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30 June 2008

Are students entitled for the substance known as Health

Now that you are reading this, my guess is that you are highly intellectual and incredibly healthy. After all, you are in a fit condition to use the internet and you are intellectual enough to read.

If you are a student planning or currently studying in tiertiery education center, chances are that you've been through primary school and secondary school or even a high school. My guess is that education and school defines your entire life. Being in an education center, you are expected to study, go through exams and pass them with flying colours.

Coming from parents, from friends, from teacher and even your dog...These expectations, since when were we compelled to fulfill them? Since when was it a rule to say that we must live up to them? I do not recall anyone signing a contract saying that they have to score 80+ for their exams. I do not recall anyone promising to a legal entity saying that they have to sacrifice their sleep to finish their soon-to-due assignments.

Reflect back on your past grades. Do you remember skipping 38 meals and 44 nights of sleep to study for a major exam like SPM? Maybe that kind of figure was abit of an exaggeration, but I'm pretty sure you would have sacrificed at least a night's sleep for an exam. Was the sleep deprivation worth the grade?

Think about it. A deprived sleep could impair your brain cells. And from what I heard, brain cells do not regenerate. (Yes, that is something to be afraid of)

Let look at a bigger picture. Do you care much about your past kindergarden grades, or your UPSR grades? Do you even care about the more recent ones, PMR, SPM and STPM grades? Or a more recent ones like college and university grades. Does it really matter 30 years down the road that you got a distinction for a subject?

So as long as you got the certificate at the end, does it really matter if you score a few hundred 'A's? I'd say: Intentionally killing your brain cells to trade for grades is a very bad trade. Your brain cells serve will serve you until you are six feet under but your grades can only do you good for up to a maximum of 2 years.

Chasing after perfect grades is an admirable act, but not at the expense of health. While most students chase after grades, friends, and new experiences, they often neglect the thing that is most important to them: Health.

Sleeping late, skipping meal, smoking, drinking booze... those are the stuff that damage the body more than making a mockery of this article. In fact, mocking this article and the author is healthy as it stimulates your brain cell and encourages activity in the brain.

It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilization history that Health is rarely given rational consideration by students, trapped by their perception of Health being the least important factor in their life. I'd say its time to turn the tide around. If you are reading this article 12am early in the morning, perhaps its time to skip to the credit section, read the last bit and go to bed.
This article is written by a blogger commonly known as 3POINT8. 3POINT8 is a prodigy child who graduated in the field of engineering. 3POINT8 is a former recipient of TARC scholarhip, and the highly competitive Golden Jubilee Scholarship offered by the best engineering course institute in Australia, UNSW.

This is a contest entry for Malaysia-students.com
Again, I didn't win :(
Then again, I'm proud of what I wrote. Dang, I can feel that my writing is getting better and better. I thank all my commenter who never cease to motivate me. You guys are the best!
Anyway, to bloggers: Continue writing! It'll definitely improve your writing skill.
To non-blogger: Keep on reading! It'll definitely improve your reading skill.

[Top Comment by ColourfulWorld]
Never sacrifice anything for UPSR, PMR and SPM. In fact, during the examination period, I play more CS to sharpen up my reflexes.
Sad enough, it's not that I don't want to sleep. 1 cawan teh tarik during supper time will occasionally give me sleepless night. The mind is sharp even till dawn. LOL.
I have twice the experience of not sleeping for 48 hours straight. What's the feeling? You feel like floating in the water. The mind is still there but it is not synchronized with the responses from your body parts. In the end, take a good 12 hour sleep for 2 days...
Here's a tip in case you plan to burn midnight oil. Keep drinking warm water whole night long, the more the better, to flush away the toxin generated as well as keeping your mind and body cool so that you can be more focused and the memory (in case you are facing an exam) will last longer.

