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04 October 2006

DJ Layzr in M'sian DJ Battle

Recently the 'Malaysian DJ Battle Championship' was held in 1utama KL presented and organised by Bionic DJ academy on the 9th september 2006.
"This is a platform for aspiring djs to showcase thier skills, network and exchange idea" ---- DJ Fuzz
Some of Malaysia's finest DJ went in competing for the grand title in hope of being Malaysia's best DJ player. My elder brother went for it...in search of fame with no fear of defeat and the goodwill of healthy challenge.
Too bad I wasn't there to witness DJ Layzr, my elder brother showing off his skills.

Some of the pics taken in the DJ competition:

Some of the best DJ in Malaysia and in the middle is DJ Layzr

DJ Layzr in the grand competition

DJ Layzr showing his skills

And in the end, not only did DJ Layzr survive the competition, he went back home with a grin on his face bearing the title of WINNER OF MALAYSIAN DJ BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2006 “BEAT JUGGLING CATEGORY”
Great job. brother!!!

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