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31 August 2007

Merdeka no.50

For most Malaysians, today is THE big day, 31st of August is the day where Malaysians celebrate the independance of the country ever since 1957.

Merdeka Day is what we call it as the independant day.
Happy Merdeka Day!!!
I'm proud to be a Malaysian!

Speaking of Malaysia, I miss Malaysia! Nasi Lemak, SS15, Asia Cafe, Mamaks, and Malaysians, I miss em all. I miss those Merdeka Gathering that we always have every year back when I'm still in M'sia. And I miss my family a lot...
Sigh, studying oversea can be very lonely sometimes. I really want to go back to M'sia.

On another note: I've sent my laptop for service yesterday. There is a possibility that I won't get to use my laptop for another 2 weeks. Nevertherless, I'll still continue my blogging whenever I have the chance to get into the internet!
Have a happy day, folks!

29 August 2007

Engineer Idenfication Kit

My 7min Short Talk script

Good afternoon, my name is Chong and my speech is on Engineer Identification Kit.
An engineer is someone who is trained or professionally engaged in a branch of engineering. Engineering is the design, analysis, or construction of works for practical problems. A problem is an obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired objective. It refers to an issue that is yet unresolved. Every problem asks for a solution. This is where engineers come in. Engineers use technology, mathematics, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
People who work in the fields of engineering are not like any other normal people. Engineers are just different.
Question is: How do you differentiate the both of them?
Let me show you how, with the Engineer Identification Kit

Technology is so trendy these days that everyone wants to be a part of it; the best way to do that is to be an engineer. If there is a friend who you think is trying to pass as an engineer, ask this person this question:
You walk into a room and notice that a picture is hanging crooked. You...
A. Ignore it.
B. Straighten it.
C. Buy a CAD system and spend the next six months designing a solar-powered, self-adjusting picture frame.
Depending on the answer, you’ll have a slight idea on whether they have the potential to be an engineer.

To an engineer, all matter in the universe can be placed into one of two categories:
(1) Things that need to be fixed, and
(2) Things that will need to be fixed after you've had a few minutes to play with them.
Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems available, they will create their own. "Normal" people don't understand this concept, they believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet. That is why there are over hundred thesis topics released every year for undergrad students here in UNSW. Things just don’t have enough features on them.

Engineers are familiar with languages that are not common to a normal person.
When you ask how many languages do you know to a normal person, they'll probably answer something like:
[I know English]
[Gue ngerti indo]
[Watashiwa nihongo ga shiteru]
[ya ze-na-yu russki yazik]
And subconsciously if they answer something like:
I know C... I know java, HC6811, binary codes, or even greek.
Bingo! You are talking to an Engineer!
Even with numbers. There are certain numbers which have meaning behind it. I’m sure that Engineers would understand the number 42 more than the number 69.

Frugality, frugality… Engineers are notoriously frugal. This is not because of cheapness or mean spirit; it is simply because every spending situation is simply a problem in optimization.
They always have this in mind:
"How can I solve this problem while retaining the greatest amount of cash in my pocket?"
If multiple options exist, engineers weigh different design choices on their merits and choose the solution that best matches the requirements.

Engineers hate risk. They try to eliminate it whenever they can. This is understandable, given that when an engineer makes a mistake, the media will treat it like it's a big deal or something.
Examples of Bad Press for Engineer include the event of [Hindenburg] [Challenger] [Apollo13] [Titanic]
The risk/reward calculation for an engineer looks something like this:
RISK: Public humiliation and the death of thousands of innocent people.
REWARD: A certificate of appreciation in a handsome plastic frame.
Being practical people, engineers evaluate this balance of risks and rewards and decide that risk is not a good thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
There you go, guys. 5 great ways to differentiate an engineer from a normal crowd.
Technology [Are they technology savvy]
FASCINATION WITH GADGETS [Do things have enough features on them]
LANGUAGE [do they know maths and computer language]
FRUGALITY [are they concern about the issue of optimization]
RISK [Do they like risk]
Next time you attend a social event and you think that its rude to ask inquire about someone’s job, use this 5 steps to identify if they are your kind

27 August 2007

7min Short Talk

I survived the 7min short talk today!
The 7min short talk is an assignment by 1 of my course [Communications for Engineer]. Students of that course were all required to present a 4~7min speech on any topic.