26 June 2008


Hi guys! I gotta apologize for not putting enough effort in maintaining 3POINT8 as much as last time. But I want to let you guys know that I've read all the comments you all left me, and It did motivate me. Its just that I haven't had the time to reply them one by one. Anyway, thanks for the comments as its a very big factor that motivates me to blog.
Thank you, Xie Xie, Terima Kasih, Arigato, Muncho Gracias~~~

For those who are wondering, I'm now on a mission to look for original interesting blogpost by bloggers. I'm searching for blogpost that has contain radical ideas, extreme sarcasm, wicked witty-ness, well expressed post and anything that makes up a good quality blogpost. I'm searching for the ultimate masterpiece considered to be the best post in a blog. It doesn't matter if they are in some unpopular blog or a post written 38years ago, I'll search for em for I believe that its these posts that deserve a praise or two.
If you have come across some good blogpost, do recommend. It can be from your site, from your rival's blog, or even from your dog's blog. If there is a post that you think is freaking good, do recommend ya! [I'm not searching for good blogs, instead I'm searching for individual blog post that tops the creme]

Till next time, Enjoy your day!
[The artificial sunshine shines day and night]

In short:
Could you Recommend me the best blogpost you have ever read, written by small time bloggers?

Update: I'll try to feature the recommended articles here in this blogpost. Thanks for the recommendation.

22 June 2008

Within me, AIDS lie dormant.

----Within me, AIDS lie dormant----
[A fiction]

dice was cast landing my piece to ‘CHANCE’. I stretched out my hand to the stack of CHANCE cards gently taking the top card wishing for something to secure my position as first place. Happy I was the moment I realized that the ultimate card ‘Get out of Jail Free’, was withing my grasp. 17cards available in the Chance stack and I got the ultimate one. Now this is what I call luck!

I'm not a believer of fate but I do believe in luck. At the peak of my happiness, Aidsten enviously commented how I was always the lucky one living in a perfect world. Hiven agreed adding saying that I seem to have everything: Beauty, Brains, Health, Friends and Fame. That’s the perk of being a high achiever in college: recognition. Everyone around me seems to envy my life and there are some who even said that they'll gladly trade their life for mine anytime. Some would even go to extremes saying that they'll sell their soul to the devil to live my life for a day. That is how famous I am in college.

I replied confidently with a smirk: ‘Well....God loves me’. Since everyone is enjoying the game, I might as well go with the flow replying them with a happy tone. While my lips are poised with a smile, a feeling of sadness within me began to overwhelmed me. A moment ago I was feeling confident, and now I am beginning to experience a hint of dark cloud shadowing my heart. Sometimes, I really hope that devils exist in this world. I'll trade my life with anyone, anytime!

All my life, I've been hiding a dark secret from everyone. While everyone perceives me as the perfect angel bestowed from heaven, nobody knew that I was born with HIV+. Life isn’t fair; I did nothing to deserve this and yet I am the one to be haunted by it. It is only a matter of time before AIDS decides to pop up and cause havoc in my perfect life. I'm a walking timebomb, and there is nothing much I can do about it.

While my friends envy me, I envied them even more. They can afford to sleep late, partake bad diet, get sick and they’ll recover in no time. For me, I have to constantly monitor my health for I cannot fall sick, NOT EVEN ONCE as I know a common flu can easily end my life. My life sucks! Unlike people who pass away from chronic diseases like cancer, If I die I'll probably die from some puny little common flu. I'm a pathetic weakling.

That was what I used to believed in a few years ago when I was still an immature teenager. I guess death is not such a bad thing considering I've done all I could with my life. I did well in school, I'm the president of the college entrepreneur club, I made a dozen of good friends, I own 3POINT8. Even if I have to go tomorrow, I know I'll leave the world with no regrets for I've achieved all I could in my life.

Just as I was about to delve deep into my sorrow, Siv tapped my shoulder bringing me back to reality. From the way he offered me the dice, I could tell that it is my turn again. This time I rolled an eight landing my piece to ‘JAIL’. I reluctantly hand over the 'Get out of Jail' Card while fantasizing how life could be a little more like monopoly. Just like in the game, I wish that there is a ‘Get out of HIV Free’ card somewhere in the world so that I too have a second chance in life.
----Written By 3POINT8----

Author's Note:
Names used in this article are inspired by HIV related disease,
Aidsten = AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
Hiven = HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
Siv = SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus)

This article was originally intended as an entry for a contest organised by AisecUPM in April 2008. The contest entry article was reduced to 200words, which reduced the quality of the article. Anyway I didn't win, but the winning script can be found here.

