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30 April 2008

Settle for a class lower

Did you know that there are all sorts of people in this world? Weird people with unique taste of outlook in life walks among us. Recently, I have been meeting lots of funny people.

I know of this kid who got a scholarship offer with no bond from an internationally recognized university. This kid is brilliant, he seems sharp and focused in whatever he sets his mind to. I'll probably say that he is someone who has an exemplary attitude, much like a society model just like Captain America.

Problem with him is that, he chose to refuse the scholarship offer and went to study in an unknown education center enrolled in the same course he was offered in the scholarship he rejected. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this kid? Why is he settling for something lower that he could have obtain?

He could have a head start if he graduates from a top uni rather than some unknown college. I didn't ask him about his intention but from the feeling I get chatting with him, it is as if he could foresee the future and decided that settling for a lower class position is best in his interest. WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING?

Come to think about it, this happens everywhere I go. Someone who has a bright future ahead of them chose to be a female escort. Someone who is capable of leading instead choose to follow. Someone who could afford to get a domain of their own at no cost chose to stick with a blogspot, xanga, and the likes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?
Sometimes it makes me wonder. Could it be a mistake? Was there an error in their decision? Why the hell would someone settle for something that is a few class lower than them? What the heck is wrong with them? What are they thinking? Why is it their decision seem so allusive.

I WANT TO KNOW WHY! What goes on in their mind before they made their decision. What motivates them to decide what they decide. I want to know this by today! I want to know how these people think! I need to know because I am about to make the same mistake.

27 April 2008

Tag - 6 unspectacular Quirk

Related Stuff: I got tagged by Popjammerz. In this tag, I'm suppose to write about 6 unspectacular quirks of myself.

6 unspectacular quirks
1) If RueHann tag me, I'll reply em [Unlike RueHann who dislike hints, I...]
2) If KellyTan tag me, I'll reply em [Unlike Kelly who wants to come to sydney, I yearn to go back to my home country]
3) If Pinky tag me, I'll think about it [Pinky calls this discrimination and I agree with her]
4) If I'm in msia, I'll try to meet with the people mentioned above. [Pinky excluded. She like turtles]
5) Owner of this blog is charming! [Prove: Top8 recent commentator of this blog are all female: Curryegg, Popjammerz, Aronil, Pinksterz, Pamsong, Chingy, Nikkiko, PinkLeo]

6) I like to mess someone up with subtle hints! If you leave a flaming message in Pinky's shoutmix [Shoutmix Owner: Pinksterzisme] saying something like "What kind of stupid name is pinky?" I'll drop a comment in a blogpost of your choice with the restriction that the blog has to be yours.
[Of course, include my alias at the end of the message. Eg: You Camel Whoor! -3POINT8-]
[Be decent. If you do not know how to flame, here is a good place to start: Golden Rules of Flaming]

Pinky, if you are reading this blogpost, these 2 article should be useful to you:
How to stop flame attacks on a blog
How to respond to a blog attack

Let the friendly flaming session start! Let me be first!
[In a boxing match, contenders whack the hell out of each other. One thing to note that: it doesn't mean that they hate each other. A game of war can be a friendly game depending on your intention. How does this relate to flaming? I can't answer you that, coz I have an IQ of 38 which is way below average and I'm certainly not a member of MENSA]

As usual, its either the last one is out of point, or the other five is out of point.

24 April 2008

Tilt your head 38deg

I found something interesting in quachee's blog! To be perceived as a rich person, Tilt your head up 38.7degrees up! If 38.7degree is too hard for you, I suggest you start with 3.8degrees, then slowly work your way up to 38deg.
$$$$ I do it for the bling bling $$$$

The sky is the limit, and those who can gets close to that are high achievers. So the next time you look up, do think about how to set your goals further and bigger. That way, people see you as a rich person (because of the 38deg theory) and it reminds you of your ultimate goal of being successful. Wicked sick! Thats killing two birds with one stone!

Though this may make you look like an arrogant person, this action has the potential to make you rich!

Oh, one advice... Do look where you are going if you gonna do that that. I believe not many people wants to walk to the ledge on a high rise building and keep on walking.

Question: To trade humility for a rich appearance, Is it worth it?

