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29 April 2007

Rape Case in TARC

Nearly raped at her college
This is about the student who nearly got raped in tarc. Guess who the hunter was?? It was a security guard. Doesn't that sound ironic? A security guard entrusted to protect the community was caught doing stuff which he shouldn't even be thinking of. I'm assuming that he is new to the job and on duty when that unfortunate event occured.
Man, this guy is just weird. Of all the things he can do, he had to let his lust get the better of him and chose to rape a person on duty. Well, its either that or he is searching high and low to prove his control of power over a weak person. An act of evil or an act of expressing his inner emotion?? Either way, I don't think the public will ever forgive his 1 mistake.
Just 1 mistake, and he is going to be in deep trouble. Life is so fragile...
What can say about this guy?? Better enjoy while you can??

Student refuses Counselling
The victim?? She must be in shock. I guess anyone would be shocked after experiencing something like that. But hey, should we still be optismitic on life if that ever happened to you? Should we still be saying "Hehey, any experience is a good experience....Anything which doesn't kill you makes you srtonger"...
What can I say about her?? *Alrite alrite, I'll spare the critism and nonsense exaggeration this time...*
Yea, I guess she must be thinking that the world is turning against her. Trust is no longer a value she should treasure at the moment. Support is perhaps the thing that she needs most...
I'm just wondering about what is on her mind at the moment....
I'm also curious about what are her friends gonna do about it....

Hopefully this is not too damaging on TARC's reputation....

27 April 2007


I regard myself as a man of the future.
I do not live in the present and I seldom indulge in the past, at least not at the moment.
I'm always thinking of next 1sec, the next day, the coming week, and things to be done.

Always thinking about the future, is kind of worrying.
I'm always concerned of the concequences if I am not able to perform when the time of judgement comes. Currently, I'm always worrying that I do not have enough time and the knowledge required to finish off my assignments and thesis.

Worry = Stress...
Whenever I worry about something, I tend to stress up...
Sometimes I'll be doing 1 particular assignment, and I'll be worry about the other 100 assignments that I have to complete before tomorrow. And by the I realise it, I'm actually doing 101 assignments at the same time, shifting task every second.
Well, I am able to do that coz I'm a genius!!! But the thing is, it's stressful!!!
I tried focusing on 1 assigment, but I end up worrying about the 100 other assignments.

Have u guys ever been in that stressful situation??
Question is: What do you do to make yourself feel a lil better??

Willing to help a stressful friend in need of fresh ideas??
Willing to give free advice to me??

25 April 2007


Imagine someone squatting on the streets asking for money.
You see a person asking, would you give him money?
Then you see him in some dirty worn out clothing, would you consider giving him money?
Then you noticed that he is a disabled person, would you consider giving it away now?
Then for some unknow reason, you feel that an unknown entity is now controlling your emotion causing to feel all sympathetic, would you give it all away??
All of the sudden, your awareness heightens and you noticed that someone, no wait, a lot of ppl around are looking at you and you have feeling that they are expecting you to donate to this poor guy, would you still do it??
Then you realised that you couldn't find any good reason to donate, unsure whether the money would go feed his crave for drugs but still feeling sympathetic. Would you still donate??

Oh well, playing with the conscious mind of a person is fun!!!
Congrats!! You are indeed a very patient person to be be reading this line!!!

Lets look at the extreme opposite end.
A person came out to you in a nice suit, well groomed, begins to tell you that he took a day off just to collect donations for a greater cause.
Would you donate??
The organisation that he explained seemed real and genuine. Would you still donate??
Not to mentioned that you are so convinced that the cause is for real, and the way how they manage donations is satisfactory...
Would you still donate??
Then a flashback occured and you remembered a week ago, listening to the news saying that this organisation is for real and doing the community some good...
Would you still donate??
Then an angel pop up next to your shoulder gently tap into your emotion causing you wanting to donate??
Would you still donate?? (Of course you would, After all I did mentioned that you wanted to!)
As you take up a large note of $500 out wanting to give it to him...
Would you give it now??
Now you really feel like you are doing the community some good knowing that the $500 would all go to chartity. Well, even if its 80% of the $500, its all good. After all, anyone would understand that there are some percentage of the money disapearing from the funds mysteriously.
Would you give it to him now??
For once in your life, you felt good giving away stuff to the people who deserve it.
Would you still have doubts??