[Top Comment by QuaChee]
oh my this is touching & inspiring at the same time.
do take care & continue to live life the fullest. for you to come so far, there is still so much to enjoy for whatever time is left. we are all living in a time bomb, actually.
again, inspiring :)

18 June 2008

Then there's... Something Greater

There Are Heroes.
There Are Superheroes.
And Then There's... HANCOCK
The first time I saw the poster of the new movie Hancock, I was awed! As an aspiring creative writer who is into linguistic, I was amazed at the tagline. Whoever came up with that is a freaking genius!

Lets leave the tagline for now and go to an IQ question.
Answer this question: What comes next?
Great -> Greater -> ???????

Let tackle this question together and come up with the best answer possible, alright?
Lets assess this tough question carefully. The first word in the sequence would be 'Great'. The second word in the sequence is 'Greater'. Logically thinking, 'Greater' is better than 'Great'. So, the perfect answer to the IQ question would be something that is even better than the word 'Greater'. I do not know about you guys, but I have a feeling that the answer starts with the alphabet 'G'.

Indeed, this is a tough question.Don't worry folks. I understand it if you can't answer the question in such a short time. So, I'll allow some time for you to think as we go back to the tagline.

As I mentioned earlier, whoever came up with the tagline is a genius!
If being a Hero is a near-impossible dream, then being a Superhero is definitely an impossible task! Then again, NIKE taught us all that nothing is impossible.
If that someone can surpass a hero, they can be considered as a superhero, the top of all heroes. Among the elite superheroes, there is a person who is the most superior of all. Hancock!

I have no idea who this Hancock guy is, but this tagline gives me the impression that he could single handedly defeat Rambo, Spiderman, Chuck Norris and God all at once in a split second. That is how good he seemed, all thanks to the super owning tagline.

If the tagline can work this well in the world of superheroes, I'm pretty sure this can be applied in the world of blogosphere. Here is my version:
Kennysia owns a popular blog. Among the top of the popular blogs is PostSecret. Among the elite of the top blogs is none other 3POINT8. [Alrite alrite, I admit my blog is no where near there but still, I think this tagline is freaking cool!]

Enough with the tagline. Lets get back to the IQ question:
What comes next: Great -> Greater -> ??????

If you are thinking of the word 'Greatest', you are dead wrong! If this is an official exam, you'll fail miserably!
The answer is 3POINT8!

What is your thought on this? Do you think that this is the best tagline you've seen in your life?

[Top Comment by Pinksterz]
haha omg ur pic damn scary sial but got similarities. omg you are handick issit!!! HAHAHAHA adik kepada hancock. xD
and i doubt hancock can handle a single pinksterz. HMPH.

14 June 2008

Fame through blogging

Warning: Jealousy may arise if you choose to venture further into this post. Either that, you'll feel superior knowing that you have a better blog.

What constitutes a famous blogger?
1) Some say its the unique visits per day
2) Some say its the comment per post
3) Some say its the rank by sites that regulates blogs popularity (Alexa, Technorati, Google Page Rank)

Most bloggers would come to realize that its the combination of all the above. Compared to the many better blogs out there, I may lose out on unique visits but my blog is strong in terms of quality comments I receive from people from all walks of life.

Other than the 3 factor mentioned above, there is fourth factor most people overlook while judging whether a blogger is worthy enough to be categorised as "famous blogger".
4) A mention by other bloggers.

You know you have made it when someone willingly dedicate a whole post for you. A famous blogger is bound to be mentioned by other bloggers. (eg: KennySia, JohnChow, Frank Warren, and the famous number guy)

I feel that I have long way to go before I can call myself a famous blogger. After all, my blog is not as great, or as popular as others, but personally I feel good when a someone mention about me or 3POINT8. Even better if they are dedicating a whole blog post for me. I feel great whenever someone says that I am the inspiration behind their blog post. Being placed in that kind of situation, I'm sure most bloggers would feel the same way as me.

The following list are a compilation of my proud moments.

All about 3POINT8:

Post inspired by 3POINT8:

Partially inspired by 3POINT8

Tags about 3POINT8
Erm.... I lost track of this.

[If i can keep up with this list, I know I haven't made it to the top yet.]

These bloggers combined have inspired me to write up this post.
What about you? Have you inspired someone to write something lately?

