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18 September 2006

Science of Complaining

Does complaining make us happier?
Somehow, we feel that if we complain, we’re going to be happier.
Are we happier when we complain? No.
Are the people around us happier when we complain? No. They’re more miserable.
When we live with people who are more miserable, are we happier? No.
So actually, when we complain, we become more unhappy.
----Ven. Thubten Chodron

It has been proven that the silent language of the body contributes more than spoken words in a 'face to face' conversation. Most of the actions portrayed by the body are thoughts of the mind...Usually it speaks the truth, even though spoken words may be a lie.
What the mind thinks, the body acts accordingly unconsciously.
So, i firmly believe that when people complain about something, their body emits an aura of discomfort towards everybody around them. And when you are not comfortable with yourself, you have the potential to put others to be in a position of discomfort. Subsequently when people are not comfortable, they are less happy than before.

Experiment: try complaining in front of a body mirror and be aware of your body language. How does it act? What does it tell you? Even if you can take it, would u still rather someone act that way all day long??

Moral of the story:
1) Complain a bit less.
2) Stay away from whinners and complainers... Either that, or stop them even before they begin.
3) Stick with seemingly happy people... (cause the brain cant tell the difference between a genuine happy face and a fake happy face anyway)


LaYpOhLaS said...

wah liew...siapa yang makan cili terasa wei...i damn terasa wei.haha...LOLz.its ok to complain every once in a while.tell me who doesn't complain about the world that goes on around them?i bet u do too...juz secretly...like to that body mirror u mentioned...hehe...but you know although complaining doesn't help solve the problem it does make u feel alot better, ur shoulders get a little lighter...ur frown might turn into a smile by 2% and you don't feel so alone facing this troubled world that u're in.hehe...so...*cough*cough* kok fye...dun offend ur readers. *ehem* LOLz!

4444 said...

terasa?? Oh, this post wasn't meant to shoot anyone specific...
Er, yeah, i do complain sometimes...but i'm trying my best to cut down the bad habit. Now, i'm trying to program myself to compliment other people more...

Btw, the art of body language is a very intriguing subject. I'm also trying to learn and practise good body language. (hehe, perhaps for some evil reasons..*wink wink*)

liz liz liz said...

cos life is about perception. be [+] is indeed a good quote to carry it in ur background everywhere u go~

4444 said...