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21 July 2009

Corruption is in my blood

“The more corrupt the state, the more laws.”
----Publius Cornelius Tacitus quotes ----

Tradition and Culture, is it possible to abolish tradition and culture knowing the society have practiced it for eons?
For instance: Wedding Ring, Chinese New Year Ang Pao, Christmas Presents, Sunday Church Service, Respect the Elder. These practices were established long before you first drew your first breath. Other than rebels & fanatics, Hardly anyone would refrain you from practicing such traditions. After all, trouble is all they are looking for if they forbid you to practice practices which is so deeply fused in your life.

Ever wonder what happens if the government decides to ban Church Service? Naturally some people won't be happy about it and they would very possibly cause a huge drama. Even if the government insist on the ban, do you think people would just stop Church Service all together? No, they would probably do in the dark, in secrecy, close to the public view.

Now, try to imagine this. A society where bribery and corruption are commonly practiced. What happens if the government decides to crack down bribery? In a society where bribes are considered as gesture of goodwill, Could you break this culture that is so deeply ingrained and carefully preserved in the society?

I don't know about that, nor I have extensive knowledge on the dark world of corruption. But from what I gathered, a certain level of corruption is essential to maintain the working structure of a society. The way I see it, no current government system can totally wipe out corruption from a society. The most a government can do is to CONTROL corruption. After all, each of us has to protect our own interest by hook or by crook. If we do not, who else would do it for us?

Corruption. I do not think ill nor do I feel good about it.
What do you think about it?

18 July 2009

Why the Grim Reaper work alone

"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper"
---- Robert Alton Harris ----

Ever wonder who makes the worst HR personnel? Its not the lazy, its not the incompetent, and it is definitely not those who rejected your job application. It is the grim reaper.

This is how I would imagine an interview between a human and a grim reaper.

"Morning Sir!"

"Living Flesh, have a sit. Your name is Kif yes? That is a rare name. Tell me more about it"

"Nah, it is just a made up name. I mean, I'm pretty sure you have interviewed millions of Aarons, Jamies, and Mary. I want to be different from other candidates and so I registered myself as Kif."

"Interesting! So tell me, what experience do you have with death?"

"Erm...not much. I mean, I graduated from Law. Unlike doctors engineers and false prophet, I don't get many oppurtunity to kill. The closest experience I have with death are a couple generation of dead ancesters"

"Thats ok. This is a niche business, We don't expect new hires to have experience, though suicide bombers will be given priority. Anyway, what your thought on mass genocide?"

"Erm.... I'm willing to get my hands dirty if there are promotions"

"Good. You are hired. Come on, let me give you a tour to Hell"

That is one scary conversation. I'd also imagine that it will no easy task to talk to an emotionless skull. Even if the scary skeletal structure doesn't scare you, perhaps the dark robe and the scythe will.

But I gotta warn you, never never ever shake the grim reaper's hand when you do get the job offer. Imagine an employee comes in for a job interview when they get the job, they shake the grim reaper's hand. There goes the new employee, well done human resources!

Speaking of the grim reaper, Would you want to have his job when you grow up?

16 July 2009

Save something. Don't use unless its necessary

"Save a tree. Don't print this e-mail unless it's really necessary."
---- Anonymous ----

They are like dumb blonds, you see them everywhere. In emails, papers, next to xerox machine & printers. They are like parasites clinging on to every document.

Question is: How much paper can the world save from this? How many trees can you save?

Trees grow! It is a waste of space if we don't chop them down. We can never plant new trees if we don't chop down the old trees. And if we can't plant new trees, we get less paper. With all these restriction, the world will be short of millionaire tycoons who is in the destructive business of environment. Its a lose-lose situation.

Even if the tree argument is flawed, we have a thing called 'recycled paper'. I don't see how I can save any trees if all I'm using are recycled papers.

Don't mind me. I know its a flawed argument, but i couldn't refrain myself from mockery. I just had to make fun of trees, papers and the environment because its fun. But seriously kids, take my advice: "Save a tree. Don't print anything unless it's really necessary"

Which comes to my next point: The way I see it, this is just a start. I would anticipate similiar lines like these to appear more often in the future.

