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30 September 2006


A phenomenon of combustion manifested in intense heat and light in the form of a glow or flame, and we call that 'Fire'. In short, Fire is simply glowing gas...

I came back from a camp the lately. And the 1 thing that i miss in camps is a campfire... (Oh well, since the last camp was more like a luxury camp, so nupe, no campfire...)

Anyway, the one thing that enjoyed most in a survival camp is to start a campfire.. and to maintain it...I don't mind the heavy carbon smell, the smell of sweat, the intense heat, the torment of staying in one place feeding the fire...so as long as there is a something burning in front of my sight...

I find joy in watching something burn. The colour of the fire, the burning amber, the scorching heat...I'm just fascinated by all of it..
Sometimes I would sit there for a quarter of the day just staring at the dancing fiery glow, imagining how the whole planet earth would one day burn and break down to pieces...

Sometimes during any ordinary normal days, I would play with a lighter, trying to burn a piece of paper...just for fun.
Yes, I could be the next potential arsonist.
(Offer me a lighter and a barrel of gasoline.. I will gladly burn your house down..with your permission of course...at no extra charge)

28 September 2006

Sight, Sound, Touch

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every single moment, we receive information mainly in 3 different types of forms:
Sight: something we see in our mind's eyes as an image or a vision...
Sound: something we hear either externallt or emanating from that little voice...
Touch something that we feel or touch...

Usually its the combination of these 3 experiences that helps us to interpret the outside world. But one of the these 3 senses [Sight, Sound, Touch] tends to dominate the other 2.

Those heavily influenced by sight are visual people. Visual people are those who gives primary importance to the way things look and how things appeared to be.
Those heavily influenced by sound are auditory people. Auditory people are those who think sound is important and respond to the way things sound.
Those heavily influenced by touch are kinesthetic people. Kinesthetic people are those who experience the world through physical sensation and how things feel.

Naturally we have a mixture of all 3. However one of these system dominates the other 2.
Studies have shown that
55% people in our culture are motivated by primarily by what they see [visual],
15% by what they hear [auditory],
30% by physical sensation [kinesthetic].

If you understand the dominating system of a person, perhaps communication would be easier if you can communicate to their dominating senses.

For example:
When asking a question, there are 3 ways of dealing with different type of people:
Visuals: "How does it look like?" "Can you imagine it now??"
Auditory: "Does the whole thing sound good to you??" "Do you hear that small little voice telling you to go for it??"
Kinesthetic: "Can you feel what i'm trying to say?" "Can you describe your feelings then?"

(I did a self-test on myself, and results show that i'm a kinesthetic person. However, I'm not convinced with the results...)

27 September 2006

Been away...

For the past 3days, I was away to a camp...
I havent had a chance to update this blog until today...

Yesterday was the day i came back home from camp. I came back home tired and exhausted... After 2hours of doing nothing at home, I K.O-ed, and slept for 12 hours. From 6pm till 6am..

A short note:
I felt a sense of achievement. I've been to at least a camp every year since 1998. Thats 9 years of consecutive hardcore outdoor activity, literally. At the begining of the year, I thought that this year would be different. Guess I was wrong.
[Oh well, this one is more to a fun camp, a more luxurious 1] [I miss survival camp]

22 September 2006


Mid-session exam is all over.
And now, for our hard effort, we are granted with a 1 week break.
Time to sleep...
Good night

20 September 2006


The only thing that is truly yours
that no one can control or take away from you
is your ATTITUDE

18 September 2006

Science of Complaining

Does complaining make us happier?
Somehow, we feel that if we complain, we’re going to be happier.
Are we happier when we complain? No.
Are the people around us happier when we complain? No. They’re more miserable.
When we live with people who are more miserable, are we happier? No.
So actually, when we complain, we become more unhappy.
----Ven. Thubten Chodron

It has been proven that the silent language of the body contributes more than spoken words in a 'face to face' conversation. Most of the actions portrayed by the body are thoughts of the mind...Usually it speaks the truth, even though spoken words may be a lie.
What the mind thinks, the body acts accordingly unconsciously.
So, i firmly believe that when people complain about something, their body emits an aura of discomfort towards everybody around them. And when you are not comfortable with yourself, you have the potential to put others to be in a position of discomfort. Subsequently when people are not comfortable, they are less happy than before.

Experiment: try complaining in front of a body mirror and be aware of your body language. How does it act? What does it tell you? Even if you can take it, would u still rather someone act that way all day long??

Moral of the story:
1) Complain a bit less.
2) Stay away from whinners and complainers... Either that, or stop them even before they begin.
3) Stick with seemingly happy people... (cause the brain cant tell the difference between a genuine happy face and a fake happy face anyway)

16 September 2006

Donkey Face

I'm doing this due to popular demand...
A pic of mine with some dorky face or doing some dorky action.

Humans are interesting...

14 September 2006

Stanford Prison Experiment

What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph?