I presented about 'Engineer Identification Kit'.
Summary: Its a speech on how to differentiate an engineer from normal people.
[I'll post up the script 2 days later]

Anyway, there were 4markers assessed by 1 qualified tutor and 3 other fellow students. The speech was assessed by 4 criteria: [Interest] [Information][Presentation] and [Organization]
My speech is so entertaining that I got full marks from every marker. It means one of two things:
1) Someone bribed them to give me full marks
2) I'm just too darn good!

The two image below is the slides that I've used for my presentation. I guess from there you can probably judge what speech is all about. [I know the slides seemed a bit chaotic, but since all 4 markers gave me full marks, I have no complains. :P]

25 August 2007

Mueh Mueh

Kaizen [改善] is a Japanese word which means continuous improvement.

Those who know me knows that I cut sticker as a hobby. I name this Hobby of mine Sticker KaiZen. I cut the sticker one piece at a time (a continuous effort) until it forms an image that is recognizable, which represents the idea behind the word 'Kaizen'. (Also, I chose the name Kaizen because it sounds pretty much like 'Khye Shin', a memorable name introduced to me back in 2003)

Recently, I was introduced to Adobe ImageReady, an image editing software which is able to make out animated *.gif file. This software is pretty cool!!! With it, I can show the world roughly on how stickers can be made.

Below is an animated image with the use Adobe ImageReady:
Titled: Mueh Mueh
This sticker was done specially for Lissya, the cow lover.

23 August 2007


Keith, one of my uni friend just sent me this link about 3POINT6. Man, talk about near-coincidence. My blog is named 3POINT8 and there is an actual company known as 3POINT6.
I have no idea what they do, other than being related to Mid Valley, One Utama and City Square JB. Seems like they are into 'creative industry'. I can't help it but imagined it to be a clothing business or some sort. Apparently 3POINT6 is under Group36, a fashion industry of some sort.

3POINT8 talks about 3POINT6.
I feel weird about this post.
Its like saying Keith is Kif's best friend.
Its also like saying: "Desse decide to desert his dessert in the desert."

Ahaha, I sure hope that 3POINT6 return the favour by posting a huge 3POINT8 symbol in their ad.

Some Interesting Note: If you google the word '3POINT8', my blog comes out first! [I thank google for supporting this site!]

21 August 2007


Boys and girls, Ladies and Gentlemen:
What do you think of energy waste? Are we consuming too much energy? Lights, Computers and Blogs. They all use electricity. Good news is computer users can help to make the world a little better by saving milliwatts of energy.

Why would anyone would want to save electricity?
For the stun gun of course! Charge those 'saved' energy to your stun gun. For every rapist, robber and terrorist out there deserved to be shocked! It'll help make the world a bit safer to live in at the same time.
Plus, we should all save the earth. Its the only planet with chocolate!

GO Blackle!
"The principle behind Blackle is based on the fact that the display of different colors consumes different amounts of energy on computer monitors. The creators of Blackle cite the US Department of Energy’s Energy Star information page which states that a monitor displaying white uses 74 watts, while a monitor displaying black uses 59 watts. They also cite a 2002 study from Roberson, who tested a variety of CRT and LCD monitors and found that an all black screen consumed less energy than an all white screen on all of them." Source: Wikipedia - Blackle.com

Read more about Blackle here -> Blackle.com

According to the site, you'll help to save heaps of electricity if you are using CRT monitor (those big chunky boxy monitors). However it doesn't make much of a difference if you are using LCD monitor (Those slim type of monitor). Then again, its a good way of showing people that you care for the environment and at the same time you get to spread awareness on energy wastage issue.
Great isn't it? Awareness and prestige at the same time.

