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31 October 2006

International Nomad [updated]

Nomad, a member of a group who move from 1 place to another rather than living in 1 place all the time. Two of friends I’ve made here in Australia can be qualified as an internation nomad. They spend all their life travelling around the world.

This guy, Allen, moved to dunno moved how many countries already. He mentioned that he had settled down in more than 5 countries, but I only recall him mentioning Argentina, Australia, UK and Malaysia. Well, his parents work with MAS and due to their career, they have to shift here shift there. The move to a new place settle down for a period of time (2-3years) and the company decides to allocate them again. And so the cycle repeats.

Seems fun right??

I mean, they are privileged enough to travel all over the world, get to experience different culture. Plus, they get to socialize with people of different culture, learn to speak a dozen of language and he gets 2 free return-ticket to anywhere in the world each year. (A return ticket to everywhere in the world!!! And if he used up those tics, the only have to pay 10% for a subsequent ticket!! Man, given this incentive, almost anyone can afford to travel around the world in 80days) And this guy Allen, dunno been to how many different schools in different countries. Hmmm…maybe that is why Allen took up International Business Course. Suits him perfectly…

Yesterday, I get to make another friend who travels all around the world. His name is Ceej, from Malaysia. From our 1st conversation, I learned that he started traveling with his parent at the age of 12. From then onwards, the longest period he stayed in a foreign country is 5 years, which is US. From his appearance, his age is probably the same as mine. So he probably traveled and settled in a number of countries.

During their short stay in a foreign country, they had to be enrolled to an international school. And they said that there are a lot of their schoolmates are those who get travel all over the place too. And the average period that their schoolmates stayed in a particular country is only 2years… Imagine, travelling all over the world, experiencing a life as an international nomad…

How cool is that??
Sounds pretty cool to me!!!

However, the drawback is that they don’t have many ‘long term friends’

Update: I spoke to Allen today. He has settled in a number of country including: Malaysia, UK, Australia, Argentina, Austrien, Cambodia and China. Man, this guy is good!!! Guess what, he is 1 year younger than me some more....