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21 December 2006

[NLP] Association and Dissociation

In NLP, there is this concept of association and dissociation.

Scenario 1:
Think of a happy event. Imagine the things that you could see through your eyes, hear through your ears, smell through your nose, and feel your surronding. [1st person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Halo and etc...]
This is known as association.

Scenario 2:
Think of a sad event. But this time, imagine that you are having a 'out-of-body' experience. See your own self from the back just as how anyone else would see you. [3rd person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Dota, Final Fantasy and etc...]
This is known as dissociation.

An event may be interpreted differently depending on which state of mind you are in (association or dissociation).
While you are in 'association' mode, you get to feel more out of an event. You get to experience the whole thing.
However, when you are in 'dissociation' mode, you won't get to feel as much from your senses, but you get to assess matter in a clearer state of mind.

If you want to share a personal experience with someone, 'Association' works better.
If you want to get advice from someone, 'Dissociation' works better. 'Dissociation' also works better if you want hard-headed person to realise a mistake of their own.

Think about it!