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27 November 2006

Paking Up

I'll be going back to malaysia on the 1st of dec...
3 more days to go and I'll wont be in sydney no more...

But Wait, it still seems like I still have a lot to do.
1) I have to start on my thesis topic
2) Have to buy some souvenirs and stuffs back to m'sia
3) Clean the whole house
4) Settle my com stuff (format my com, organise my files, burn some files into dvd and etc...)
5) Pack up and prepare to leave for msia
6) Set up some booby trap in the house to deter crime from happening
7) Get to know some politician, druglord, weaponslord and together we can rule the whole world
8) Hope to get some inspiration from the pinky and the brain cartoon...

Oh well, I know point 6,7,8 is a little bit unrealistic, but thats what on my mind lately....
But still even with point 1-5, there are so many things to do, so little time.
And there is this little problem that I'm getting lazier and lazier.
Sigh. The thought of performing those stuff above just turns me off, especially those which requires me to leave the house...

I'll manage somehow...hopefully...