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29 January 2007

Passion and Drive

How would the world be different if people began to follow their dreams?
Reality is what you make of the world. I believe a person can create his or her own reality without having to give up their dream and strive to be what they choose to be in the world. A person can be whatever they may wish; the only question is "does the person have the passion and drive to pursue his or her dream?" Questions like these are always asked but never answered, I think that life is full of turns and road block but it is how we live our life that determines whether we have fulfilled our dreams. In a person's life, a goal is nothing more than something to reach and obtain; however, what happens after that goal is reached. Then some can say that the purpose of our life has been lived and there shall be no more life to live.
---- James K
Passion and Drive....


27 January 2007

At the end of the day

48 working days have passsed since I started my Industrial Traning in a Construction site.
Every morning I loathe going to work, wishing I could sleep for a while more. I walk sloppily to the worksite everytime I leave the house. And whenever possible, I always take my own sweet time walking to the site, not wanting to arrive there any early as I could have. Don't get me wrong, I'm always punctual though, in fact too punctual so much so that I always arrive 1min before I'm late!

And throughout the whole morning, my mind will be mainly focused on lunch time. There is a lot for me to every morning, and I always try my best to do the best I could. However, lunch time is still the time I'm looking forward to. [You see, I can't just sit slack around do nothing. Even though my pay as a trainee is extremely low, but I believe that this is the perfect period to build up my reputation among my collegues. I want them all to have the impression that I'm the potential hardworking individual working with the highest integrity even with little pay and benefits. I had to act this way, coz I'm expecting them to be my potential business partner in the future!]

In the afternoon after lunch time, I'll most probably have to attend a meeting. This is the time when stress is the VIP guest inside my head! Small problems pop up from nowhere, big issues arrise, and sub-contractors like us will be shot, fired, fried and tormented! After the meeting, I'll most probably have to go and inspect the workers' work!

Throughout the whole working day, me and my collegues have to deal with difficult people whole day long. There are arguments constantly happening around in the site office. People passing the ball of blame all over the place, complaining this and that, always delaying the action of solutions. That's why in front of power people (eg: Main contractor, Clerk of Work, Coordinator, Architect) subbies like us tend to focus our eyeballs somewhere else as though we were looking through thin air. Not wanting to admit their presence there is one of the best ways to aviod any confrontation.

Whenever I ask people "how is your day?" during working hours, most of them probably give a slight smirk looking sideways with the head facing down, sighing softly with that heavy breath. The main-contractors, Clerk of Work, managers, Sub-contractors, workers all seemed pretty stressed whole day long everyday.

But you know what?
Towards the last minute of working hours, people tend to relax abit knowing they survived another 1 tough day at the jobsite. And at the end of the day, some of them do smile with that big grin on their face. It's just assuring to see people still have the humour to fool around, joke around like little kids. Well, I guess at least there are still people who have that philosophy of "At the end of the day, we are still friends!" Within me, there is always this relieved feeling hanging around everytime I walk back home from work, which makes me wanna look forward towards the next day end-working-day.
Sadly, I know the next work-day morning will be a whole different feeling.

24 January 2007

Being alone

At least the person who sent this postcard isn't alone. Isn't it ironic how I wish to be alone for most of the time yet at the same time trying to get attention, always trying to find out anyone who secretly admires the loner.

There are people in this world destined to never have friends or family, never to love or be loved; to always be alone. I am one of those people.
- Striding Cloud, Stormriders
I used to like how I could relate to the quote above. I used to admire strong silent type of person and always aspire to become one. Just like those 1-man show type of person as potrait in Hollywood movies. Legendary heroes, Assassins, Persuasive silent leaders, even Spiderman and Superman (er, x-men excluded in this post!). Just like those who are skilled in everything and is able to do everything alone. All of them share some common trait, they live a lonely lifestyle yet they are so capable of everything.
I have a very strong feeling that this admiration of mine had been turning me into a shy quiet type of person. Now, I wish to break out from this type of thinking. I'm now less likely to intend to be a silent hero now. I wish to have more lively friends now. To be able to socialise freely without any fear of rejection.

