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06 November 2006

Exam Period

Exam is coming soon.
The official starting date of exams for my uni, UNSW is on 10/11 (this friday).

I have no idea why, but I love to see people torturing themselves during this period. Sleepless nights, short temper, frequent complaints, curses, and the likes....

Aren’t those what students usually do during exam period?
They rather stay up till 6am studying, Maggie mee everyday, stoning in a sitting posture for hours. Man, that’s bad for the body…
And they claimed that time is always against them. (Isn’t it amusing how TIME is what we have the most, not to mention the most precious of all, yet the one that we use most inefficiently)

If you give them a light poke while they are really focusing on memorizing something, and u get see a living human-volcano exploding. Then they use ‘excess-stress syndrome’ to justify their actions. Sometimes if I’m lucky, I get to see the worst anger and frustration anyone can reveal.
It’s amazing how willingly they are to remove that fake mask which they have been putting on all this while.

Intense pressure and stress brings out the worst in people. Let me savour the sight while it last. After all, times such as these don’t happen frequent.

Dang, I just love the sight of people suffer through self-torture.
Hehe, I'm regard myself as an observer.
I'm not evil....am I??