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30 September 2006


A phenomenon of combustion manifested in intense heat and light in the form of a glow or flame, and we call that 'Fire'. In short, Fire is simply glowing gas...

I came back from a camp the lately. And the 1 thing that i miss in camps is a campfire... (Oh well, since the last camp was more like a luxury camp, so nupe, no campfire...)

Anyway, the one thing that enjoyed most in a survival camp is to start a campfire.. and to maintain it...I don't mind the heavy carbon smell, the smell of sweat, the intense heat, the torment of staying in one place feeding the fire...so as long as there is a something burning in front of my sight...

I find joy in watching something burn. The colour of the fire, the burning amber, the scorching heat...I'm just fascinated by all of it..
Sometimes I would sit there for a quarter of the day just staring at the dancing fiery glow, imagining how the whole planet earth would one day burn and break down to pieces...

Sometimes during any ordinary normal days, I would play with a lighter, trying to burn a piece of paper...just for fun.
Yes, I could be the next potential arsonist.
(Offer me a lighter and a barrel of gasoline.. I will gladly burn your house down..with your permission of course...at no extra charge)