Anyway, if you really prefer google or any other search engines more than blackle, you still can help a bit by setting the background to black color.
->Go to [Tools] tab next to the [File Edit View ...]
--> Then, click on [Options]
---> And [option] window will pop up. Go to [Content] tab
----> Click on [colors]
-----> Change the [text] to [white color] and the [background] to [black color]
------> Uncheck the [Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above]
-------> Click [Ok]
--------> Refresh your window
Voila!!! Be sure to appreciate the beauty of your site... Beautiful isn't it?
*Note: The above works for Mozilla Firefox. It should be roughly the same procedure for Internet Explorer and other browser.

In summary thats:
[Tools] ----> [Options] ----> [Content] ----> [Colors]

Someone sent this to me:
For IE users
In Internet Explorer, go to 'Tools > Internet Options > General > Appearance > Colors' to alter your personal color scheme. You will also need to go to 'Tools > Internet Options > General > Appearance > Accessibility' to override the default color options on the pages that you visit.

19 August 2007

Careful Wishing

They say be careful what you wish for.
I wish that i have cancer so that I have a four months holiday! Yay!
Oh wait, I should be be careful of what I'm thinking. I wouldn't want cancer.
Cancer is going to ruin my life. Guess i should stay away from the bad.
Alrite, lesson learnt -> Do not wish for cancer.
Good advice? Yes?
Yup folks, be careful what you wish for.

They say be careful what you wish for.
I wish that I could say 'I love you'
Oh wait, I should be careful of what I'm thinking. I wanna be loved.
But can I skip the 'rejection' and the 'feeling of being hurt' part?
Alrite, lesson learnt -> Do not wish for love.
Bad advice? No?
Gee....I don't know what to say? I sounds wrong if I say 'Yup folks, be careful what you wish for.' It just doesn't apply in this situation does it?

Be careful if you wish for _____________________________ [fill in the blank]
Guess it just doesn't apply to every situation does it?

Makes you wonder if there any one-liner which applies to every situation.
I mean, 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' is a great quote! But i don't think you want to say that to someone who accidentally fell into a deep well with a broken spine.

'Break a leg' is a very famous saying which means good luck. But i don't you wanna say that to someone who is hoping to get an ambulance as a result of actually breaking someone's leg.

I'm not being very optimistic am I?
Post inspired by Be careful with what you wish for… by Yuin Yin

17 August 2007

Thesis Poster

I've been working on my thesis poster for the last couple of days.
Behold, this is the end result:

One of my many proud creations! My thesis is more towards programming in LabView. Since I'm dealing with virtual stuffs, I wouldn't have any appealing pictures about anything physical. That is why I decided to go with a 'space theme' as the background.
[Don't mind about the content if its a bit too technical.]

15 August 2007

Tag / 218trillion bill debt

I've been tagged by a new blogger friend, Nux V.
I'm not really sure what is the purpose behind this particular tag, but apparently all I have to do is to tag another 5 blogger. These 5 lucky bloggers will then have to 'tag' another 5 bloggers. Or so it seems.

My 5 blog friends [and also the reason why they are the chosen one]:
1) Lissya [for inviting me to all sorts of event =D]
2) Evangeline [for leaving my 1st jap comment in this blog]
3) Yoei [Apparently he wants ppl to support his blog]
4) Cheserland [for being my 'latest' mybloglog visitor]
5) Vitamin M [I wonder if he is going to reply this tag]

On another note, I found this interesting article Malaysian man hit with $218 trillion bill, ordered to pay up or face prosecution.
USD 218 trillion = rm806,400,000,000,000.01
Makes you wonder what did he do to deserve this from Telekom, doesn't it?
[I just realized how scary numbers can be sometimes. Dang, technology and modernization is making numbers scarier than ever.]

