be bored to death within a few hours... But these guys, they can survive in that harsh environment...

Oh well, I'm suffering from exam period as well....Sleepness nights and all.....
So, folks enjoy all you want as i fall into the pit of darkness... In fact, i would prefer anyone to enjoy than to share my suffering... If they are enjoying, at least it proves that someone is recognising my existance...
The deeper i fall, the higher I will know to rise (assuming that i will rise eventually)
By the way, I'm enjoying my torment as well....while it last. No point sulking over it.. After all, stress and pressure of this magnitude only comes in once in a bluemoon.

Bottomline: I choose to enjoy life no matter how sucky it may seem, no matter what it throws at me...
Peace!!! No offence..