22 April 2008

Flamed in Innit

I got Flamed in Innit for posting my Assassin Post!
Wait, let me rephrase my words. I got the keyword 'flamed' (powered by freecap), and I have type em in to post up my post in Innit.

Quick update:
I'm currently adapting to a new environment. I've read the comments you all left me. Thanks! I'll reply those comments as soon as I have the time. (As a bonus, I'll try my best to leave a comment in your blogpost over the next few days)

19 April 2008

Assassin's Ego

Assassin's Ego is a continuation of Inconspicuous Stranger.

----Assassin's Ego----
The body he lived in felt heavy. He was exhausted to the point that he couldn't open his eyes. It got so bad that he couldn't even control his jaw which happens to be among the easiest body parts to control. The only body function he could consciously control was his breathing. He tried to take in slow breaths to help himself fall asleep. After all, his intention is to get a good night sleep. Still, there was this one thing that bothered his sleep, his conscience.

He couldn't take his mind off the recent assignment. About the silly mistakes he has made, what he could have done better, and etc. To prepare for his next assignment, he had to convince himself that fear will no longer be a factor. Emotions will no longer hinder him. This will the last time he'd allow his guilty conscious to take over him. Within a night, everything felt so different.

Nothing will ever be the same. All of a sudden, everyone had become so ordinary, so plain, so mindless, a mere flesh who does only what is expected, blindly following orders from someone...anyone. Within a night, he lost any respect he had for ALL his fellow friends. Even those whom he once regard as a great man is now another flesh to him. His perception on people who lives in the same planet changed dramatically. He never would have imagined how dumb everyone was. Every social gathering is never the same as before.

Occasionally, he hangs out with his beer buddy just so that he could portrait an ordinary life to the public. Whenever tales of ego begins to flow, he finds it hard to join in the conversation. Everything that they boast about, every masculine action, every bar-fight they described is nothing but nonsense to him. To his beer buddy, it might be the greatest show of power. But to him, it’s something he had to do all the time in his profession.

As his friend boast about the 10 hard punches he delivered to the big buffy bouncer the other day, all that on his mind was on how his buddy could have 'settle' him with a punch to a precise body anatomy. Contained within him is a vast pool of knowledge he can't share to just anyone. And because of that, he finds it hard to contain his ego, the need to boast how capable he is. There were times when he was so tempted to tell someone what ‘real life’ meant for him, but sadly he had to contain all that. Gradually, he finds every boasting that came out from all his beer buddies irritating. To him, those 'show of power' are just as minor as swatting small little cockroaches.

All this while, he thought that ego is among one of those genetic accessory nature installed within him. There was never once he thought badly about it, at least not until he got over his first assignment. At this stage of his life, he realized how ego had become his worst enemy. To be able to continue in his current profession, he had to either hide his own ego or wipe it off. He should be safe so as long as he doesn’t do anything flashy. Failing to do so may cause his soul to be lost the fearful death-reaper. On the other hand, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are times when he has this great desire to impress someone be it his best buddy or a hot chick. Every time he was about to brag his profession, there is this conscience whispering, "Only insecure trash see themselves as how others perceive them". One of his hardest moments involves any form of interaction between rich glamorous classy beautiful women. He has tons of cash, but he knew very well that he couldn't flash a big bundle in one go, for he understood the consequences.

As time pass by, he could only categorize people as "useful tools" or "useless trash". He wouldn't make a move if he doesn't have a strong reason to interact with a stranger. Anyone who knows his existence is a potential threat. Social life is something which he doesn't want to be involved in. Without a social life, there will no longer be life within him, no fun, no proud moments. What left of him will be nothing more than a lonely shell occupied by an empty soul. Sometimes he pondered if he even has a soul to begin with. A person who deals with death will eventually become death itself.

This is the harsh life of an assassin.
----Written By 3POINT8----
What do think of the story?

Note: I was experimenting with writing styles. In this article, the last sentence of every paragraph is suppose to be the first line of the next paragraph. What do you think of this style? Does it add suspense to the story?

