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23 February 2009

Opposing Comments

Heard of the pro & con analysis?
Its the type of analysis framework used to assess supporting and opposing statement to matter being discussed. We all use the pro & con analysis when faced with decision making moments as it is used to explore the positives and the negatives of an issue.

Funny thing is, most people are incapable of using this method to assess our own beliefs. Your beliefs are absolute: Friends are good, crimes are bad, Happiness is positive and depression is negative. Has it ever occurred to you that friends could be a bad thing, crimes are good, Happiness is a negative thing and depression could be a positive thing?

Though I'm not good at it, but I'm trying learn to see things in the extremes of both negative and positive. Lets use my previous post as an example. The birthday death post, where I attempt to relate birthday with death.

Allow me to point out the positives and negatives in the post:
1) As we age, we grow wiser
2) Free Presents
3) The highly anticipated 'Make a Wish' moment.
4) A human life last generally longer than a material thing

1) Heavy emphasis on death.
2) Birthday wish do not come true after a certain age.
3) A material thing generally expire faster than a human life

The real reason to that post is to practice my ability to give a a negative event a good image or in this case, a positive event (birthday) a bad image (death). If you take the time to think about this post, you generally have a rough idea on whether you are a positive or a negative person depending whether your main focus was on free gifts or death. If however you did not take the time to think about this, then its natural to think negatively because the main focus of the article was on death.
Anyways I received two extreme comments from an anonymous commenter and curryegg:

I feel sorry for you. Of all the wonderful things in the world, u chose to be oblivious of it and what u have here are all cynical and hardly sarcastic posts.
No wits or watsoever, coz wat i see is tat ur struggling for a special topic and try to spice it up a little to make it look like something special. The way u've done it so far? Being cynical and running into dead-ends every single time, as if tunnel vision is wat u got.
Not tat i'm a hater or anything, but seriously dude, u gotta keep ur mind open and view things differently.

Good post kif and I can see your 'equation'. You got your points. It is good to remind others that we are getting nearer to our deathbed during each year birthday. It will remind us to appreciate life, people around us and enjoy the remaining days with something beneficial.
As like what you have mentioned, we shall see birthday in another perspective which at the end will give another positive thought. That's what I believe as well.. So, shall I wish you... a Happy Death Day, kif?

Here are some contradicting points
Anonymous: Tunnel vision is wat u got. U gotta keep your mind open and view things differently.
Curryegg: As like what you have mentioned, we shall see birthday in another perspective.

Anonymous: u chose to be oblivious
Curryegg: I can see your 'equation'

Both are good comments, both have their own valid points. Strange thing is, one comment contradicts with the other. Its like saying: "If white is the opposite of black, then I'm looking at a document with black wordings and white background. How is it possible that two opposing entities exist in the same environment?"

[Top Comment by: SK]
quote: "If white is the opposite of black, then I'm looking at a document with black wordings and white background." Interesting, but an actual fact, rather. How would u be able to view a document of white background, bearing white wording?
So u see, it is in fact the contrast of two very different things that allow us to differentiate and ultimately, form an opinion which, in ur case, good or bad. Now what makes a good or bad nature of things? Well, take ur document analogy for example. Is that the black wording on a white background that allows u to see the wording itself? Or is that the white background with the words "cut-out" that creates the illusion of the wordings existence?
Think of it as the LCD monitor that u r looking at now, u might think that it is actually the black wording itself allows u to see them but in actual fact, it is the white backgroud with the pixels that form words itself being turned off, resulting in a pattern that resembles a black wording on a white background.
Points to be taken? Well, lets not be too judgemental. Rather than emphasizing wat is good and wat is bad, which at often times are only but separated by a fine line, focus on the ability to pin-point the difference between any 2 entity at any given time. Practise that hard enough and u will be able to read the white wordings on a white background.

18 February 2009

My Birthday is my Deathday

"The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet."
---- Robert Orben ----

Yesterday was the 17th of Feb, my birthday. Indeed, I'm getting old. I can't believe the candles worth more than the cake. Then again, no wise man ever wished to be younger.

Sometimes I wonder why do people celebrate birthdays? What purpose does it serve? Other than the presents and the 'make a wish' moment, birthday is in fact a depressing event. Allow me to explain why:
Birthday is a celebration of life. And why do we celebrate life? This is simply because there is death. Life is never permanent, but death is. Therefore, birthday is a celebration of death.