13 August 2007

Video Speech - Skyscraper

I just got the video of my recent Public Speaking from Jayson. [The size of the video is 9.3mb and its 8.40mins long.] The wind was blowing hard that day, so the audio might be a bit unclear at certain part of the video. Anyway I hope you guys have a good laugh while watching the video.

And this video below is when they announce the top3 best speaker! [Size of the video is 2.92mb]

Jayson: Thank you for being the camera-man back then!

What do u guys think about it??
(other than the bad quality of the video...)

11 August 2007

Award Winning Speed [Skyscraper]

This is my script for the YEAS public speaking competition which landed me as a 2nd prize winner.

---- Start of Script----
Would you agree with me if I say, one unique factor about humans have is we have free will, the ability to be able to think, to assess, to analyse. And from there, Creativity and ambition kicks in. We always aim for the best, the fastest, the biggest, the most powerful, the tallest.

As creatures without wings, human beings have always been looking for ways to reach for the skies--by building machines that fly or structures that stretch into the clouds. These are a technical issue that needs to be addressed. This is where engineers come in. Engineers use technology, mathematics, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. Someone wants a building, so engineers come in and build one.

Look at the world today, there are buildings everywhere. From 1-storey buildings to mega structures. Many of today's tallest are so high that I’m sure that even King Kong is gonna vertigo when climbs to the peak.

We are building structures higher and higher, but how high can we go? And how high do we want to?

Let’s look back into time
For much of the 20th century, the U.S, dominated the skyscraper scene. Steel frames and the invention of elevators made tall buildings possible, and urbanization made them necessary. Again and again, American buildings topped one another—

According to BBC.com
In 1930, the Chrysler Buildings was the tallest
In 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest
In 1973, World Trade Center was the tallest
And in 1975, Chicago’s Sears Tower became the tallest at 400m.
The way I see it, its more like a competition to see which tower is the tallest.

Ron Klemencic, chairman of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and commented that a “We're seeing a tremendous amount of activity overseas, whether it's in Asia or the Middle East . For countries that are emerging on the economic scene, very tall buildings are symbols of their economic strength”

Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a proud Malaysian, let me share with u one of the megastructure of the modern age, the Petronas Twin Tower. Situated in Kuala Lumpur, The Petronas Twin Tower were the world's tallest towers from 1998 to 2004, if measured from the level of the main entrance to the structural top. Erecting 450m from the ground, this building surpassed the Sears tower in 1998.

This building was designed to reflect the national heritage of Islamic art. The twin tower implies that there are two towers. It is interesting to note that these 2 towers are being built by 2 different construction companies. And these 2 companies competed against each other to see who gets the job done faster. According to tourism Malaysia, Samsung Contruction which built Tower2 won the race against the Hamaza coorperation which built tower1 by 1 month.

Ever wonder why would Malaysia want to build the tallest tower??
Malaysians are proud people. They want to show the whole world what they are capable of. Well, even though this structure is being designed by a argentine architect, Ceser Pelli, not to mention that it is being built by a Korean and a Japanese construction company, and I don’t see how Malaysia comes into the picture except that they are the client. But hey, now that its in Malaysia, we can say that it a proud product of Malaysia. Something that Malaysians can be proud of.

I wonder if there is any other significance behind the building. You know how people stereotype Asians. Whenever someone thinks of an Asian, they always have this small short human figure in their head as oppose to tall and big size westerners. Especially Malaysians. We are thought to be a short creature. Maybe…just maybe this tower will symbolically make Malaysian stand tall.

I would also like to bring out how this Petronas twin tower relate to our pride. You know when we a proud of something, we tend to self-motivate ourselves. When this structure was completed, every Malaysian thought: ‘hey, we are actually capable of building something’. It didn’t take them long to figure that all this all engineering related. Building and creating, isn’t that what engineers do best?? So to speak, this twin tower encouraged a lot of young Malaysians to go into the field of engineering

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Buildings and engineers, An engineer designs a building to withstand forces. Forces come from many sources: gravity, people inside, weight of building materials, weather, and environmental impacts. If the design is stable, then these forces will not weaken the structure or cause the structure to collapse.