I am slowly chaging my way of thinking.
Is there a faster way to become the influencial and persuasive Prince.Charming??

22 January 2007

[Quote] Is it true that:

One man's meat may be another man's poison
Isn't it amazing how something can be interpreted differently by another person.

Let's take the example of coke:
To the average folks like us, it means just another fizzy soft-drink, another great thrist-quencher.
To the person who created it, it may represent his greatest invention ever.
To some druggie, it may be a substitute to ignite the after-effect of a certain drug.
To some diabetic person, it may be poison to that poor fella.

To some, money is everything. The universe revolves around money!
To some, money is the root all of evil capable of destroying someone's life.
To some, money is another instrument of trade.
To some, 50cents is their whole life.
To some, 10,000bucks is their 1min cigar.
And to some, there are mastercards, and visas.

What about something more subjective?
Some found it!
Some think happiness found them.
Some fought for it.
Some wish for it everyday and every night.
Some are still busy to give a thought about it.
Some thinks that they have never experience it before
And some poor soul, may never get to know what is happiness.
(Allow me to alleviate the spirits of those who have not known happiness yet. Happiness is a feeling of pleasure of satisfaction)

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

20 January 2007

Changing Tires

I went out with a bunch of friends (Foon Ling, Kan Mi, LiYi, Jonathan, Naresh, and FL's collegue) to Sunway Pyramid 4 hours ago. Just a simple dinner.

Anyway, the fun starts when we on our way exiting the shopping complex.
Everything was good until I got in the car in the parking lot. I drove the car out of the parking space, following the route leading to the exit of the parking lot. Drove for a while and I noticed that there is this weird noise coming out from the car.
Initially I thought it was the engine, a split secound later, my intuition told me the engine was the least of my worries, and that it was more about the tires. Anyway, I went out of the car and checked for the tires. Yup, 1 of them was close to a complete flat. It was a scary sight, the rim was barely touching the floor.

Well, I was picking two girls back home(Foon Ling and Kan Mi). So, I thought maybe I should quickly exit the 10-storey parking lot and dirve to the nearest petrol station for assistance. (Well, I've never changed a tire before, so I thought maybe I should hand the job over to any of the station attendent. I'm sure they have more experience in this type of stuff.)

From level 9, we drove down to level 8, level 7, level 6. (The exit is on level 3) Starting from level 5 the noise from the tires gets worse. And at level 4, I start to notice metal screech noises. Damn, at this point I was worried that the rims are touching floors this time. Down 1 more level to level 3, and I quickly stop at the side and made a decision to change the tires before anything unpleasant happens...

Once i'm out of the car, I'm sweating like a waterfall. I'm not sure whether its the stuffy environment in the closed-space parking lot, or am i just afraid how to explain the situation to my dad later. Or maybe I'm afraid of embrassment if i should fail to change the tires in front of 2 girls..

Man, I was really scared then. I tried to act calm as though everything is in control but deep inside, I'm really nervous. Looking at the flat tire and the spare tire, while stalling time trying to figure how to fix everything. (Dang I should have paid more attention to the driving seminar 5 years ago. If I had, I probably would have more confidence in fixing this kind of small problem)
I was a lil bit more scared when I do not know how to insert the jack to lift the car up. Well, luckily Kan Mi solved that problem for me. Just looking at the worried faces of Kan Mi and Foon Long, somehow made me a bit more relaxed. I have no idea why, but my thinking was clearer after that, as in I was able to make judgement faster than before.

Halfway changing the tires, Jonathan and LiYi came back into the parking lot. Jonathen was driving then. They have already exit the parking lot but they came back into the parking lot just to make sure everything is a-ok.. Appreciated that! (They paid the parking fees, exit the building, came back in the parking and paid the parking fees for the 2nd time)

And the rest are all easy stuff. So, I managed to change the tires with the help of the 2 girls. And after the job was all over, my shirt was dreanched in sweat while the 2 girls still look as fine as ever.

Well, In the end, everything was alrite. Just that I have to drive a bit slower with the spare tire on the road. The experience of driving with a spare tire is a totally whole new experience. You see, I've never driven on the left lane of a 3-lane road, and I've never driven consistantly at 40km/hr at a highway. And I get to do it all a few hours ago..

