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28 April 2009

Inactive by lightning strike

Do you realize if it weren't for Edison we'd be watching TV by candlelight?
---- Al Boliska ----

My blog has been inactive for almost a month. Here is a list of things I could point my finger at:
- Mighty Thunderstorm
- Frail Modems
- Inferior Computer
- Lousy Service Centers

If you haven't got the hint, 3 modems and 2 desktop and my own personal laptop got smite by the MIGHT himself - THUNDERSTORM. Its a pity that my family doesn't believe in this primitive technology known as 'lightning arrestor'. Even after so many damage and after much persuasion, my family is only willing to allow ONE lightning arrestor to be in my living quarters.

It is not that they have a grudge against lightning arrestors. They are, however, biased against all things technological. Some may call it descrimination, but I prefer term: PREFERENCE. If possible, my family would prefer to move away from the chaotic world there are no loud surround speakers, UV emitting screens, cancer causing handphones, and the foul smell of burnt circuit logics. No, their perfect home can be described as a heaven with ample oxygen producing greens, a place where birds chirp with the stars brightly sparkles above their heads, and cooling breeze gently passing over the skin.

Well...you could argue saying that it is TECHNOLOGY that provides us light in the dark, cure in sickness, music when there are none, easy access to clean water, stomach satisfying instant food and graphics that stimulates pleasure. But to my family, the only good thing they claim that technology has brought them is ASTRO, malaysia's cable TV. Everything else technology-related is vile and evil.

My father has this cool quote hanging on the walls of his trophy room "Why do we have to submit ourselves to the belly of a clothing when we can be kings of the world?" I do not know where he got that from, but I think its a pretty cool quote. That just proves how much my family detest the material world which ultimately came from technology.

I could go on and spread more lies on how my family hated technology, but I had to stop just here mainly because they are lies. Everything written here is a lie. Well....everything except the fact that 1 laptop, 2 desktops and 3 modems got fried by lightning within 4 weeks. Which explains to why I haven't been blogging for a month.

Sigh...... Lightning...... Curse You!

Assuming everything here is a lie and nothing is the truth, why do you think I was inactive for so long?