Welcome to the 'Stanford Prison Experiment'. It is an experiment to discover parts of human nature within the vicinity of prison bars...
The desire for power, the fight for control, the crave for being superior over others.
The sadness of loneliness, the despair of hopelessness, the isolation of not having an identity.
This is a 2-week experiment where volunteers were assigned to be prison guards, and prisoners.

This is a very twisted yet interesting experiment...
In the end, the planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress.

Visit this site for more info: http://www.prisonexp.org/
[Warning: This is a very twisted experiment.] [Only suitable for psychological stuff lover]

Within the illusion of life, Death is the only reality,
but is Reality the only death?
Within the reality of imprisonment, Illusion is the only freedom,
but is Freedom the only illusion?

12 September 2006

Fish vs Nintendo

Original version:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Modern Version:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give him a nintento and he won't bother you for a week.

10 September 2006

Humans are interesting

Humans are interesting...

09 September 2006

Full moon

A full moon night. A breath-taking scene that is available every month, anywhere and best of all, its free…
Sometimes, the huge moon hovers up above the dark night sky illuminating the night scene.
Sometimes, the full moon shy-fully hides behind moving misty clouds with its glow partially conceal by the cloudy shadows.
Sometimes, the full moon would be accompanied by millions and millions of twinkling stars.
Sometimes, beyond the light feathery rain lies the compelling full moon being the attention of the night scenery.

Its very rare for me to miss the sight of the full moon. Every month, there would be a night when I just stare at the mesmerizing moon.
To enjoy the tranquility of a quiet night, a full moon night is the perfect beauty scene of nature anyone can get anywhere.
Just the sight of it washes my worries, brightens my night. And it almost always makes me feel that life is beautiful in its own way.

Inspiration from these few messages:

Tonite is the first day of snow, somehow I walked under the snow happily, snow drop silently and at a moment I can feel dat life is beautiful.
---- 0030, 24/10/2003

From where I see it, d moon 2nite is mesmerizing beautiful. Decorated by movin misty cloud, surrounded by twinkling stars, I begin to feel tat life is beautiful
---- 2345, 3/8/2004

I saw da moon tis few days. So wasted no lengchai teman me to xiang yue. Haih so wu liao ere.
---- 1402, 4/8/2004

06 September 2006


Nickname: ThE ForEver BluR ME
Personal msg: you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you
has just signed into the msn network.
His real name -> Kah Fai. (1 of my juniors, a first year student studying in UNSW mecharonics engineering)

I chat with him for a couple of minutes, and out of the blue he said: "oh ya .. read my personal message for you 1 .." (referring to 'you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you'.) [Yes, that is the famous quote from rock lee of Naruto Anime....i think..]
He was envious of those who has the priviledge to play all day long and yet manage to get super grades for their exams. And he go on about saying that he will one day show eveyone that hardwork, determination and persistance will take him further than any genetically-born genius.
And now, i've found another rare friend who has the undying determination of a zombie.

Oh yeah, I also know this guy, Leon Teh who uses this line as a signature for all his emails:
"I will prove it with this technique that hard work surpasses genius......Lotus!!", Rock Lee to Uchiha Sasuke.
Seems like hardwork, determination and persistance almost guarantee an enhancement in anyone's personality.

05 September 2006


I'll be busy for next few weeks studying for exams and completing assignments...
Until then I'll leave u this quote..
You can't make anything idiot proof because idiots are so ingenious.
---- Ron Burns

Updated on 9/8/2006
"Senyum adalah garis lengkung yang meluruskan segalanya"

03 September 2006

Project Warman

Engineering Students in australia who is currently in their 2nd year studies would be familiar with thie term: "The warman project".
Well, to those who have no idea what is it, let me enlighten you. The warman project is a yearly national competition organised by australia and new zealand designed to test the minds of many future engineers. Students in a group of 3 or 4 have to build a machine to complete a set of task. The theme for every year is different.
This year, the theme is to 'beautify the highway of gondawan planet'. Yes, they actually created a fiction story behind every warman competiton.

The inter-university warman competition was held last week and winners of this competition gets to compete in the national level.

I was forced to join the competition. This is considered as one of our 'homework' for a subject known as 'Machine Design'. Given the time and budget, i would pour in all my heart and soul in this project. But noooo!!!! They have to orginise his competition in the middle of my mid-session exam...and the grades from this competition is just not worth the effort.
Oh well, its not entirely their fault...its just that I dun think the effort is worth it, considering I have more important assingments and exams going on that period.

So, to cut the story short, we came up with a very simple device. In the competition, i would say that our machine is the most simple-looking machine capable of performing less than 50% of the task required. Yup, this is how 'dedicated' we are towards our 'homework'...
Oh well, having said that, i'm proud that we got a lil bit of marks form the competition. Even though the marks was a bit low, but i find it kinda satisfying considering the little effort and the minimal budget wasted on the project.
Can't say that i didn't benefit from the project. At least i made some new friends during that competition. And i believed that was more important than any grades...
Our simple looking device, efficient and cheap.