As humans, it is our nature to compare. As I look at my most recent birthday cake, I can't help it but to compare it with the previous birthday cake I had. Its the same everytime, I get one additional candle every year, which also means that I am that much closer to death. Perhaps birthdays are a polite way of saying: 'Enjoy your year. This might be your last'

Which comes to my next point. Presents - material things that expire faster than your life. Presents are a good way of saying: 'Awww..Don't feel so bad. Here, I have a present for you, a brand new Ipod. Look on the bright side, you get to live longer than this Ipod.'

Other than the presents, there is this other thing to look forward to. The 'Make a wish' moment, a ritual where the birthday kid gets to make a wish just before they blow out the candles. Legend has it that if you blow out all the candles in one breath, your wish will come true someday in the future. Assuming the legend is true, there is no way you can get your wish as you grow older. When you are at my age, its near impossible to blow out all 20+ candles with one breath. Bad news is, it gets harder next year. If you can't blow out all the candles this year, you can safely assume it'll be the same for the rest of your life. In short, no birthday wish will come true after a certain age.

Another point about the 'Make a Wish' moment. You may perceive this as a good thing, but not me. This reminds me of the 'Make a Wish' foundation, a foundation for children with life-threatening medical condition. [Birthday kid = kid with life-threatening medical condition. How depressing]

All in all, It was a depressing day for me. Good news is, you can help alleviate this depressing moment of mine with gifts and presents. Its always good to receive things that expire faster than me (especially things that are expensive).

In conclusion, Birthdays are yearly death reminders.
Have I changed the way you perceive birthdays?

A shoutout to the following Bloggers who wished me on my birthday. Thanks!
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14 February 2009

My next Valentine: Stockholm Syndrome

It's not what you do for me on Valentine's Day that matters but the amount of jealousy it provokes in others
---- Anonymous ----

Tonight is perhaps one of the most romantic nights whole year round. You see, today is Valentine's day. A day when a guy pluck a stalk of rose for the princess of their dreams, and a night where a girl satisfies the dreams of their prince.

Its a good thing that not everyone celebrates Valentine's day. I can't fathom the thought of all 6 billion people celebrating valentine day. I wonder how many roses will be plucked from the soil of the earth. Perhaps sometime in the future, environmentalist would name this day as the 'Rose Sacrificial Day'. I'm sure ALL anti-valentine would support to this idea.

Today is my big day as well. I never knew preparing 44 Roses and a 3.8carat diamond would be such a hassle. Some may be curious to why I prepared 44roses. Don't get me wrong, I do not work in a flower shop neither am I a certified florist. However I did send a rose to all my ex-girlfriend, to serve as reminder of my once presence. Its not the rose that is symbolic, rather the sharp armour piercing thorns. (If you didn't get the joke, I hope the thorns scrap scar their delicate fingers as how they bled my once loving heart.)

But.... But..... The 3.8carat diamond is to my one and only true love. If the diamond has a life of its own, it would have seen my all. My deepest desire, my passion, my persistence, my joy, my pride, my ego, my optimism, my nervousness, my affection, my fear, my shame, my fury, my disappointment, my frustration and my sorrow (in chronological order). And if you read the sequence of emotions again, you would have a rough idea that today is NOT my day. (That is why I'm blogging on a valentine's night instead of having fun.)

I had to sacrifice a couple of electronics before I cool down. Now that I've calm down, I start to think back to what went wrong. I've done all I could: Suave restaurant, the best tuxedo, a professional chauffeur, candlelight table, musicians, and even a 3.8 carat diamond. I even tried to contact Frank Martin as the chauffeur and Joshua Bell as the violinist. Still nothing works. Has women become so materialistic that not even a 3.8carat diamond will cut it?

As what they always say: 'If you can't push, pull'. If being overly romantic is at fault, perhaps I should try the opposite next year. I've heard a great deal about the Stockholm Syndrome and I should give that a try. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages, in which the hostage shows signs of affection to the hostage-taker.
More Reading on Stockholm Syndrome 1
More Reading on Stockholm Syndrome 2

Come to think about it, this ain't such a bad idea. The next time I'm interested in a new girl, I should really plan well for our next date. Kidnap her, and imprison her for a few weeks until she is emotionally attached to me. Then again, I'm not a rich man. If I do attempt to inflict this Stockholm Syndrome to my next girlfriend, should I get a gun or should I get a bomb?

Back to my usual easy to answer question session:
How did your Valentine Day went?
What would you be doing for your next Valentine Day?