Then just before you give the money to him, he mentioned that you are a generous person, making you the happiest person in town. And a second later, he mentioned that "Unlike some cheapskate people who donated half a cent to me!" and he goes on complaining how difficult it is to register the amount $0.005, and not to mention he had to give them a receipt of $0.005.
What would you do now?? Listen to him as he complains??

He continued saying that you are a generous person, loudly declaring to everybody that anything lower than $499.995 anyone donated is a cheapskate person!
Then you felt a massive hurricane in your mind. An instant change of decision. You would have gladly donated that $500 if he did not mention the word 'cheapskate'
Assuming that you were taught to respect every single little contribution by anyone, no matter how small it is. Wouldn't you be insulted that he just assumed your generousity as 'just above' the 'cheapskate' status???
And now, the question is:
Would you give the $500 that you are holding in your hand?
Or would you tell him that u mistook a 'monopoly paper money' for a real currency note??
Or are you planning on doing something else not to be known by the public??

Double congrats!!!!
You are truly a patient person.
The fact that you are reading this line would proves my compliment to you!

24 April 2007

[Quote] Confucious says:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop
---- Confucius
It doesn't matter how far and how fast a rocket fly. It expires after 1 use. Theoratically speaking, a turtle may travel further than a rocket in a 100years! Might as well invest in a turtle than in a rocket.
---- Confusion

And you thought that bad boys go to jail!
Confucious might have said that. But it was Rusell Peters who popularise it

22 April 2007

Advertlets Review!

Advertlets.com is an Asian blog/weblog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers.

I have decided to put in the 'bling' in my blog from Advertlets.
I have put in 'default survey' in my side tab to find out the what kind of people are actually reding my blog. That is assuming that that readers of my blog actually fill in the survey. Well, I certainly hope that you would! That is because the poll is designed to figure out the kind of group that visits my blog and Advertlets will come out with the perfect advertisement to put in my blog as I earn some money to support my uni days. Oh wait, its not so much about the money, Its more about the publicity. I advertise my blog, Companies advertise in my blog, and together we make ourselves being known to the whole world. Guess what I'm gonna say next!!!
Those who know me well, would think of "World Domination!". Well, even "Revolution" is close enough. Man, I'm such a great psychic. I often amaze myself on how well I read minds.

Enough of World Domination.
Why have I decided to put in ads in the blog?
Well, I just thought that I should try something new.

Imagine this.
Being a Student, you would have to travel to the school/college/university almost everyweek. It'll be good if you are enjoy walking to the Uni. [Lets take Uni as an example since I'm a uni student]. It'll be even better if someone pays you to walk to uni.

My blog was clean before this...Why advertisement??
Guess there is a first time for everything. It's more like a spur of the moment. I just felt like it! It's like how I felt like having my meal in McD today! No, not KFC, no BurgerKing, not even Dominos. It has to be McD today! Something like that.

But why Advertlets?? Why not GoogleAds or Nuffnang or anything else??
Lucky for Adverlets, ms.Cookie wrote good comments about Advertlets.
Plus, Yvonne Foong is being featured in Advertlets. Yvonne is one respectable blogger who instilled hope in the hearts of many bloggers through real life example. Not to mention she graduated from SMKSJ, my old secondary school back in malaysia. And since ms.polaris is so hyped up about supporting Yvonne, maybe I should help ms.polaris a lil bit as well as Yvonne.

Man, writting so much good thing about something is sure hard to do!!!
Actually I'm trying to participate in the RM15,000 for 300 Bloggers program by Advertlets. I've sent them a mail, and I sure hope that they reply me in an informal manner.

20 April 2007

Share Market

Finally, I get to taste what it feels like to be playing share market.
I have been intrigued by how a person is able earn thousand and thousand of bucks by just sitting in front of the computer, picks up a newpaper, look at the business section, read some company profile, pops in $1,000,000 in a share and wait for money to come in.

I have always wanted to learn how share market works. I mean the 'job' sounds prestigious and people get to earn big bucks form share market. Those are more like minor bonus. What I really want to do is find a loophole somewhere, break the balance, topple the share market, fry it a lil bit, build up a few companies, and make a name for myself in the world! Hey, Publicity is extremely important if you are planning to take over the world. Wanna join my group of "Team Domination"??
The problem is that I couldn't find anyone who have the knowledge and who is willing to teach. Plus, I don't have the 'resources' to test out who the real market works. I wouldn't want to play a game which I'm not familiar with. After all, I wouldn't want to participate in a losing battle.

