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28 March 2009

Earth Hour 2009

"Hypocrites are those who pledge full loyalty to Earth Hour by leaving a blog comment at that precise hour"
---- 3POINT8 ----

Earth Hour 2009, the event at which people show their love to Mother Earth by switching off their household lights for an hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm on Saturday, 28 March 2009.

This all started in Sydney and made such an impact that it has grown globally. We all know that reducing energy consumption reduces the amount of carbon put into the atmosphere. Therefore, it makes sense that every person who participates does make some difference! [Source]
Last year I joined Earth Hour 2008 by turning off whatever lights switches I can find. At that time, I was all alone in my room for an hour, so the only switch I managed to turn off: is my room's light switch.

Then I figured, this is a mighty good idea. Imagine how much electricity can be saved if a light bulb was turned off for an hour. You know how dream works, the more you indulge in it, the bigger it becomes. It wasn't long until my mind drifted to imagine how nice it would be if everyone supported this cause.

This year, I intend to join Earth Hour 2009. But this year, I'm going for the extra mile. Instead of just turning off my lights, I intend to turn off all my household appliance. Then I figured, I can do more than just this. If i am able to turn off my stuff, I should be able to lend a helping hand and assist less able people to do the same thing. So, this year, I'm switching off my neighbour's power supply for an hour whether they like or not.

I then came to realise that if a common citizen like me can do this much, a powerhouse like the government can do even more. So, I was thinking, what's gonna happen if suddenly the government decides to announce its full support to Earth Hour by switching off all major electricity generator in its country? That would be so cool! (OR distorted, depending on how you see it)

To those who are showing their support in Earth Hour 2009: remember it is only a painless hour. You can resume your daily habit of screwing up the planet until Earth Hour 2010 when you can do your bit for the environment again.

Either that, or you can use candles, lighter, fireworks (that is what Sydney used last year. Source) during Earth Hour and waste other valuable resource. So as long as you cutting down on your electricity consumption, I guess you can proudly say that you are pledging your support to Earth Hour.

On a more serious note, Earth Hour is designed for supporters to turn off non-essential lights. Its purpose is to battle climate change. Other than turning non-essential lights, can you think of any other actions you can do to show your support?
(Remember, I am monitoring my blogger-comment time-stamp. If I see anyone commenting during Earth Hour in my blog...........I will do nothing. Its not like I can do anything to you, yes?)

*Note: Do not attempt to go on a frenzy rampage to turn off light switches that is not yours to control.

24 March 2009

Blogger United Blog Review: 3POINT8

"A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it."
---- Danielle Steel ----

Peer reviews are important as it is an indication to how well we are doing as compared to our peers. But whether is it a good indication is a debatable topic. I stumbled across this website which explores three myths about scientific peer review:
1) Scientists have always used peer review
2) Peer review is reliable
3) Peer review is the way we determine what’s right and wrong in science
Then again, this is no scientific review as my blog has recently been reviewed by Kelle. Check it out here at 3POINT8 BU Blog Review.

In point form, my blog has the following:
1) Mighty unique super niche URL
2) Lightning loading speed
3) Awesome beginning quotes
4) Thought provoking end questions
5) Updated timely
6) Catered for lazy people
7) Facts and information in its ultimate truth
8) Nice ogling Google pictures

Ok, so maybe those are not the exact words used by Kelle, but still, that is how you should interpret it because my blog is just that awesome. I deserve a million subscriber for this. (In blogger's terms: I deserve a freaking medal or 20 for this.)
You can increase my subscriber count by registering your email to my blog subsciption. [Click here to subcribe]

Do check out Kelle's blog @ http://www.kellemah.co.cc
[Btw, she is a big fan of The Sims 2. Could she be looking into starting a family? Perhaps she might interest you. Drop by her blog and get to know her.]

My heartwarm thanks to Kelle for reviewing my blog.

A review may be an indication to how well you are doing. How often do you like your work to be reviewed?

[Top Comment by Tekkaus]
Now that really leave a lot to be thought of. =)

18 March 2009

Internet-less Adult

"But I guess the adult world Calls forth. Time to pay the bills, And write out our wills--- The adult life is the end of living."
---- Thanatos ----

Hey guys. Forgive me for the lack of 'ass-kicking' super owning witty post that has been eluding this blog for some time. This is because there has been a major change in my life recently. I've degraded myself recently into a life filled with nothing but work related career. With this, I can now officially call myself a full grown adult.

Its amazing how adult life looks different when you are not in one yet. When I came out of the university I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted pay checks. If a kid were to ask me how it is like being an adult, I could tell them that its unpleasant life filled with routine, responsibility, commitment, debts, bills, pills, and sometimes it doesn't come with internet connection.

Anyway, the point of this post is to say that I have limited access to the internet (hence the perfect excuse for the lack of update) and I'm blaming it all on work life.

Have you ever used work as an excuse to something that clearly isn't related to work?

[Top Comment by Julian]
Sometimes, I guess - to avoid having to go to some social event I don't want to. nd I agree with kruel74! Before you know it, a few years will have shot by and you will wonder how you ever could have complained about long boring school holidays :)

01 March 2009

I Hear Dead Voices

“Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up on rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.”
---- Meg Chittenden ----

Sounds that were never there, I hear them. Welcome to the first stage of psychosis.
Often times, I hear noises that doesn't appear to bother anyone. I hear loud bangs, car horns, people shouting and shrew noises lasting no more than a second, the type of noise that gives the impression that you are in grave danger, much similiar to the feeling of a bullet coming your way after a loud bang.

This happens to me mostly at night. Its annoying because it wakes me up at the precise moment I was about to enter sleep mode. Whenever that happens, adrenaline rushes and I transient into bullet time. Sigh, there goes my slumber sleep.

Odd thing is, no seemed to be bothered by it whenever that loud noise occurs. It is as if I am the only one being affected by it. It is as if I'm the only one hearing noises. That got me thinking, are these noises imaginary?

Sometimes I ask around when it happens during the day, but the response I get are mostly negative which led me to the conclusion that I am the ONLY one who hears stuff. Most of the time, I don't ask cause it'd makes me look paranoid and insecure.

There are times when I convince myself that this isn't that bad since it hasn't gone to the stage whereby I'm picking up voices and whispers. Then again, hearing imaginary noises is freaky. I suspect that I'm an slowly going into a state of psychosis.

Let me ask this question just to be sure that I'm not the only one:
Has it happened to you when you hear noises that no one hears?

[Top Comment by Cometh]
I dont hear em... I see em... .Jeng Jeng Jeng