Disclaimer + Note:
1) This article is a joke. Never attempt to kidnap anyone with a gun or a bomb. (Use both for better success rate!)
2) The above statement is another joke.
3) Frank Martin is the main character in the movie 'The Transporter'
4) Joshua Bell, a world renowned violinist who collected only $32 for playing 3.5million incognito. [link]

[Top Comment by QuirkyLilPrincess]
my valentine's day was spent doing errands with the family.my next valentine's will probably be spent alone again. I give up. If love hurts so much the other 364 days of the year,i don't think 1 day will fix everything.Stockholm syndrome?maybe that will fix me someway somehow.i want a hot kidnapper though.

10 February 2009


There is truth in sarcasm.
---- Annonymous ----

Behold, the second vlog I've done in my entire life. In this vlog, I'm promoting BloggerUnited, a new social network site for bloggers.

Warning: Sarcasm Included

Allow me to explain each sarcastic material one by one.
1) The reason to why bloggers put up an advert in their blog is because they want to earn millions from blogging. The music 'Gold Spinners' was used because blogging and vlogging can earn you big bucks. Yes, big bucks. Bad news is: there is 99% it won't happen to you.
2) The second reason to why bloggers start up a blog is because they want their opinions to be heard. This is simply because they have no real friends to hear them out. If they have an audience of one, they wouldn't start a blog.
3) Rather than sending personal email to invite friends to their party, Bloggers had announce it in their blog. If they are writing a hatemail directing to their superior, instead of emailing the right person, bloggers had to use pseudonyms and post it up in their blog.
4) Since no bloggers have friends, we bloggers had to resort to social sites to befriend strangers.
5) What happens when you gather a bunch of anti-social creature who crave for attention in a social site? They spam and troll other members, for attention.
6) [Insider joke] In Blogger United, you will be promoted as blogger of the month if you are the highest rated spammer.
7) [Yet another insider joke] If you are new to Blogger United, we have a welcoming team to make you feel comfortable. Once you are a veteran member, the same team will shun you out by picking your personal faults.
8) Towards the end of the video, I was trying to mimic the crazy warehouse sales guy. [apparently i'm need to practise more.]

Then again, Blogger United is a social site where bloggers get to be themselves.
If you are the quiet type, join in and stare at us.
If you are the aggressive type, join in and start a war.
If you are the popular type, join in and share your fame.
If you are the sarcastic type, join in and we can share sarcastic materials.

To sign up a free account with Blogger United, click here.
Check ou my profile in BloggerUnited: BU- 3POINT8
Update: BloggerUnited is giving out FREE merchandise.

What do think of the video?

[Top Comment by Chewak]
you make it sound so sad and pathetic

04 February 2009

Meet 3point8 in Real Life

After your death you will be what you were before your birth.
---- Arthur Schopenhauer ----

If you are into numerology, you would know that the number 13 is associated with bad luck. Well, in the chinese culture the number four signifies death. And if loosely translated into spoken language, the number 14 means 'Sure Die'.

14 is the number of days since my last blog entry. Two weeks is what it takes to.......
Forgive me, I can't seem to continue that sentence. you see, I was about relate death, birth, and the beginning of a new life. And it does seem that I'm having a writer's block now. (Understandable since I haven't been writing for 2 weeks)

Anyway, There is an announcement to be made.
I'm BACK in Malaysia. I'll be making a grand appearence in Asia Cafe (located in SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia). Do drop by If you wish to meet the mysterious prodigy behind 3point8.

Bring your camera over, I might be bringing a terrorist mask. (I'm still asking around if it is illegal to wear a terrorist mask and walk around freely in the land of msia)
Oh bring a deck of cards too. I'm doing autographs.

Come drop by for 5mins, bring a friend over.

In short:
Venue: Asia Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)
Time: Friday (6th feb) 11pm~1am
Who will be there: Me, Sue
Invitation open to everyone. (Bloggers, non-bloggers, parents, teens)
[Mail me to get my phone number if you are planning to come over]

This gathering is gonna be informal, its gonna be disorganized, its gonna be awkward, there will be no games nor plans or watsoever. No invitation, no confirmation, and best of all, no entrance fee. This is just a simple meet-up. If you want to come over, why not drop by for 5mins and say Hi.

Question is: Do you wanna come over?

[Top Comment by koRnholio]
well haha i am not really a superstitious person. 14? haha i was born on tat date... haha speaking of 13... it reminds me of a joke from mitch hedberg: "13 is an unlucky number. If 13’s unlucky, then so should the letter B be, cuz B looks like a scrunched-together 13. ‘Hello, what is your name?’ ‘Bob.’ ‘Get the hell away!"