Lucky for me, a friend of mine introduced TradingPlaces, a JPmorgan Portfolio Competition.
I guess this can be considered as a virtual share market where players get to play with virtual money.
Each player starts with a portfolio worth of $200,000. Players can invest their virtual money in any share market they desire. The fascinating thing about this game is that it uses the current market, meaning the share market price is the current price. The best thing about this game is that it's risk-free!!!!

Well, the game is entering day 5 of a 8-week period. I have been earning big bucks in the first 3days, securing a ranking of 14 out of 3281 players. In the fourth day, market crashes and I've been making huge losses. I was kicked out by the big players from the rank of 16 to 1395 in just 2 days.

I'm beginning to learn how the share market works.
This game has the potential to be my new found hobby. If that happens, I can gladly declare that my current hobby has been changed from 'kap lui' to 'monitoring share market'.
Oh, and stickers too...

18 April 2007

Pronounciation Problem

I just had a presentation today. Man I would say my performance for the presentation is terrible even though I've done lots of presentation in my college days. Not to mention that I've successfully graduated from a public speaking course some more..
Dang, what a disgrace.
But it was all good. At least I made everyone in the class laughed.

Here goes:
Even before its my turn to speak, I was trembling. My legs were shaking. That is one of the worst trembling I've experience in a presentation. If my hands are shaking, thats normal to me...But today, both my legs were trembling. It was very obvious till the point where my pants is going through a shockwave or something like that.
When I began speaking, everything was good at the beginning. I was calm, slow and speaking at an acceptable volume. But I was getting more and more nervous as I spoke longer. I figured that out when I was getting louder and my pace is picking up speed. I was like a machine gun there. Hopefully my audience is accustomed to listening to fast paced rap music.

There was a point when I'm suppose to mention the unmber $420,000.
And how do you pronouce $420,000?? Four hundred and twenty thousand dollars...right??
(Dang, I'm a genius!!)

That figure was on my presentation slides. Just when I reached that part of the speech, I realised I that I had difficulty in pronoucing the amount $420,000.
I was like: "4hundred2hundred.....no sorry, 2hundred...sorry, 4thousand20hundred...." and at that time, I was dumbfounded for a moment as I look like an those typical asian idoit who couldn't speak proper english. Yea, everyone was looking at me with an impatient face and their expression was like "Dude, even though I've never give a speech before, I'll bet a million dollars that I can present a 1000times better than you!!!"

So, there I was looking like a total idoit. But thanks to my quick wit thinking and fast reflects, I turned my body towards the powerpoint slide and pointed at the number. And with a loud voice, I said: "4hundred2thou.....arg....THAT AMOUNT".
Man, I thought that was embarassing, but then this embarassing feeling turned into a feeling of greatness when my audience started laughing and clapping. They clapped for me!!!! Imagine that!!! They must be impressed by how I handled the situation with a quick wit.
Yea, I wonder how I amaze myself all the time...

Oh yea, and not long after that, I have to mention another amount: $480,000.
But you know what I did??
I just pointed at the number and said: "That AMOUNT!!!".
Yup, I'm 'experienced' enough not to mention the exact figure anymore.
And people start laughing again!!
Man, that felt good!!!

I admit my performance was terrible. I guess the audience would have an impression that I one fo those asian kid who couldn't even form a proper english sentence.
But hey, at least I made them laugh when a presenter is talking. No other presenters managed to do that. I mean, the audience do clap at the end of their presentation but not DURING the presentation... Dang, I would say that was quite an achievement.

16 April 2007

A profession's enemy

Every profession has its own enemy.
To a researcher, it is always time. Time is never enough.
To an engineer, it is always strength. Everything designed must be stronger.
To a doctor, it is always death. A death count ruins reputation.
To a teacher, it is always patience. Patience is a virtue.
To a construction worker, it is always health. The working environment is never ideal.
To an assassin, it is always ego. Ego exposes everything.
To a champion, it is always 2nd place. 2nd place is never good enough.
To a slacker, it is time. There is just too much time to waste.