One type of force that can weaken a structure is a lateral shaking force, like that experienced during an earthquake. Another concern is terrorist attacks. Now this consideration is gaining popularity ever since the 911 event which struck down 2 of the world’s greatest structure, the World Trade Center in New York city.

But do you think these problems are gonna stop us from building taller buildings?
Of course not. In 2004, the Petronas twin tower was surpassed by Taipei 101 which is 500m tall. A few days ago, the Burj Dubai was reported to have surpassed the Taipei 101 and its still under construction. The last I checked on 2nd of august, the Burl Dubai was recorded at 520m high, 20m taller than the Taipei 101. The builders of Burj Dubai refused to disclose the finished height of the building, but many speculated that its gonna reach up to a height of 800m tall which is 160% higher than the Taipei 101.

What about Australia?
Surprise surprise, Even Australia has its own tallest building.
Inspired by the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch and the Sydney Opera House, the Q1 located in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, is the world's tallest all-residential building at 320m. It is also interesting to note that is that only 1m shorter than the Eiffel Tower.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Looking at all these mega structures, have you ever wonder what is the next decade is gonna bring about. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the day when another megastructure pops up and surpass the burj dubai.
---- End of Script----

Extra Note:
I'm proud to be a Malaysian! Malaysia's 50th Merdeka [31st August] is coming soon.
Is there anyone else who is gonna celebrate Merdeka day??
[Say 'Aye' if you are!!!]

09 August 2007

Public Speaking

It was reported that the no.1 fear in U.S. is the fear of public speaking.
The Public Speaking competition by YEAS (Young Engineers Australia Sydney) was held this afternoon. It was hours ago when I was told that the event was an outdoor event. Having known that, my heart almost stop as I wasn't expecting it to be an outdoor event.
Yes, when I reached the venue this morning, I was freaked out when I saw two huge speakers lying on the floor with 1 big ass microphone. Suddenly it came to me that I had to deliver a 8min speech in front of the busiest walk of UNSW. Its as frightening as presenting a speech in the front entrance of a shopping mall complex.

Man, I wasn't prepared for that! I didn't see that coming! That whole morning, I almost wanted to pull out from the competition. Then again, this 2 quotes came to my mind: "Any experience is a good experience" & "Always do the thing that you are afraid of". I had that 2 quotes replaying over and over again in my head.

Yes, It was my first time giving a speech in front of a walking crowd and speaking with a mic. I was the 4th speaker of the day. [Man, I love the number 4 so much!]
In fact, I was lucky to be the 4th speaker. Before the competition start, the MC passed the mic around and each of the participants had to introduce themselves. When it was my turn to intro, I was so nervous that I stuttered all the way. I couldn't even pronounce the title of my speech properly.

Anyway, the competition started. Looking at the 1st contestant, I thought to myself, I can do better than him! So, I started to relax abit. [Hehe, plus I saw Lissya's beautiful smile and it actually calmed me down, made me smiled too.]

When it was my turn to speak, I took up the challenge! I mean, there is no way I'm gonna screw this opportunity after having confronted my fear! During my speech, I literally blew the crowd. At least that is what I would like to think. People walking pass the event actually paused and stayed for a while to listen to my speech.

This is quite an experience. Presenting with a mic, in front of so many people. During my speech, Jayson was there recording my presentation. For a brief moment, I felt like I'm in a reality TV show.

After the presentation, people actually clapped for me! I felt so good! Even the MC commented that I delivered quite a bit of funny jokes in my speech! [And all this while I was worried that aussies would have trouble with asian jokes] =D

The main prize for me was the experience. Lucky for me, there is a bonus prize for me! I managed to secure 2nd placing in the competition. Even though there are only 5 participants, but I consider them as a winner the moment that they decided to join this competition. Eh, its not easy to muster out the courage to join a Public Speaking Competition especially one that is an outdoor event.