[Top Comment by Ron Jerem Lee]
i think still the best benchmark is .... how much u earn a month.....

10 June 2008

Hug Kiss Project.Trafford & Offer Mister Potato

Have you heard?
Mamee-Double Decker Group is giving out cash and personally autographed football jerseys by world class footballer. They are also giving out 30 football tours to Manchester England worth rm15,000 each.

If you ask me, that is one massive contest! The total worth of prizes to be given out is close to half a million Ringgit.
[Proof: (30xRm15,000) + (3xRm5,000) + (jersey value) = Rm465,000 + jersey value]

Luck can only take you to this far. Coupled with perseverance and the will the win, you and your friends could be a lucky winner walking home with half a million dollars. (That is assuming that you and your friends won everything, which is not an impossible case)

All you need to do is:
Collect Mister Potato Seal and Poach.
3 points = 160g canister seal
2 points = 85g bag
1 point = 55g bag
Collect the most points, mail it to Kilang Makanan Mamee and the prize is yours to claim.

I reckon there are a few ways to claim the prize that is rightfully yours:
1) Play fair. Collect points as you enjoy the snack.
2) Play dirty. Sabotage other participants. (This can be done if you work for the post office or the nuclear bomb factory)

We bloggers play fair, and we hope that you play fair. We do not condone to sabotage acts [though you are free to explore into this option].

Lets face it. We live in a world filled with trades. You have to offer something to get something in return. To get prizes, you need to offer points. To get points, you need to have Mister Potato Snacks. Indeed, there is lots of ways to get those Mister Potato Snack you crave for. One way to do that is offer free stuff.

And this is what I did to get my share of Mister Potato:
In front of the ultimate pillar of Mister Potato, I offered something close to my heart, a warm hug.
A hug with no unnecessary additive.

I understand that passion is often the fuel for creation. Can you take the heat?
Above the streets of Mister Potato, is the famous landmark where I’ll make my move.

What makes something so unforgettable? I’m guessing it has something to do with chemistry.
Free Kisses, I’m sure its gonna attract all the pretty ladies, especially when I try to act cute.

Anything for a bite!
Kisses simply aren’t kisses without passion are they?

Real Life Goodness!
I did manage to get a few hugs from strangers. (see! Even without mister potato, they are willing to hug me. If each of them has a canister of mister potato, I can definitely win this contest!)

There is something great about such acts that encourage people to give out Mister Potato. Only the finest Mister Potato, carefully selected to retain their wholesomeness, are perfected into the ultimate snack. What you get is 100% imported experience. Go on, try this stun and find out what you have been missing all this while – the fresh taste victory coupled with lots of Mister Potato.
Then again, My 5 other groupmates sent me here to Sydney to gather some Mister Potato chips. A couple of Aussies promised that they'll buy em online and send it over to me by post. I'm so touched by them.

That’s how you play fair and get lots of Mister Potato. Well, if you still opt for dirty tricks, do drop some suggestion. I'm sure we can find a way to make it legal. **evil grin**

Simon Seow [Top Left]
Aronil [Top Right]
Nicole [Middle]
ChicsInRed [Bottom Left]
Andy [Bottom Right]
Stalker [Bottom Middle]

Fact time:
1) In UK, they call french fries, chips. And potato chips in UK are known as crisps.
2) This group I'm with is the first group to post Project Trafford in full detail. [To be successful, you either have to be the first, or different]

Now that we have teach you how to make it big, Would you join contest such as these?

07 June 2008

When rules become vague

"When you meet a girl, what draws you closer to her?"

Suppose there is a TV reality show that tries to matchmake participants with their dreamguy / dreamgirl and producers of the TV show has picked you as one of their lucky participants.
You give them the description of your dream-mate and they try to find the perfect match for you. You are getting excited about it and you think that this is your chance for a happy life considering they paired up one lucky participant with McDreamy last season, and another one with Jessica Alba.

This could be your chance to live a "happily ever after life", which ignites this burning desire to be in the reality TV show even more. Killing 2 birds with one stone, you get to be with your dream guy, and at the same time make every soul out there green with envy!

Just when you decide to go with this TV show, the producer comes to you with a shocking twist. A rule which you have to abide upon signing up.

