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21 July 2010

The amazingness of Government Issued Leave

Back in School, the only thing i look forward to is school holiday. The same goes for college and university. Even after 2 years of graduation, it hasn't changed much. Now that I'm in the professional workforce, Public Holiday thrills as much as striking a winning lottery ticket.

After all, how could anyone not love the sensation of a massive cash flowing endlessly into your own bank account, especially when its on a public holiday. Its only unfortunate that it will never happen because for obvious reasons, the lottery workforce doesn't work on public holidays.

Still, the anticipation of a public holiday is enough to provide me with energy of a thousand chocolate bars. And do you know what is the equivalent of a million chocolate bar?

A government approved holiday issued just for you. Now! That is a worth a million creamy chocolate bars of the highest quality.
Yes, the government issued a holiday for me, for two days, and its well written in this letter. Just this letter makes me want to pay my tax.

I know i know... I'm the coolest kid in town.
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