While driving back, I still remember Kan Mi with that smirk saying "Kok Fye, luckily this kind of stuff did not happen with you and ur gf! That is if you have a gf lar". And Foon Ling was nodding away with a seemingly evil grin...

Just another new fun experience in another ordinary day...

18 January 2007


Have anyone wondered how something insignifant to us may be the core motivator of another person?

I just came back home from clubbing with a bunch of my aussie friends. I got to find out that to this particular someone, the experience of being drunk is like the best joy to him throughout his whole life...
Acording to that fella, he live his life in a cage since the day he was he know how to use his brain until now. And he had this little perception that everyone is trying to control his life.
I'm not sure if anyone would undertand this, but him being drunk is like a symbol of freedom to him. The only time when he feels that he had complete control of his life doing anything his heart desire... Perhaps the only thing he is hoping for is to do stuff without any restrictions no matter how minor it is....

To me, its like those old movies about freedom and independance. It's like how the 3 words "Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka" symbolise freedom for Malaysia. It's also like those die-hard loyal soldier protecting something in-animate as their country's flag as if their whole life depends on it....

Whaooo, Just Imagine what you could do If you could just dig out a 'symbol' of a person's desire.
You can be his next best friend in the next instance...

15 January 2007

Digital Love - Daft Punk

Lately, I had the oppurtunity to watch the advertisement of Nokia 5300 (Malaysia Version).
The 1st thing that caught my attention about that ad is the background music that they used.
Undoubtedly the music is titled 'Digital Love' by Daft Punk.

This music had quite an impact in my life even until now...
I still remember that I first heard it when I was in form4 (year 2000). Suprisingly it's still being played in a advertisement in 2007...
And this song is probably 1 of the few songs that I will never get tired of listening to...

I present the MTV version of 'Digital Love - Daft Punk'

13 January 2007

Lucid Dreaming

Dreams, we all do...
Now now, I'm not talking about goals, I'm not talking about ambition. I'm talking about the type of dream people experience in their sleep.

Some say that dreams is a means where our thoughts get organized just as how a computer is under defragmentation.
Some say that dreams is how the subconscious mind express its true desires.
Some say that dreams are a way of communicating with spirits, ghosts and unknown entities.

The fascinating about dreams is that, we get to feel that virtual world that only exist in out mind. As far as imagination goes, anything can happen in a dream depending on how creative someone is. The sweetest moment, that crippling fear, the warmth of another human, the highly anticipated future, or the imaginative fantasy world...Any experience is possible with dreams. Our perception, our senses may be as real as reality in a dream. Surreal...

However in a typical normal dream, the dreamer is just a spectator of their own dreams. All they could do is just follow the flow of their own dream and be a witness of their own experience. Most wouldn't even notice that they are dreaming until its over. And some just aren't fortunate enough to remember the contents of their dreams...

But what if someone is 'dreaming while knowing that they are dreaming'?
That my friend, is known as Lucid Dreaming.
Lucid Dreaming is the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer experience and sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream. In other words, you get to control what you dream, what's in it, who's in it and etc..
Perhaps then, programming your own subconsicous mind may be easier with routine dreaming than anything else. 'If you think you are, you are'

Thinking about the benefits of experiencing something virtual that is as real as reality, thinking about the endless posibilities of scenarios that can be experienced......makes me want to know more about 'Lucid Dreaming'

10 January 2007

Riches in Me

Riches in Me
Guilty Gear Isuka
Everyone seems to like the idea of having riches beyond what they currently have now. No one seem to willingly reject excess money.

When people say that: "I wish to be richer. I want to have money beyond everyone else"... Is that what they truly meant?? Is riches and money the final goal of everyone's fantasy??
Somehow somehow, I don't think this is the case... I once heard someone said that riches is only the beggining of human's fantasy.

I mean, what is the motivation behind obtaining more riches??
To live comfortably for a really long time??
To create an image to achieve higher social status??
To buy more control in terms of personal power??
Or am I missing something else??