You think to yourself: "A chance to get together with my dream-mate is worth traveling to hell and back. "

So you tell the producer: "I'll do anything for this. I'll even sell my soul to the devil!"

Producer: "Haha. Its good to see someone who is excited about this programme. But you don't have to go as far as selling your soul. However there is catch in this show. The biggest loser of this show will have to date and spend a night with a homosexual (or heterosexuals if you are homosexual) of our choice. Also, you cannot reveal this catch to the audience in any way. At the same time, you are suppose to promote this show by encouraging viewers to watch this show. Once you have decided to go for it, we will perform an interview with you shortly after this."

Then he hands you a piece of contract. Somewhere along the contract, you saw this statement in bold writing: "You are not allowed to disclose that the biggest loser of this show will have to date and spend a night with a homosexual."

It doesn't matter. A lifetime with your dream-mate is worth a night with homosexuals. I mean, what is a night compared to a lifetime worth of happiness. So, without hesitation, you signed the contract and agreed to go on with the show.

In the interview, you are hyped about it. You feel like you are in cloud nine. You just want to tell your best friend, your mom, your dad, your god, your dog and the whole world about this chance to get together with your dream-mate. If you things didn't turn out well, at least you get to see and interact with him/her in that show.

As you get excited, you started to blush more and you feel more comfortable expressing whatever thats on your mind. Thats when you start to stuff things up. You mentioned that there will be losers and homosexuals involved in the show. But you did not reveal the fact that biggest loser will have to spend a night with homosexuals.

The producer cut the interview short, told you that you will be kicked out of the event because you mentioned something that is not suppose to be mentioned.
Then you start to think. you did follow the rules! Even though you did mention about losers and homosexuals, you did not reveal the fact that "the biggest loser of this show will have to date and spend a night with a homosexual of their choice"

In cases like these, who do you think is in a better position to fight for their argument?
The person called 'you'? Or the producer?

[Since you signed the contract, you have already entered an agreement involving 2 parties. It is now a very serious business. You have already signed the contract. So the producer is forced to put you on in the show unless you have breach the contract]

[I think the person 'you' is in a better position. Just my thought. I'm not into law, so I wouldn't know the correct answer]

[Top Comment by Su]
I'm gonna stand at a position of the producer. Knowing that a lot of people will definitely back the "you" person because it is easy to relate to and it seems like such a little thing to us folks who have no idea.
Think bout this, the producer have already mentioned to you about this, and it is stated in papers (though very vague but if in real it will be more than a line of agreement that make sure if you did anything wrong, they will sue your ass off) Lets see the damage the "you" have done. 1st revealing a production secret direct or indirectly that will damage the reputation of the production and company. 2, you're probably getting the producer fired and he losing his credibility, loses opportunity in the industry. 3, probably a lawsuit that will go surely hit headlines and well, isn't all sunshine and rainbow for both parties (think of the negativity surrounding this kind of news) 4, say bye bye to a chance with your dream. 5, think of the shockwave that it will send to the tv industry in future reality tv shows (you may even say bye bye to them).
So its what i can see if this case gone court.
Guess a lot of people didn't see the weight of this little actions might cause (and thinking its to the extreme) So don't pick on the producer =) he's just doing his job.

03 June 2008

Project Trafford

The great mysterious application was filled and sent digitally leaving no apparent physical mark. The phantom application was assessed & approved, granting 3POINT8 the opportunity to work with 5 prominent bloggers.

As mysterious as it is, it projects an ironic aura of red glory. It bears the name of Project Trafford. The great manager of this project gathered 40+ of the most influential blogger in nuffnang community to learn and share amongst each other on how to "Snack your way to a Live Match at Old Trafford".

I'd say the following 4 bloggers did a good job in promoting the event.

If you've read any of the blog post above, you'll come to realize that this contest is sponsored by Mister Potato. Seems like they are plotting a scheme to make contestants savor every mister potato chips they can get before they get transferred to UK.
And because UK doesn't have any mister potato chips, these people will probably have to suffer hunger, famine, and addiction. I would imagine them there bearing a pale sick face while lying motionless, barely with the energy to open up their eyes to witness the 'live match'.

If you are a potential winner, let me warn you this:
Better ship a container filled with Mister Potato chips over to UK. Better start making arrangement with supermarkets, hypermarkets, and warehouses before they run out of mister potato chips.

