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06 September 2006


Nickname: ThE ForEver BluR ME
Personal msg: you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you
has just signed into the msn network.
His real name -> Kah Fai. (1 of my juniors, a first year student studying in UNSW mecharonics engineering)

I chat with him for a couple of minutes, and out of the blue he said: "oh ya .. read my personal message for you 1 .." (referring to 'you may be born talented, but my determination will surpass you'.) [Yes, that is the famous quote from rock lee of Naruto Anime....i think..]
He was envious of those who has the priviledge to play all day long and yet manage to get super grades for their exams. And he go on about saying that he will one day show eveyone that hardwork, determination and persistance will take him further than any genetically-born genius.
And now, i've found another rare friend who has the undying determination of a zombie.

Oh yeah, I also know this guy, Leon Teh who uses this line as a signature for all his emails:
"I will prove it with this technique that hard work surpasses genius......Lotus!!", Rock Lee to Uchiha Sasuke.
Seems like hardwork, determination and persistance almost guarantee an enhancement in anyone's personality.


KeNnetH | kH[a]w said...

hmm, i tot after spending 6 years with edward, you should know that talent always prevails.. =)

4444 said...

Ah yes...
Edward Liew. That guy is legendary!!!
Respect him a lot!! Salute!!
(I wonder how is he doing now...)

Edward is an einstein...one who is born talented..
This guy kah fai is a vijay singh...one who succeeds through hardwork and tons of practise...