I believe the real motivator is personal power and social status.
To be regarded as a higher being as compared to anyone else...
To be seemed as a more successful as anyone else...
To have someone to look up to the better person...

And to live comfortably??
I don't know... Perhaps no one can be sure if you can live comfortably once you have obtained enough riches. But one thing for sure, Power and Status will be around once you have money more than anyone could have.

Power, Fame and Fortune...
I seem to have miss something out...
Love, perhaps.... I wonder how love fits in the big puzzle of riches...

08 January 2007

[Flashback] Kif's Top 10 song list

2006 was over a couple of days ago, and 2007 is NOW!

Well then, perhaps it's time to review the good old times as I start to comtemplate on comparing the good old days with the recent times...
I've just format my laptop, one of my ways to welcome the big 2007!!! A fresh new start for me and my loyal laptop companion.
Before the format job, I thought of something. Hey, why not make a list of my top 10 favourite songs and blog it?
So, there you go, my top 10 list!!

1) Rainie - 只想爱你
[Playcount 268] [Playlength 4:31]
A chinese Love Song. It's about loving that someone special till the end, even if that love is not returned by the other side.. Whenever I'm tuned to this song, its as though as I feel the determination as emitted by the singer..

2) Angela - 我的最爱
[Playcount 218] [Playlength 4:22]
Another chinese Love Song. The story behind this song is kinda similiar to the 1st song, just that this is a more depressing version...

3) Michelle Branch - Til' I Get Over You
[Playcount 210] [Playlength 4:10]
Now, this is more of a breakup song. Its about forgetting that special someone and how tormening and suffering it is to forget that special bond...

4) Angela - 快乐崇拜
[Playcount 189] [Playlength 3:24]
Finally, a Happy Song! Its about throwing down all your worries and be HAPPY!! Do what you can do, accomplish what you can today, and make time for tomorrow to a lil bit of Fun Time..

5) [Gitarooman] Coil&Koei - Legendary theme
[Playcount 183] [Playlength 3:21]
I feel very relieved whenever I'm listening to this music. There are no lyrics, but I somehow somehow I have a very strong association with this song and the feeling of relief. Its as though I've done something that I could be proud of...

6) [FF8] Nobuo Uematsu - Juline
[Playcount 179] [Playlength 1:23]
The famous theme song from Final Fantasy 8 by the godfather of all anime theme songs, Nobuo Uematsu. Slow, soothing and short. Good for sleep hynotism. Just the perfect song to battle against sleepless nights..

7) [Chrono Symphonic] Lunarheart - Darkness Dueling
[Playcount 176] [Playlength 2:10]
A warsong piece. This theme song makes me feel a lil bit more productive and motivated. No wait, the feeling is probably magnified by a factor of 2. Whenever exam is near, this song is bound to be heard in my room...

8) [MGS3] William Harry Gregson & NorihikoHibino - Ocelot Youth
[Playcount 168] [Playlength 3:12]
A song of greatness. This song is the theme song potraiting Ocelot, a character in the famous game "Metal Gear Solid 3". The young great cocky chap who has lots of potential to grow. I like how he potrait his signature move!!!

9) [GITS] Yoko Kanno & Ilaria Graziano - I do
[Playcount 164] [Playlength 4:52]
The song from the anime "Ghost in The Shell: Standalone Complex" episode 11 - Grass Labyrinth. A very touching episode about a plane crash killing everyone except for this 2 kids sitting next to each other. The boy paralyse save for his right arm and a girl in coma. So then, the boy folds paper crane wishing for the girl to wake up. [Legend has it that a wish will come true if a a thousand origami paper cranes are made]

10) Sum41 - Pieces
[Playcount 154] [Playlength 3:02]
A song of self-worth. "I tried to be perfect, it just wasn't worth it. I am trying to let you know, I'm better off on my own."

Hmmm, I wonder if its true that the music that we listen to is a mirror to our soul...

02 January 2007

Shifting House

I'll be shifting to Setapak, a place closer to my workplace.
By then, I'll have limited internet connection over there.

So, Blogging activity will be slow...Very slow.
And I will only have a chance to go into the net at most every weekend...

Enjoy yourselves, Have a Happy day!!!
Happy New Year..