16 April 2008

[Tag] 5 random facts - assassin

I've been tagged by pinksterzisme. In this tag, I'm suppose reveal 5 random facts about myself. Then again, I thought it'll be cool if I stick to a theme. Below are some real history and current facts about myself.

5 random themed facts about myself:
1) People around me dislike the number 4 as it represent death in the Chinese community. I'm one of those Chinese who are abit different. I love the number 4. In my childhood days, I learn to write the number 4 first before 1,2,3. When family and friends came to know this peculiar history of mine, people start preaching me on the subject matter of death.
2) During my childhood days, Adults around me kept talking about murder and suicide cases, why they do it, and how they do it. Its either I'm attune to these stories OR people around me like to talk about death.
3) When I turned into a teen, my dream job was to be an assassin. The thought of being someone mysterious going around killing individuals, play with high tech gadgets and the chance to get into the high class rich lifestyle thrills me.
4) By the time I entered college, my ambition remains and my dream got bigger. I decided to study engineering because its the best career to cause the most death in a single event. A doctor can mis-operate killing one person at a time, an economist can make countries bankrupt spiking suicidal count, whereas an engineer can cause a country to sink killing thousands of people. [For instance, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed 220,000 people]
5) Currently I'm attracted people who is into psychology, liguistic or mind stuff, especially if they are female. [How does it relate to my admiration of assassins? Why not take a wild guess and leave a comment?]
1) I learn to write the number 4 first before any numbers.
2) I was exposed to death at an early age.
3) My dream job - Assassin.
4) I studied engineering.
5) I'm looking for a gf.

There you go, 5 random facts about myself. There could be one or more hidden messages behind this tag. Question is, are you able spot that out?

Next post coming up: Assassin's Ego [on 19th April]
This will be continuation of Inconspicuous Stranger, a fiction I wrote a month ago.

13 April 2008

Parody of Nuffnang Logo

Originality is when someone or created something no one has come across before.
Modification is when performance of originality is being tweaked.
Parody is a satirical imitation of originality.
When that imitation fails, it is known as plagiarism.

For some reason, I love a good parody. A few good parodist that I highly recommend would be Weird Al Yankovic, The Chaser and Improv everywhere [Watch them on youtube for a good laugh]. Seeing how they never fail to humor me, I try to come up with my own parody now and then.

Inspired by Nikkiko, I've come up with a parody of Nuffnang's logo:
1) Normal Nuffnang: the original Nuffnang logo.
2) Glitterati Nuffnang: All that glitters is gold. [I'm using this as my nuffnang innit logo]
3) Invincible Nuffnang: A mohawk hairstyle + kickass beard with hadouken. [Read here for more info]
What do you think of the logo?

Note to myself:
1) Original logo owner has been credited.
2) Logo not intended for commercial use.
3) Logo is not being displayed in the most prominent place of this site.
4) Logo displayed in a site that does not contain adult content, gambling, or any issue that violates the law.
5) Logo altered is not obscene or defamatory in nature.
So, I won't get into trouble with any legal issue, will I?

11 April 2008

Flame - Hell in Cyberworld

A minority the blogs that I happen to visit in the month of April claimed that someone or something flamed them. I hardly come across such stories before March 2008. For some reason, March&April seemed to be the period of flames and fire.

Being the sarcastic person I am, I try to understand why people love to FLAME each other in the net (especially in blogs, forum and online gaming) and this is what I came up with by compiling various idea available in the net.
Let me clarify my definition of flame.
In the context of this blog post, a FLAME is a piece of language used to inflict ego burns on others. This is unconfirmed but its highly suspected that flames are commonly used by emos that hate everyone on the internet.

Lets take a look at the brief history of flaming.
Back in the good old days, emos need to heat up a piece of charcoal, fling it as hard as possible targetting victim, flaming them. World War 1 & 2 changed all that as flamethrowers were invented solely for flaming purposes. With recent technological advancement, anyone can now FLAME through the cyberworld.

Alrite, history shows that flaming has been around since the dawn of civilization, but what benefit does flaming bring?
Flaming is considered by many as a recreational activity. It provides an opportunity to battle each other with witty comments and also the chance to express their creativity with words through sarcasm. Some say its a technique to lure people to the other side of the coin where as some argue that its a test to determine the victim's firmness in their believe system .

