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31 May 2006

New batch of UNSW GJS from TARC

Fui..... i know the title for this post got lots of abbreviations...
UNSW = University of New South Wales (Australia)
GJS = Golden Jubilee Scholarship (UNSW)
TARC = Tunku Abdul Rahman College (Malaysia)

This year (2006), there would be 2 representatives of 'UNSW golden jubilee scholarship recipient' representing TARC.

A little background about the scholarship.
Golden Jubilee Scholarship abbreviated as GJS are one of the many scholarships offered by UNSW to to encourage outstanding Diplomates from Singapore and Malaysia to complete an undergraduate degree at UNSW. It is expected that the successful applicants will be the most outstanding or the second highest ranked final year diplomate graduating from Engineering, Business, Biotechnology, Mass Communications, Information Technology, Science, Architecture and Built Environment (including Industrial Design).
This scholarship is only offered to the following education institution in Malaysia:
* Institute of Technology Mara (ITM)
* INTI College
* PRIME College
* Tunku Abdul Rahman College
* Taylor's College - Engineering only
Now now now.....Receipients of this scholarship gets to enjoy the undergraduate education experience for FREE!!!!
That's right!!! tuition fees are waived exclusively for its receipients...

For the exiting part....
Jeng Jeng Jeng....
From tarc, after haveing struggled through countless battles and tough competition, the champions are:
Alex Ling from Biotech.....
Lim Onn Peng from Commerce.....

Finally, my turn to return a favour to my seniors, which is to take care these highly anticipated juniors....
Right.....high expectation are expected these guys....
(hehehe, am i presurring u guys (Alex and Oon Peng)??? Better enjoy it before u get ur chance next year....)

To Alex Ling:
I hope u are reading this....
Kuan Minn said that he will 'kau tim' his junior, alex...
Alex, if u are reading this....better be careful....
Stuff is gonna happen whenever Kuan Minn says that he's gonna "kau tim" someone....
I''ve not experience it myself, but i've heard of stories about his method of "kau tim"...
I will not disclose anything about it as i do not wich to tarnish the name of my friend...
But, to be on the safe side...Better be careful....

29 May 2006

Book of God

On 21st of april, someone invited me to the cornerstone caregroup (a chatting session where teen christians just gather together and chat...)
At the end of the meeting, Lissya gave me a bible. Even before she gave it to me, i told her that i'll probably never gonna use it as my religion is not of christianity background. Well, in fact, i have no intention of becoming a christian, at least for now. But she gave it to me anyway...

This is the bible she gave me. Brand new... And somewhere in it, she wrote: "It was meant for you! =)"
(hhmmm, yes.... still wondering...)

Since the receipt of the bible, i've been more aware of common bible verse used around me...
(And i find this behaviour of mine pretty freaky....)

Well, Probably the most common verse i've seen so far is this:
"Corinthian13: 4-8"
(Love is petient, Love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Is it not rude, it is no self-seeking, it is not easily anger, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil. But rejoice with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, and always preserves .......)
Now now now.......The same verse was featured in Lissya's blog, Jacklyn Kang's blog, Ms.Polaris' friendster account and in numerous sites which i've been to....

Aand there is this super popular fighting game by Sammy, Guilty GearX2 which used the verse
"revelation 10" (Then i saw another mighty angel......)
That whole verse was used in the game's opening movie....

My favourite so far has to be this verse: "Philippians, 2:3"
(Don't be selfish; don't live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself)
which also means:
"Don't push your way to the front; don't sweet-talk your way to the top. Put youself aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourself long enough to lend a helping hand"
(Written in a forum board of INPM)

Btw, i just happen to bump into these verse....
I do not plan on reading the bible.....at least not for now....
I do not plan on being a christian......at least not for now....
(haha, so the bible given to me wasn't a complete waste after all. After all, i did refer to it, for a short while....)

27 May 2006

3POINT8 4444

3POINT8 4444 is the current title for this blog.

And if you google the word 3POINT8 4444 on the net, the only search result that pops up is a link to my site.... Yup, ONLY 1 search results pops up.....
So, does this blog sounds 'unique', 'distinct', 'remarkable' and 'one of a kind' to anyone??
Well, it does to me....and i'm find it intriguing.

Oh btw, why not try seaching the same word (3POINT8 4444) on other major search engines as well??
Try yahoo
Try alltheweb
Try altavista
Try aolsearch
All of them provide the same unique 1 of a kind result.....
and that's 3POINT8 4444.

Below are snapshots of the search results:

25 May 2006

Ravenous Hunger

I've been deprived of internet access for the past 2days... Apparently the telephone line is at fault...
Internet to me is like water. Without water, your lips goes dry, ur throat gets rusty and your body starts to feel tired and lethargic. Similiarly, without internet, my mind starts to wander into the depressing oblivion void world filled with dark corners and nothingness. As a result, my fingers are slowly driven to the dusty TV remote control wrapped in cobwebs. Geez, it's been long since i've spent that much time watching anything on TV.

21 May 2006

Comic section

Gosh....Ever since i came down here to australia, i've stopped reading newspaper. Probably because i'm just too lazy to get 1....
Thinking of newspaper, i'm starting to miss "The Star"(One of many Malaysia's newspaper)
Whenever i got hold of the 'the star' newspaper, the 1st page that i flip to is the comics section under Star2 (section2 is the name of the section in the old days...)

Those comics sure are a good source for busting stress, and alleviate tension....

