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13 December 2006


It has always been said that the greatest invention of all time, is the creation of language. Language was invented for the sole purpose of communication.
That was what I was told!
Hhhmmm, wouldn't that also mean that Communication plays a vital part in our life??

Language... Humans converse in all sorts of language be it English, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and etc... Of course, every educated person on this earth knows that English is the current international language.
But do you know that there is another language, more prominent and dominant than the English language?? Everyone uses it more than any other language in the world. Even a new-born child knows how to use it.

Introducing the language which transcends boundaries of culture, race, gender and age. Heck, even applicable to different species of the world....
And many claim that 'Body Language' is that ultimate language.

The facial expresion, the arm gesture, the hip direction, the movement of the legs... All these small little gesture reveals a lot about a person.

Mind-readers, Psychics, Successful Businessman, World-Class Negotiators, even James Bond rely heavily on Body Language to be who they are right now...

That is why I'm getting more and more into Body Language. [I view it as a way to compensate for my not-so-good spoken language.]