I couldn't believe that I went through it! And to imagine that I got 2nd placing! Whoa...that experience is surreal! I am so glad to be alive!

I would like to thank Lissya&Co and Jayson for coming to my speech!!!!

Coming up next Post: My award winning Script which landed me 2nd place

07 August 2007

[Updated] Public Speaking

Hmmm...I'm thinking of joining a public speaking competition organized by the YEAS (Young Engineers Australia, Sydney) happening this Thursday.
Presentation time allocated for each participant is roughly 8mins and the topic should be engineering related... I'm tempted to join, but the problem is I still don't have a topic in mind. Today is a Tuesday night and the event is on Thursday which means that I still have a like 8 more hours to decide on a topic to talk about. I'm hoping a stroke of genius might strike me with a 8min speech for that day.
Hmm....maybe I should talk about Petronas Twin Tower, a Malaysia's Pride!!

[Updated on 8th august 2007]
I've enrolled myself in the competition... Wish me luck folks...
My speech is titled: 'Skyscraper - World's Tallest'
The talk is about the world's tallest skycraper such as the Petronas Twin Tower, Taipei 101, Burj Dubai and the engineering principles behind these buildings.
But In my speech, I'll be focusing more on Petronas Twin Tower and Malaysians.
I'll post up my script once I'm over with the event...
Wish me luck!!!

06 August 2007

The BEST quotes from mom

My mom has been sending me quotes about the 'the BEST..' recently.
I thought that I'd share it with u guys.
I hope my mom is gonna show this to all her colleagues too so that they are striving for the best together as a company!!!

The Best relentlessly pursue excellence
The status quo is not for them.
They want to be the best and experience the best.
And that means giving their best.
They go the extra mile so that in everything they do, in everything they say and think, they are striving for excellence.
---->Mon, 16 Jul 2007 11:23:03 +0800

The Best have a life long habit of personal growth.
They don't want to stay at the level they are at.
They want to grow in their work, their intellect, their spirituality, their relationships, and in every area of their life.
And they discipline themselves to put themselves in situations where they grow.
Personal growth doesn't "just happen".
You choose to grow.
---->Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:01:29 +0800

The Best understand that they will be pushed by the competition - and they welcome it
Like the lead runner in the race who has someone on his/her heels, the Best know that the competition is right behind them. They love it though because they know that the competition keeps them from becoming lazy and resting on their laurels. Instead the competition pushes them to go faster and to achieve more - to remain the best by forging ahead.
---->Mon, 30 Jul 2007 10:51:12 +0800

The Best have a quest for leadership
Someone has to lead ..... it may as well by the Best ! Those who attain it get there because they want to. They want to lead and help make a difference. And they want to be equipped with the skills necessary to lead others on to a better place.
---->Mon, 6 Aug 2007 10:10:03 +0800

[Hmmm...i noticed that she sends a quote to me every monday just before lunchtime. Uncanny coincidence?? I think not.. My mom loves me!! Thats why..]

05 August 2007

Chip Tower

I mentioned about Coin Castle in my previous post. I always knew that such an idea existed, but I've never tried it out before. Yesterday I had the curiosity to build 1 Chip Tower using the same principle behind the construction of the Coin Castle.
I never thought that it was that easy to build one. With approximately 200 poker chips and 45minutes, I managed to build something like:
Behold, The art of construction....Guys and girls, isn't engineering fun??
I think the construction of a huge gigantic coin tower as big as a 1-story building is actually possible.
Question is: How much worth of coin value is needed to build 1???

04 August 2007

What if I had 1 million dollars?

Ms.Cookie tagged me in a fun post of a 'What if I had 1 million dollars?'

Rules of the game:
1) Get tagged
2) Write anything about the title. Remember to have fun writing this post!
3) Tag some other bloggers
4) Keep the fun around
[the game of tag seems that way to me...]

Back to the main point, what if I had 1 million dollars?
let's see.....