Oh one more thing, this is a risky journey, one that is far worse than sailing in a one man Styrofoam ship to Antarctica. So, before you snack up and get all ready to leave for UK, better bid your family and friends one good farewell. HUG THEM, KISS THEM, OFFER THEM FOOD (potato chips recommended). This could be your last chance to see them again.

I know you want a taste victory mixed with misery. After all, its the best feeling anyone can get. Getting pushed into a pit later to find out that you have the capability to stand up and fight! I know you want this! Though They haven't revealed thier methods yet, but these are the people who can teach you how to secure a safe journey to UK:
Who are these people you might ask?

Nicole Tan
The recently elected columnist of a tiny little section in the star newspaper. Though tiny, it represents us bloggers and members of the blogosphere should be proud of that space (This is the first time a blogger has ever been given a column of her own in the newspaper in Malaysia). I'd say: "If you are the better blogger, overthrow her from her crown.

His blog is all about people and food. Curious where to get potato chips at a freaking cheap price, contact him. Keep in mind that its a custom to offer him food (preferbly chips) before you ask favours from him.

Aronil is a freaking good blogger. I don't know how she does it, but she has this appeal that encourages readers to write quality comments in her blog. As a result, readers visit her blog for the quality blogpost she made and the quality comments her readers makes.

She is a normal blogger.


Andy is a promising blogger. Though his blog is filled with crappy news at the moment, I have a feeling that he'll be one famous blogger in the near future. (Proof: He joined nuffnang a week ago and he was invited into Project Trafford) He reminds me of Lim Goh Tong. Once born in poverty, He envisioned the great Genting and got the ultimate title in malalaysia, Tan Sri. (I'm kissing Andy's ass even before he becomes famous so that I too can ride on his fame. Potato chips anyone?)

Blasphemy! 3POINT8 is a copycat. He copies practically everything from this blog! All the way from template to blog content and even all the comments from this blog.

[Top Comment by Anonymous]
Is there any reason to why you bold the word "Hug Kiss and Offer food"?
This sounds dodgy

01 June 2008

Teaming up with genius and idiots

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision becomes extremely blurry
---- Anonymous.
Teamwork is great fun when you are working with people who are in the same level as you. You contribute an idea, they contribute an idea and everyone is happy.

It gets a bit problematic when there is a huge gap within the group. Lets just say everyone contributes to the best of their ability. There is a freaking good one, and a freaking lousy one. The freaking good contributes 100 ideas while the freaking lousy contributes -10 ideas. (Negative because he took those ideas from the freaking good guy and claimed it as his own.)

Sometimes when a person contributes too much, I get this feeling like I'm overloaded with information. And when a person does not contribute anything, I feel like I'm not getting any help (particularly damaging if I got stuck at some point and desperately need some ideas.)

Being in a group like that, I can't help it but to think that I'm useless in front of the freaking good and feeling that the freaking bad should contribute more.

I guess it sucks being a leader in that group. The leader has to limit the the freaking good and help out the freaking lousy by secretly giving out ideas to the freaking lousy allowing him to take the credit so that everyone in the team are treated equally as contributors. [Just like how tax system sucks out more percentage from the rich and less from the poor]

Have you encounter this kind of situation before?

Which comes to my question:
Assuming that you are the leader, are you willing to give out ideas to the lousy guy, allowing him to take credit for it in order to maintain the group?

[Top Comment by ColourfulWorld]
I would have to disagree with you. Each and everyone is unique and they contribute differently in a dynamic group. In the end it all comes down to the leader, whether he / she is capable of turning the team members on besides serving as a gateway for information processing and sharing.
Before a meeting starts, it is very important that everyone understand clearly the goals and objectives which will be covered throughout the meeting to prevent frequent build up of confusion during the session. Therefore the leader must be able to provide guidance all the time so that team members will not be led astray accidentally.
A good leader must be able to spot weakness and strength of each team member, so that he / she knows how to delegate proper tasks to proper entity.
By the way, if you know the proper and effective process of brainstorming, conditions that you mentioned would be significantly avoided. Maybe you should introduce some common brainstorming such as the SWOT & TOWS analysis, thinking hats etc.