14 April 2007


There are a lot of things I do not believe in.
Perfection is one of them.
But I do believe in 'Near Perfection'

13 April 2007

[Quotes] 2 person

There are 2 types of people who walks into a room:
One who says: "There you are!"
and one who says: "Here I am!"

11 April 2007

Legendary Cathartic Reconstruction of Supremacy

Legendary Cathartic Reconstruction of Supremacy

I have no idea what it means...
But it sounds cool!!!

07 April 2007

Pride of TARC

Oh yea...My picture is featured in the the TARC propectus...AGAIN!!!
What can I say??

It's the fate of a prodigy, and a true sign of greatness of a genius!!
Remember my superlong password? That is also another sign of greatness.

TARC Prospectus 2007/08
Isn't the new prospectus a work of art?
The Sun, There's birds, There's Trees! Life isn't all about video games. Get out, have some fun.
Oh yea, did I mention?? TARC is also famous for random ghostly events and ghastly images, especially during the day. They usually hang around under a great tree, posing as if they are studying. But in fact, they are there to scare off trespassers!!

To look for my pic, try looking under this section of the prospectus. 'Continuing Professional Programmes & Services'

Page 206 of TARC prospectus.
From left: Kuan Minn, Kok Fye, Ms.Tarring
Kuan Minn is the other Golden Jubilee Scholar who went to UNSW with me. So yea, there are only 2 Golden Jubilee Scholarship Recipient from TARC in year 2005. Try and guess who is the other recipient. By the way, Ms.Tarring was the one who guide us through the process of getting a scholarship offered by UNSW.
The picture was taken 2 years ago.

This is a clearer picture.
I have no idea why, but they name that particular zone 'Study Abroad Unit'
Isn't it better just to name it 'Golden Jubilee Special Restricted Area'?
Wait, this is even better. The 'Greatness Hall Of Fame'. Restricted area - Only True Sign of Greatness allowed!


05 April 2007

Human Body Exhibition

A bunch of us went to the Human Body Exhibition recently.
(Lissya, Kim, Priscilla, Anita, Yoga and myself)

The AMAZING HUMAN BODY EXHIBITION features more than 18 aesthetically posed whole body specimens, including transparent vertical and horizontal body slices, together with more than 400 anatomical specimens.Comparison of healthy and diseased organs will graphically highlight the relationship between health and disease–illustrating the importance of a healthy lifestyle!

In lay man terms, different dead human bodies part were sliced, opened, and saperated then preserved and showcased to the public.
It was really an eye-opener to a normal person like me who have never seen a real life body parts. They have everything there. The skeletal structure, the muscle, the brain, the liver, the lungs, reproduction system, the blood vessal system, and even the nerves!
Its amazing how they even managed to preserved the nerves in the body. There was this partially cut open spine where the public can clearly see how the nerves run inside the spine.
Looking at the body parts reminds me of my biology class back in secondary school. Anyone remember chapter3 of form4? Yeah, now I know how everything fits together. If I was able to visualise the human body from mere textbook pictures, my grades in bio would skyrocket! Hohoho I'll then be a 'master anatomy', just like Hannible.

22years...22years living inside a real human body and I never knew how my insides look like until last week when I went for the exhibition. I was surreal looking at real body parts.

One interesting note:
Out of so many parts of the human body being showcased in the exhibition, the lungs is perhaps the easiest to be tainted. Man, I'm never gonna take up smoking!!!

03 April 2007

[Updated] Fever

I had a mild fever yesterday night. I knew I wasn't feeling quite alrite when all of the sudden I started to breath heavily. Everything I touched was chilling cold. But I know my body was emitting this lava heat.

Yesterday was one the worst night this year. I was tossing and turning on the bed for more than 8 hours. It was weird that I kept thinking about this huge rubik cube. Except that the shape is not a cube but a triangle. For 8 hours, I the 'rubik triangle' was in my mind.

On another matter, I felt really cold yesterday night. But the coldness reminds me of a particular camp and this person.

The best part about being sick, is that I get to leech vitamins C from my roommate.

Notice how I jump from 1 topic to another?? The dizzyness must be mocking my intellectual level right now..

I'm feeling much better now.
I survived fever without any drugs!! Woohoo!!!