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18 October 2006

Looking down

Since the thesis topics has been posted up lately by UNSW, i was kinda busy looking around for information and meeting people to find out more about those topic which i'm particularly interested in. And since we have to submit out thesis topic preference before this friday, we have to act fast in our decision...

I spoke to mr.tomonari furukawa, a supervisor in charge with thesis topics that has something to do with robatics and system control. [He is probably the best and the smartest lecturer in the my faculty. Everyone in the uni respects him a lot...]
And I was very aware of my own body language during the discussion with him. The bad thing i noticed about myself is that, i tend to look down on the floor while i'm talking to him.

Even during the conversation, i was very aware of this bad habit of mine...and i was telling myself the whole time, "dude, look straight while you are talking!! There aint nothing interesting on the floor...."
Sigh, too bad....habit remains as a habit....and i tend not to look straight if i'm talking, particularly if i have a tremendous amount of respect towards the person i'm talking to ....

Well, I have change my habit bit by bit....
3 months!!! I'll give myself 3 months to do that!!!