I'll take out 499,998 dollars convert them into coins, coins from every country [Pennies and 1 cents are the best!] Then I'll make a coin castle in front of orphanage, schools, and institutes which deserves funding from the public. A huge structure, almost as tall as a typical building made out of coins. [Ms.Cookie is correct, I may actually use half a million to build a structure taller than KLCC.] That way, I do not have to donate money to any institute but I get to help those institutes to raise funds by attracting the public's attention. [If u don't know about my personality, let me tell u 1 thing...I do not believe in monetary donations]
And if I'm lucky, I can turn those places into a tourist attraction. By turning it into a popular place, its gonna get heaps of publicity and it'll be the talk of the century. This is 1 way of how awareness of a certain project which requires funding can be spread around.

About the other 499,998 dollars, I'll probably develop a project which encourage people to do random acts of kindness. I do not favour campaigns that fight poverty, cancer, aids, or whatever sickness there is. But I will definitely support a project which focus more on a person's happiness. You can say that I prefer events that are 'positive' more than events that are 'anti-negative'. Both may mean the same thing to a lot to a person, but I see it in a different light. [I learnt that from Mother Teresa. She once said that: "I will never attend the anti-war rally. If there is a peace campaign, invite me "]

If I do all those, I get to travel around the world, meet new more beautiful people, experience happiness in a another's person point of view... Best of all, I don't think I need to spend a penny on it...I'm hoping that someone would invite me there, perform a random act of kindness, paying for all my expenses. And if its more than enough, I'll bring my family and friends to enjoy the rare experience...

I'll just keep the remaining 4 dollars to myself. Whenever I see the 4 dollars, its gonna remind me of the coin structures and the experience of happiness.


Time to tag:
Lissya (I'm guessing Liz is gonna use the money to be a uni student again. Shop for church and shoes)
Yuin Yin (She will probably fund her medical fees, adopt a few child and support yvonne's cause)
Foon Ling (A new piano made out of crystal perhaps??)
Lee Na (Er...i'm guessing she is gonna spend it all on phone bills)
Or does anyone else wants me to tag them?? Come on' be sociable... Let me predict what you are planning to do with a million dollars

[I wonder if any of them are gonna continue the good sport of tag??]

02 August 2007

Thrown out of home for wanting to be a DJ

Story by

WHEN M. Naresh @ DJ Nesh first told his mother of his intention to become a deejay, he was thrown out of the family home in Klang. For a week, Nesh spent his time on the streets until a friend helped him.

“My mother, although musically-inclined, was upset over my decision because she associated deejaying with drugs. She wasn’t exactly wrong, though. There were those involved in drugs and there are still some out there,” said Nesh, who is currently spinning at the Laundry Bar.

So it’s not a surprise when he described music as a drug on its own and does not need substance to make music.

The philosophy has disciplined and led him throughout his 15 years in the industry and Nesh has been spinning at the Laundry Bar for about a year now. His other experiences include years at Nouvo and DV8.

Starting off as a broadcast and karaoke deejay, Nesh picked up mixing at the encouragement of his friends.

“Back then, you don’t have deejay academies. You learn from your seniors who are willing to teach you and it was difficult. You have to be disciplined and learn from the mistakes,” he said.

His discipline and zeal to stay away from drugs has earned him much admiration from his family, especially his mother.

“When I first came out in the papers years ago, my family was shocked, but in a happy way,” said Nesh.

His music is all RnB and hip-hop and he will be one of the deejays performing on my show day, which of course isn’t very far off.

DJ JD: You’re bound to make mistakes, it’s only natural but you learn from them.
Along with Nesh will be John Dave @ DJ JD.

When I met JD for the interview at Zeta Bar, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, he admitted that he had made mistakes during his early days at mixing music 15 years ago. Like Nesh, JD also learnt the art from a senior deejay.

“There was a time when people were on the dance floor enjoying the music and I accidentally hit the stop button. I had to quickly cover up by saying something on the microphone,” he said.