Rite... Then why is it that flaming happens more in the cyberworld?
It is noted that Internet users are more likely to FLAME online than insult others in the real world, as the latter can lead to embarrassment and physical altercations, which online "anonymity" can avoid. [source]

So then, Is anonymity an act of cowardice?
The answer would be yes if you detest Naruto, James Bond, and people with nicknames. Anonymity are ninjas and spies favoured element. I'm pretty sure that AnimeFreaks love Naruto and MovieBuffs adore James Bond. Also, I'm pretty sure everyone has a nickname of some sort. For instance, 3POINT8 is my nick. Instead of act of cowardice, I see them as a mysterious representation of my persona. (Everyone loves mystery, don't they?)

I don't get it. If flaming is perceived as something negative, why would society allow this?
The role of flaming is still somewhat ambiguous. Some believe that it is the Net's way of regulating itself. Cyberspace has evolved with no central authority and therefore no way of enforcing "netiquette" or the normal conventions for proper behavior. The responsibility for correct conduct therefore falls upon the individual. As a result, certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to flame others who violate group norms. The flames can range from wild rebukes to venomous personal attacks. The flamers may utilize devices such as humour, irony, or sarcasm to make their point, though profanity and name calling are not uncommon. [source]

Geez Great! Flaming is an essential part of the cyberworld. But I don't like being flamed. How can I avoid this?
Advice from InternetSuperHeroes: Until you get to know someone very well, it’s always best to stay away from controversial topics, like politics, religion, race, sex, nationalism, war, special physical or mental limitations, money and gender-based issues. Once you get to know each other well-enough to know what is acceptable, you can get into these topics online, but even then, be very careful. Most cyber-problems start when people are talking about these and similar topics.

Great tip boss! I'm curious, Is there such thing as a Flame-Proof thing.
Sorry. The only things that are flame-proof are Chuck Norris, Mr.T, Ultraman, and nuffnang innit.
To be flame proof, you must have at least one of these elements: A beard, a mohawk hairstyle, a Hadouken. Nuffnang innit seems to have all 3 of them.
[To Nuffnang Team: Can I post this picture up?]

Enough of Flame defense. How can I flame someone elegantly?
May your flames be witty, insulting, interesting, paradoxical, funny, illogical, caustic, sarcastic,
even inconsistent - but never, ever, let them be boring. [source]

Random thoughts that came to my mind while writing this post:
Never provoke your maid. Her ability to use a stove makes them a deadly person to find fault with.

What do you think of this post?

08 April 2008

Most Expensive EntreCard User

Related Stuff: Entrecard is internet business card. This system encourage people to bloghop. As a result, it boost up unique visit count of a site. This is especially useful for new bloggers who are trying to gain publicity in the world wide web.

3days ago, My Entrecard advertisement cost went up to 333ec points. Everything was so perfect. Wait day was at 3days, and advertising cost was at 333ec. I'm beginning to love the number 3 more than the number 4 now. I was gonna dedicate a blog post for this 333ec-3days peculiar event.
But something even better came up. By sheer luck and the new system by Entrecard, I'm now among the most expensive EC user.

Among 7000+ members in Entrecard, I am now one of the most expensive EC user to be advertised upon at 262,144EC points. My unique experience is being shared by 5 other EC users.
To advertise on my site, you need to drop fanatically 300drops everyday for 874days so that you have enough credits to advertise here in my blog. That is also equivalent to 2.4years worth of dropping cards. Wow!
[Click on the Image for a bigger view]

Btw, I'm sure this is only gonna last for a day. So I thought, why not blog about it before it dies off?

If someone were to ask my thoughts on Entrecard, I'd say I prefer the old pricing system. Now that the new pricing system has been implemented, why not wait for a few more days and see how it goes from there onwards.

PS: Some may agree that my EC icon looks inferior compared to all the other big players in EntreCard. But I'm pretty proud that this inferior-looking icon managed to climb up the ranks within Entrecard. This is a prove that even bad brand names can climb up to be one of the most prestigious names in the world. [What do you think? Am I talking rubbish here?]

