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01 February 2008

Man boob

Related stuff: Erm.. from the response I get from my readers, I have a feeling that my previous post is a little too hard on the females. Well, let me make it up to all the females out there with a post on men's big genetic flaw.

Breast, Boobs, Bossoms, they all look great on females. Flaunt it well, and I'm sure they can be all be a superstar like J.Lo. Some say its so deadly that it could rival a nuclear bomb. It is perhaps the most deadliest organ in the 21st century.
Thats for the female.

For male, its a totally different story. Man boobs is every man's worst nightmare. Its so bad that it can potentially spoil someone's appetite. There is an unconventional saying that man's boob is the key to all successful diet.
That kind of stuff scares us men and women alike and it smashes the owner's self-confidence to small little tiny particles.

Other than being totally unattractive, it harbors the potential for cancer growth. Yes, cancerous cell can grow on men's breast tissue. Ouch!

To a male, its probably the most useless organ. Some say its the appendix, but I'm pretty appendix has a purpose. Apparently it only agree to function after being struck by an irreversible injury to the internal organ which leads to death.
[My facts could be wrong]

Therefore, the man's breast could easily be the most useless organ of all men. And if you read the 1st paragraph, Man's breast can also be considered as a deadly organ.

So ladies out there.... you can laugh at my breast.
*The last sentence, doesn't sound very right, does it?*


chingy said...

True true.
Man with boobs are like.


Michelle Chin said...


Man boobs.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

"Some say its so deadly that it could rival a nuclear bomb."

This really made me laugh! Hahaha!!

Cometh said...

Hmmmm....those body builders one consider man boobs??? hehehe

Yours truly do have a 42 inch chest...hahahaha

Shyte...I have man boobs...

x said...

I think god thought of it clearly when he design human, especially man. Like what they say, He gave them free will to choose, and man too. In my view, the man's breast is not entirely useless, it is something for the doctors to work with when the man decides to turn into a tranny. Without it, it would a hard job for the doctors to make boob jobs for she males.

Mic. Tham said...

I think man boobs is the weapon to scare away potential girlfriends...

3POINT8 said...

Haha, scared you too eh?

[Michelle Chin]
From your reaction, your dad must be a very muscular man. :P

Thanks for the comment

3POINT8 said...

42 inch? Wow...you have a very big *chest*. I guess you hit the gym pretty often.

Er, I wonder if she-male is part of god's plan. Come to think about it, I'm sure it is since no god has ever smite a shi-male before.

Why would anyone want to scare away potential gf? (unless that potential gf has man boobs too. Scary~~~)

Anonymous said...

haha, this means it's time to hit the gym!

Aronil said...

Hmm don't know whether it's deadly but it can be if one gets cancer... that said though it is quite unattractive to see pectorals (The correct term) covered by fat into boobs (slang) :P

curryegg said...

haha... what should I say? It does look weird if a man has big boobs. Anyhow, without it (I mean small), man will look... like an alien.. haha..

3POINT8 said...

Which reminds me. I gotta sign up for a gym too

They sure are deadly. Pamela is a good example. Oooo. I get to learn a new word today! Pectoral. Thanks!

Hahaha... true, I look weird without one. *I gotta stop looking at the mirror naked*

usws said...

I'm too lazy to do research about something silly like this (no wait, i strive for such 'action') but i was wondering what kind of man boobs you were referring to. Like man boobs which a male is born with or boobs that came about due to eating like a piggy?

I mean, how would a guy get breast cancer (or why would there be an increased risk) if the contents of his uh.. boobs (now that sounds wrong too) is different of that of a female's? Unless you're saying that with man boobs, we can actually breast feed as well. LOL!

I think i'm gonna stop mentioning about boobs now.

Bo.. i mean good nite!


p.s. What if a guy has J.Lo-like boobs?

3POINT8 said...

I've read an article saying that man breast are capable of producing milk! Maybe man's breast and female's breast are not so different after all. Only thing is size...hehehe
A man with J.Lo like boobs? If its a feminine guy, still ok, i guess. If its a muscular guy.. Scary~~~
[I dun want to take my imagination that far]