“So to answer your question, yes – I have messed up too. You’re bound to make mistakes, it’s only natural but you learn from them,” he said during the interview.

That came as both a relief and motivation. So if I make mistakes, it is all right as I am very fresh in this area of music.

JD also said the most important thing was for me to enjoy myself while mixing.
Hobby: DJ Ra (left) and DJ Layzr will also be spinning at the show.
“Take criticisms at face value because people will have different expectations of you. But that’s okay because we want to give what people want, not what we want – that’s how the industry is,” he said.

The night will also feature two other deejays, both of whom were students of DJ Low from the Bionic DJ Academy.

Jaiganesh @ DJ Ra picked up mixing while still at college and is spinning part time at Sangria. The full time graphic designer plays hip-hop and RnB.

Also, for Chong Kok Keong @ DJ Layzr, spinning is not a profession but more of a hobby.

Just like DJ Ra, 3D-animator’s interest in the art led him to many scratching competitions, including the recent and past DJ Battle Championships that won him prizes and recognition.

During the show, Chong will be showing off his scratching talents with originality.

Original Link: Thrown out of home for wanting to be a DJ

01 August 2007

White Grey Black

Good and bad...people tend to categorized events, feelings, stuffs and other things into 2 distinct zones. The white and the black.

The WHITE zone is all the good stuff anyone can associate with.
The BLACK zone is all the bad stuff anyone can associate with.
Sometimes, there are events which are both good and bad depending on individual's view point and sometimes they are neither bad or good....these events are known as the GREY zone!

Let me give u an example. While presenting an example, let me introduce a new blogger friend of mine, kev

Everyone knows that a sincere compliment from the heart is the best thing that can ever happen to their life. So, let me start by complimenting kev's blog.
1) He blogs almost everyday!!! Which means I get to read fresh article by kev everyday!! And everyday i visit his blog, its never the same. New stuff keeps popping up like rabbits!!! Thats something I like from a blogger, new fresh articles. They'll never keep you bored so that you won't try drugs!!!
2) I like his signature!! I think he is quite an artistic guy judging from his signature...I'm an artist and I can see that he is also an artist!!!

Well well, everyone knows that a criticism is demoralizing, especially a criticism intended to make other people feel down. Lets start by making harsh judgement on kev's blog!
1) I do not like how he put his small tiny little annoying YouTube video there. Everytime I visit his blog, there this music always destroying the music I'm listening to on my media player. There was this once when I was listening to a secret message which only can be played once. At the same time, I accidentally clicked on his blog. As the msg i'm listening to starts to get really interesting, kev's youtube blocks out my msg. The secret msg mentioned "The secret to the meaning of life is to **** your neighbour" Because of kev's Youtube, I missed out that crucial part ****. I'm suspecting that the word is either 'Love' or 'Hate'.... Since I can't play it again, I will never know the secret meaning of life, thanks to kev!! [Hey, it can also be neither 'love' nor 'hate'...It can be 'Kill']

the GREY
the GREY zone is when both WHITE and BLACK element exists at the same time. So, by complimenting and criticizing kev's blog....I've entered the grey zone. The grey zone is the mysterious area which anything can happen.
1) Kev might be so intrigued by my compliments that he'll start to stalk my blog raising my blog traffic. Hey, maybe he'll even advertise my cool blog to all his blogger friends...
2) Kev might be offended by my criticism and start to spread what kind of a terrible person I am. He'll probably be polite saying: 'Nah, don worry about it...Criticism helps me grow' when in fact he might be a hypocrite always saying what he doesn't mean...
3) Kev doesn't frequent my blog and misses this post, thus missing the part where he starts to get high knowing that there is someone out there in the world who sincerely complimented him.

This post is inspired by the quote:
'Do something extraordinary in your life or you'll miss all the fun the world can offer'
Since I came out with the quote, I just realized that this post was inspired by the great 3POINT8. Whoa.....this is some twisted logic!!! Will someone explain to me what the heck was I thinking??