"Save the fossil. Do not use plastic bag unless it's really necessary"
"Save your time. Do not read this line unless it's really necessary"
"Save the economy. Do not save money unless it's really necessary"
"Save your effort. Do not wake up unless it's really necessary"
"Save humanity. Do not piss people off unless it's really necessary"
"Save Africa. Do not eat unless it's really necessary"

What other witty lines can you think of?

15 July 2009

True or False? Money is the root of all Evil

"One injustice starts a thousand riots. One law stops a thousand crimes."
---- Lawbringer Creed, Lawbringer ----

The first thing that came to my mind when I read the quote above was: "Gosh, This is so true."
The second thing that came to my mind was: "Money is the root of all evil."

I may have puzzled your quizzical mind to why I thought of MONEY out of the sudden. After all, what connection does riots and law have with money? Some may even perceive me as an immature materialistic kid since money is the cause of all material things.

Really, money was what I was thinking as the quote sinks into my mind. Allow me to explain why:

"One injustice starts a thousand riots. One law stops a thousand crimes." Ever heard of the butterfly effect? A flap of a butterfly's wing causing a tornado in the other side of the world. In order words, one small little action may cause an occurrence of another unrelated event.

Just reading the words 'Riots' & 'Crimes' made me ponder about all evilness in general. I guess you can say that one negative word evokes another. I mean, look at those three words, Riot Crime & Evil, they are like sticks and glue, always together. Place the side by side and most would assume that they are triplets.

I am a man who is very much interested in the concept of bribery. When you mention words like 'Law' and 'Injustice', especially in one single sentence, bribery comes to mind. And like most bribery cases, money is one big factor.

Next comes the "One starts a thousand" concept. It suggest that you could trace similiar multiple events to one particular cause, the root of the tree. Combine this idea with the Evil and Money, what do you get?
"Money is the root of all evil"

So here I am fed with the quote: "Money is the root of all evil". And what do I do with it?
I Ponder....
Pause here and predict what kind of mind-blowing ideas I have to write below before you read any further. If you are any close to what I was thinking, you are GOOD!

*Think and see if you are thinking the same thing as I was*
*Ready to move on?*

Anyways "Money is the root all evil". I thought to myself, man, this quote is so damn vague. I mean, whoever came up with that quote "money is the root of all evil" is a damn freaking good. In my opinion, I think its a both a false and a true statement.

Wealth, the creation of money is not evil.
Greed, the selfish pursuit for money can possibly be classified as evil.
Destruction, to destroy the concept of money is definitely evil.

Money makes the world go round. Money is the root of all evil. Combine those two, you end up with this statement: "Evil makes the world go round", which is a total bullshit.

Money makes people happy. It is an essential thing to obtain in this modern age. With no money, you live in misery. I am aware that this doesn't apply to everyone, but i am pretty sure it applies to most people living in this era. Money is essential for survival. It is essential for a comfortable lifestyle. It an important ingredient to the pursuit of the legendary myth called HAPPINESS.

*Sudden Pause*
You know what, I take back on all the things I wrote. Happiness is a myth. Besides, who ever said you can't be happy and evil at the same time? Money is the indeed the root to all evil

(Note: If you are regular reader of my blog, I'm pretty sure that you are well aware that I'm out of blogging material. So, what better way to blog is there than to write out my thought process?")

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So what do you think? True or False?
"Money is the root to all evil"

13 July 2009

Move along, Nothing to read over here

Anyone would assume that a great genius would heaps of mind-blowing ideas to share after a long disappearance act. After all, a genius wouldn't know how to spend his time other than exploring many of the mysterious thought provoking ideas.

As much as I would like to be that genius, I'm afraid to say that I no genus.....at least not now. I have no new ideas to share with you guys. Actually, what I'm trying to say is that, I won't have anything much to blog about. Scary thing is that this might last for a long time, perhaps maybe permanently.

I used to have great ideas back then when I was a blog-addict. Whenever I start to type, I couldn't stop composing. I would just go on and on and on until the keyboard breaks. I used to be GOOD!

I guess times have change. I've passed my prime, I've lost my writing touch. Now, I can't compose an article anymore. I couldn't even get pass the first paragraph. In fact, I couldn't even write a proper opening sentence. This article is an exception because this article alone took me 5days to write.

Sigh, there goes my career as a writer. How disappointing... Oh well, I guess I was never meant to the be one to revolutionize the world with words alone. Curse you, Fate!

Oh well, as how my friends console me "Think positive". I did, and I'm glad I that I can even compose this article.