Since i don't read newspaper in australia, it would also mean 'no more comics section for me'...
But not to worry, i just found a good site where they have Dilbert, Peanuts, Betty, Nancy, Get Fuzzy, Frank and Ernest, Ziggy, Herman, Non Sequitur, Non Sequitur, Pickles, For Better or For Worse, Sherman's Lagoon, B.C., Pearls Before Swine, The Born Loser, Doonesbury, Wizard of Id, Shoe, Cathy, Speed Bump, Jump Start, Kim Jason.
Everything is under 1 page. So, you get to save most of your precious time and bandwidth. Best of all, it's updated every day!!!!!!
Woohoo!!! new comics every day....

Comics ----> Angadi.org

20 May 2006

Police Interrogation

Knowing on how to get the truth out of someone is a very useful skill.
For starters, at least u know when you are being used by someone involuntarily. Or perhaps, u get to find out the true intention of a person who is lying. By then, you can choose to use that knowledge towards your favour

Let's look at the extreme cases of getting the truth out of someone...through interrogation, police style!
Here is 1 link which briefly describes on how police interrogation works...
Police Interrogation by How Stuff Works

It's pretty amazing how they exploit on human psychology...
Some really scary stuff...
Well, if u can somehow somehow blend these methods into a subconscious non-threathening everyday life situation, u'll be a feaking walking lie detector...

16 May 2006

Space Images

The planet "earth" is only but a small tiny little dot in universe.
Fact: As humans, we are glad to claim that Earth is only planet we know of that has intelligent life forms...
Doesn't it all sound so ostensible?? It appears that no other place in the universe have no intelligent life-form... How can that be?? Most of us are so convinced with the existence of UFO and extra-terrestrial being somewhere out there... Yet, we are still unable to detect any intelligent life forms, even with the creation of those mega super powerful telescope with a range up to 13 billion light-years from Earth. (about 9.461 × 1021meters away... a distance where u can travel to the sun and back to earth 31trillion times..... quite a distance eh??)

Anyway, I had to digress away from the topic of UFO and aliens...
Actually, i found some cool pictures taken from outer space, and i just want to share it with the world...

Marvel at Engineering's Supremacy

Vanguard of space travel

Probably some space sation wathing over planet Earth

Spacecraft docking into space station (...i think)

Aurora.... Northern Lights / Northern Dawn

14 May 2006

Mother's day

M - O - T - H - E - R
"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell

Mother’s day celebrates motherhood and thanking mothers. Mothers often receive gifts on this day. In Malaysia, this special day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of may. I know I don’t celebrate this special day every year, but this year, I’m making an exception…There is a survey done in the net about best gift’s to give during mother’s day.
According to the poll, best gifts ever were:
1 Home-made stuff --35%
2. Jewelry -- 24%
3. A day to the Spa -- 15%
4. Help with chores, or a day of rest -- 5%
5. Beauty products -- 4%
According to the poll, moms care most that loved ones remember their special day. A reassuring 46% said that anything their kids give them is a "good gift."
This year, I made something for mom… Something home-made, something which most mother’s prefer (hopefully)
A red rose sticker especially just for mom. I hope mom love it. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love. I’m not really good with words, so I hope the red rose is suffice for what I am trying to express… Mother is the best mom around in the word….

08 May 2006

Moral of the story is....

A joke i got in my mail from a kelvin yeo, a friend...
Probably a singaporean joke...

The story of the Ant and the Grasshopper [special version]
Once upon a time,there lived an ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper does nothing else but jump around and play. On the other hand, the ant is so hardworking, looking for food all day long and store them in it's nest.
Looking at his hardworking friend working so hard, the grasshopper ask, "Hey, Ant! U dun have to relax ah? Always busy one. Come and play with me lah. "
To which the ant replied, "I can't lah i have to store all these food."
"Haiyah! Relax lah. Why u bother storing all these food? When u hungry den go find lah." the grasshopper told the ant again.
"Eh,cannot lah. I have to standby for the coming winter season.Then I no need to panic mah. I think u oso must standby u know." the ant telling his friend.
"Where got time...I go play better. U wanna store food u go ahead lah. I continue playing ok.. bye!" And hop goes the grasshopper.

The Ant is a hardworking guy... oops i mean insect. Not like the grasshopper who is so lazy. And so as days, weeks, months go by,the winter still has not come yet but the ant is still seen searching and storing food.

The two friends happen to meet again. "Hey Ant! U stil haven't finished storing food ah? Last time all the food all go where? So fast finish ah?" asked grasshopper.
"I got keep but all overdue liao. So cannot eat anymore. All because winter not here yet. Now i have to go and look for new food." sighed the ant.

"But ant ah.. U dun mind i ask ah.. Did u ever have a thought that Singapore where got winter?" ask the grasshopper again.
"AHHHH????!!!!!" the ant was shocked!


The moral of the story is whatever u do better think properly 1st. Dun anyhow hantam only... :)
Sometimes we go too busy in life and following our routine too tightly but most importantly, work towards where you wanna go in your life, what is it that you want, what isit that you REALLY want, what's your dream, is what you are doing now moving towards your dream?
If it's not, dun just keep on working hard n keep one hantam only just because someone in your life told you that this is the way and just because everyone is doing it!!
Dun keep on working hard with no direction ....... focus in the direction of your life not your work but your life. Plan your life, Live life cool ~~~~ ^_^

06 May 2006

Thank God it's Friday

The shadow slowly subsides as the sun rises...
and that is how i feel as the sun sets on a nice cosy pleasent day on friday...

Thank got it's friday night!!!
The end of my misery.
Exams over, assignments done, and all other major uni stuff are accomplish.
Not to say i have nothing on next week, but the busiest week for me is over....

time is no longer an important factor,
work is no longer piled up as before,
my mind no longer has to stress,
sleep was slumber once again after a long time

time to sleep....
i miss my sleep, a lot....

04 May 2006


Time is precious...
Too bad, none of us can store time,
(unless they manage to find a way to stop, bend and twist time...)
So, spend it wisely