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31 December 2006

Happy New Year

Present is Today!!! The present moment is not Static. The present is dynamic, and it'll continue to change...
Time goes on... The past will always be the Past, and the Future will always be something to look forward too....
Soon, that Future will also be a part ofHistory. And hopefully the pathway to the Future will be clearer as Time goes by...

Today, millions celebrate the end of 2006 and welcome the start of 2007!!!
I too will be anticipating for the best. I'll be wishing the best for the whole world, especially those around me...

Happy New Year!!!

24 December 2006

Christmas Wish

If there was a thing such as the 'christmas wish', I would wish myself to be in a really really cold quiet place, lie on a flat ground, watch as snow falls, and comtemplate time for a really really long time...as though that there are 4444hours in a day...
I'll probably just lie there with my mp3 player on a lonely street and reminisce as memories come and pass by...

By the way, Enjoy your christmas!!!!
Kok Fye wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
Cyan wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!
Kif wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! and...
3POINT8 4444 wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

21 December 2006

[NLP] Association and Dissociation

In NLP, there is this concept of association and dissociation.

Scenario 1:
Think of a happy event. Imagine the things that you could see through your eyes, hear through your ears, smell through your nose, and feel your surronding. [1st person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Halo and etc...]
This is known as association.

Scenario 2:
Think of a sad event. But this time, imagine that you are having a 'out-of-body' experience. See your own self from the back just as how anyone else would see you. [3rd person view] [Gamers may recognise this view as games in Dota, Final Fantasy and etc...]
This is known as dissociation.

An event may be interpreted differently depending on which state of mind you are in (association or dissociation).
While you are in 'association' mode, you get to feel more out of an event. You get to experience the whole thing.
However, when you are in 'dissociation' mode, you won't get to feel as much from your senses, but you get to assess matter in a clearer state of mind.

If you want to share a personal experience with someone, 'Association' works better.
If you want to get advice from someone, 'Dissociation' works better. 'Dissociation' also works better if you want hard-headed person to realise a mistake of their own.

Think about it!

17 December 2006

New Year

In a few days, Christmas will be coming....A few more days, and 2006 will be gone...
I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice if we were all granted 1 wish every passing new year??

13 December 2006


It has always been said that the greatest invention of all time, is the creation of language. Language was invented for the sole purpose of communication.
That was what I was told!
Hhhmmm, wouldn't that also mean that Communication plays a vital part in our life??

Language... Humans converse in all sorts of language be it English, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and etc... Of course, every educated person on this earth knows that English is the current international language.
But do you know that there is another language, more prominent and dominant than the English language?? Everyone uses it more than any other language in the world. Even a new-born child knows how to use it.

Introducing the language which transcends boundaries of culture, race, gender and age. Heck, even applicable to different species of the world....
And many claim that 'Body Language' is that ultimate language.

The facial expresion, the arm gesture, the hip direction, the movement of the legs... All these small little gesture reveals a lot about a person.

Mind-readers, Psychics, Successful Businessman, World-Class Negotiators, even James Bond rely heavily on Body Language to be who they are right now...

That is why I'm getting more and more into Body Language. [I view it as a way to compensate for my not-so-good spoken language.]

09 December 2006

Meeting fired up

Into the 5th day of my industrial training, and I'm allowed to witness how a major meeting goes....
Today, I was allowed to participate in a major meeting.

This major meeting last for bout 3 hours.... 3 freaking hours sitting in the meeting room. I guess the real challenge is try to stay awake for the whole duration of the meeting..
Well, this meeting is MAJOR.... The chairman is the deputy director of the whole operation (that's what I've been told) and there are about 30 engineers sitting there.
I would say that the chairman is pretty good at controlling the meeting. He is a very goal-orientated person, always concerned about how to meet deadlines and resolving problem instead of finding fault with everyone. Plus, I'm not sure how he did it, but he has a very very subtle way of threatening people.
[Although he chairman is TRYING not to blame anyone, but he somehow somehow managed to freak out everyone in the meeting room...Man, that guy is just scary, he has this 'basilisk glare', turning everyone into splineless rigid stones.... Almost everyone in the room has their arms cross, stiff shoulder and their backs hunched, indicating that they are defensive and afraid as hell]
However, the bad thing about the chairman is that he tend to drag matters.....into 3 hours meeting...

Then, I was allowed to witness another minor meeting which last for 2 and half hours...
I fell asleep halfway through the meeting. Well, it wasn't a sleep actually, its more like a 15mins nap....

It was interesting to see how they point the finger to others...
By the way, I sat down there quietly throughout the 2 meetings. I got nothing to say. Even if I did have something to say, I wouldn't, I'm still a newbie at this stage...

06 December 2006

Military Hospital

Day 2 of my Industrial Attachment,
And I realised that I'm part of the team who is currently building a hospital.
Technically, when people ask me what have I done during my industrial training days, I can always say that: "I've built a hospital before!"

Come to think about it...
1998 - 2002: I'm involved in PBSM (Malaysian Red Cross Society)
2003 - 2006: I'm involved in VAD (Voluntary Aid Disaster Unit)
2006 - 2007: I'm building a hospital

Ah yes, the joy of being involved with medical stuff...
Cool!!! I'm always amazed by myself....

05 December 2006

Industrial Attachment

Today is my 1st day of my Industrial Attachment with Primary Horizon in Malaysia.
What roughly know about this company is that Primary Horizon is currently maintaining 22 goverment hospitals in Malaysia, and the are involved in a lot of current constructions. Heard that they are also involved in a construction somewhere outside Malaysia.

Well, I'm being assigned to 1 of their many projects in Setapak, Malaysia. 'Boustead' is building a Military Hospital, and they kinda hired a few companies to do the work. Primary Horizon is one of those companies under Boustead. Apparently Primary Horizon is in charge of the electrical system and Intercomm communication.

So far so good.
The Project Manager and the Site Manager of Primary Horizon is kind and patient enough to brief me through the whole operation. And they seem like a bunch of nice people.....
Best part is, I got a new black shoe with metal guard and a those construction safety helmet for free!!!

Thank you Primary Horizon...

04 December 2006

Slow Internet Connection Speed

I'm back to Malaysia now, something I should be glad of...
However, internet connection here at my home is really really really slow.
It took me 30mins just to get into the page of blogger.com where I get to compose 'new post'...
So, blogging activity will be reduced by a lot, I guess...