1) EC = EntreCard
2) A new pricing system has been implemented in Entrecard. [More info here]
3) Entrecard drove up this blog's Alexa rank by alot. [Graph Attached below] Before I joined Entrecard, there wasn't even a blue line in that graph. Now I see an artistic wavy line happening.

07 April 2008

An Achiever/Feedbacker Conversation

Related Stuff: Post inspired by MustardQueen.
Though this is unconfirmed, I have a feeling that this blog is featured under point #4 in MustardQueen's post. [Man, I love the number 4.]

Achiever announce something highlighting his achievement. They only want to share their joy.
Feedbacker provides feedback based on their perception against the announcement.

Achiever: I'm getting married today! I proposed and she said YES. Today is my best day!
Feedbacker: Congrats! I'm happy for you!

Achiever: WooHoo! I got an A++ for my maths exam
Feedbacker: Good for you! You are one step closer to your dream job.

Achiever: Finally! I've saved enough money to get myself a gold plated nail-clipper!
Feedbacker: er..Okaaay. I got 2 nailclippers. You want my other one?

Achiever: Ohyea! 4444 unique visits in my blog!
Feedbacker: Oi, can be humble a bit ar? [This form of speaking is a common Malaysian slang]

Achiever: I got a billion dollars. First time in my life that I got so much money.
Feedbacker: You arrogant bastard! I know you are rich! Do not insult me!
Deep in Achiever's heart: **But but....You are a trillionaire. Sob!**

In the 5 scenarios above, Achiever only has 1 goal...to share what makes them Happy. An Achiever can only do that much, highlight their own achievement. Achiever has little power in influencing Feedbacker's thoughts and intepretation, especially when so little information is given.

To the feedbacker, an achievement hightlight such as the above could be:
1) An announcement of a Happy Moment.
2) An insult to the person being announced to.
3) Others
[Depending on how its being intepreted.]

I believe we are all feedbackers at one point or another. Sometimes we are required to give feedback upon receiving an information. Often times, feedbackers try real hard to figure the real motive behind an announcement or a message. Most of the time, the REAL motive isn't the one that affects the emotion of feedbacker. Its the feedbacker's perception that matters the most to the feedbacker themselves. When displayed this way, everyone (feedbacker) will be able to judge themselves whether they are looking things at the positive side or the negative side of things.
If you think something posted here can be interpreted in more than one way, you could possibly have a very high IQ.
What do you think about this post?

1) The word 'Feedbacker' is not a proper English word.
2) Everyone has to decide to allow what type of emotions flow within them. You are mastermind of your own body, mind and soul. No one can decide for you how you feel about something.

05 April 2008

[Blog] Jouney of The Homeless

Related Stuff: This was suppose to be a non-sarcastic blog post.

By the way, there is no need to seek my permission to link me or to tell people about tis blog. I will remain annoynomous, but please feel free to link me. If my stories can teach just one person something, then it's worth all the blogging effort.
---- 5/4/2008, Homeless Guy

Hey guys!
There is this blog I want to share with you all. A Malaysian Blog:

This guy sounds like he is having a difficult time right now.
1) Failed in a investment, lost LOTS of money...
2) Broke-up with his gf, got kicked out of his home...
3) Currently, seeking for a place to settle down and having a tough time adjusting to wherever he is now....

That is the story described in his blog. This guy sounds like a smart chap to me. His recent unfortunate events sounds devastating and discouraging. It would be a waste if caliber people like these fall into a pit and never bounce back. Now, he is trying his best to remedy the situation by doing whatever he can.

The way he wrote his story seems sincere and sounds true to me. If thats the case, I hope those who read this post can at least visit this blog. It would be even better if you guys can offer any support or help to Homeless Guy.
If you have the time do read his 1st blog post here.[dated 1st April. This Doesn't sound like an April Fool's joke to me]
Do check out his blog @ http://thejourneyofthehomeless.blogspot.com
[I'm not sure if he is comfortable with the sudden rush of people willing to offer their help, but considering his current situation, I guess an offer of assistance is better than nothing]

Btw, Homeless Guy, I didn't get your name....

Updated: Someone pointed out some discrepancy behind the things written in that blog. As a result, this could be a joke. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation.

