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21 October 2006

Thesis Selection

I've been busy lately doinr research on a few thesis topic which I'm interested in...
Oh, for those who do not know, I'll be doing my thesis next academic session. We had to submit my preference as soon as possible to secure the topic of our 1st choice of thesis selection.

I submitted the form 2 days ago, last friday.
Jeng jeng jeng, my first preference is this thesis topic:
TOPIC 1151****************************************************
Supervisor(s): Dr Michal Tordon, A/Prof N A Ahmed
Title of thesis topic: Upgrade of UNSW wind tunnel test facility
Brief summary: This is a continuation project to upgrade the largest teaching subsonic wind tunnel of Australia.
Laboratory access required: Yes Lab. name(s): Aerodynamics (L209)
Suitable for: MECHATRONIC
What is a 'Wind Tunnel'???
A wind tunnel is a research tool developed to assist with studying the effects of air moving over or around solid objects. Typically, a plane has to be tested in a Wind Tunnel before any construction takes place.

I spoke to the 2 supervisor (Dr.tordon and Prof.Ahmed) regarding my intend of taking this thesis topic. Judging from our conversation, apparently I am the only student who approached them regarding this thesis topic.
It could be a good thing as i won't have any competitor who could potentially 'steal' my topic. And i am also interpreting it as "I could possibly be the only idiot who is gonna take this seemingly "uninteresting-with-no-future" thesis topic.

The interesting thing is that, they state that the 'Wind Tunnel' i'm dealing with is the biggest wind tunnel in the whole of Australia. They also claim that it is possibly one of the biggest wind tunnel in the world. This device is freaking huge! Ths size is like 2 classroom size and a height of 2 story tall.

Hopefully this statement: "Dealt with Australia's biggest Wind Tunnel" will look good in my future resume.