A special mention to these few Bloggers:
Adrian [The first person to offer help to Homeless Guy and encouraged him to start a blog]

03 April 2008

Art of Distraction

Unrelated Stuff: Yay! 299 unique visits on April Fool's Day according to my sitemeter weekly stats.

"Pickpockets are masters of psychological manipulation and control, says Derren. 'Though they are gone in an instant, what they are doing when they steal from you is using a psychological version of visual misdirection – controlling your attention. For instance, they might focus your attention by 'accidentally' touching one wrist, so you're not paying attention as they slip your watch from the other." ---- Darren Brown [Diversionary Tactics]

April Fool's Day is one of the best day to announce a truth and later to be misjudged as a lie.
For instance, On the 12am 1st of april, Tell someone: "I burned down your house! April Fool's Day! No, Its was actually the firecrackers I was playing with that burnt it down."
So, I'd say April Fool's Day is a very tricky day.
Its the best freaking day to tell someone a dark secret and get away with it.

My previous post on April Fool's Day, I broke an unspoken rule of blogging and managed to get away with it. I recycled an old blog post word for word. The proper way to do this is to write something similar then link back to your old blog post.
But Nooooo...... I'm someone who loves to play around with unspoken rule. So I changed the date of my old blog post and woila, a seemingly new blog post. Someone who has great attention to details would probably wonder why the first 3 comments were made in 2007.

I'm glad that no one pointed that out. I'm relieved to know that no one was fanatic enough to stalk my blog.

So, there you go. I used April Fool's Day to break an unspoken blogging rule.
What do you think, was that a good Diversionary Tactic?
Or am I just making up some nonsensical crappy stuff?

01 April 2008


3POINT8 is gonna stop blogging.

Blogging just takes up too much time and effort.
Sitting down in front of the com, spending an average of 4 hours for each post.
Do you know how hard is it to to structure an English sentence with no reference or whatsoever???
Do you know much creativity it takes to exaggerate a harmless kitten to a hungry lion??
Do you know how much effort it takes for me to log into blogger everyday, knowing that I sometimes forget my username and password?
Do you know how many times I visit my own blog just to keep spam away??

Every second wasted in front of the computer is every second wasted.
Its not easy composing a post... I'm a perfectionist! I edit a post over and over again in order to make it look perfect. But once it has reached perfection, I would drop in some mistakes just so it that I would seemed like a normal person rather than an angel who is perfect in every way.

Creativity is something I have all this while. It's just that I prefer not to use it. Whenever I think of something creative, it reminds me of my plans to dominate the world and how to make make it's dweller 'enjoy' my dominion. In order to suppress this potential cataclysm from happening, I rather be convincing people to start a blog.

I have too many accounts, too many emails, too many username. I can't keep up with my multi accounts. Password is something I can remember, but not my username. Once I know my username, I can remember my password. That because I have a system such that if my username is 'blogger' my password would be '.com'. This is my favourite: If my username is 'Kif' then my password would be 'KifTheGreatestPersonNoneCanSurpassReadyForThisComing AndBeWillingToChangeWhenTheTimeComes".
Notice how my unique pick of password exceeds the border of this blog on Firefox and notice how it messes up with your IE?? [doesn't apply anymore] Yes, A true sign of greatness. Of course, lowercase and uppercase letters matter. I wonder how long would it take for a supercomputer to crack my password. It takes too much effort to log into my 100+ plus accounts every single day.

Oh and yea, I visit my blog every half an hour just to see if there are any new comment on my interesting post or any new chat topic on my chatterbox. And whenever I do that, I log into freeweblogger [the visit counter] with my super cool username and my super long crack-proof password and decrease the visit number by 1! I do this so that it doesn't seem like I'm stalking my own blog.

Oh yea...I'm gonna stop blogging...
If I can fool anyone, I wish it be you!
April fool's Day!! ____ Or ____ Happy Early April fool's Day!! ____ [whichever applies more]
[Reading this line would render the meaning of this post void!]
[Did u notice the title of this blog?? The sweaty face...That must be your reaction after reading this post! Undeniable, I'm such a great mindreader!!!]

PS: Other than being a April Fool's Joke, did you notice anything wrong with this post?