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28 February 2008

3.8 answerproof questions

This is a post filled with questions. If you got nothing better to do, do leave an extraordinary reply after reading em. Most creative answer will be posted up in this blog. [I prefer short and sweet comments. But don't force yourself in this if you don't want to. Its only for my amusement.] (And if i feel like it, I'll challenge the owner of the blog to one of their post)

1) Widely accepted claim: How we perceive things depends on how we think
If you think that you are not thinking, which one are u doing?

2) Widely accepted advice: Don't be a copycat, Be yourself.
If you do not know your own personality, how could you be yourself?
Besides, how do u know for sure that you possess a particular personality?
Did you make that personality up or did someone told you that?
If you made up your own personality, I wonder if its a personality understood by most people.
If someone told you that you have a certain personality, are you being a copycat to a common personality?

3) Widely detested blogging behavior: Plagiarism
Compare the 3 sentence and tell me which of the 3 sentence is plagiarism?

1st sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (line4, pg238 of Cambridge dictionary)
there (line 38, pg384 of Oxford dictionary)
an (line 44, pg4 of New dictionary)
....and so on......

2nd sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (para1, line1, word3, of Blameless)
there (point5, line2, word3, of How to steal a person's heart)
an (para1, line2, word4 of obscene+OMG+weird teeeeshirts)
....and so on......

3rd sentence
Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging???
Isn't (para6, line2, word1 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
there (para6, line2, word2 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
an (para6, line2, word3 of Ada Orang curi pos aku)
...and so on...

4) Suspected truth: 3POINT8 = top blogger?
Don't bother answering this. This is not a question. This is a statement.


usws said...

Statements don't have questions marks! *rolls eyes* LOL!!

I can't think now and therefore cannot leave a super chunted extraordinary long long comment answer thinga-ma-bob.

Hmm, but everyone's a copycat someway or another. After all, we have to learn to speak, read and write from people and indirectly copy/imitate the way they do it. Unless you run around naked screaming, oh but you would be copying a nut. LOL!

Moral of the story: Don't copycat, too much. ;P


p.s. Aiyok, you curi-ed " Isn't there an unspoken rule..."! Ahahaha!

chingy said...

It's not a statementtttt! Roar! XD

Quoted from Pablo Ruiz Picasso:

"Good artists copy, great artists steal."


David Cheong said...


pinksterz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pinksterz said...

i don't think i am thinking good enough hence i think i am not thinking.

my thought on this matter is human beings personalities are very complex (and subjective) subject which are hard to be understood. sometimes others can even read yourself better than your own self so it doesnt necessarily mean that if we dont know our own personality we are not being ourselves nor we dont possess the personality :)


the statement is false.

question 5:
please make correction to Q4 if your answer is false. state your choice of statement for easier marking.

given statement:
3point8 = top blogger?
corrected statement:
pinksterz = top blogger

-i have no '?' hence my sentence is a statement.
-that's a fact.
- read my #2 point. :P

kertas jawapan tamat

x said...

...bren explode...

maybe i should go back to skool....

pamsong said...



usws said...

My brain exploded after reading pinksterz comment. False, true, ourselves, not ourselves. *boom*

BYE! Hahahaha!

p.s. Great artists steal? I must be one then! XD

pinksterz said...

WHY?! it is not that complicated!!! :P

pinksterz said...

actually it is not that complicated. once you read it thoroughly and so it this post :P

3POINT8 said...

Didn't you notice that My bold questions for 1,2,3 is a statment?
Don't be a copycat too much...Hehey, we both think alike! THats why i stole it.
My bren also explode after reading pinksterz's comment

Then i have much to learn from chingy and Pablo

[david cheong]
Hail my Speechless aura

3POINT8 said...


Leng lui Don't kill ppl one, yes?

A++ (if this keeps up, I gotta find somehting in your blog to talk abt dy)
no wonder you receive so many marriage proposal in egypt.

pamsong said...

Aww, you smooth talker, you....

pinksterz said...

why find something in my blog?! O_o?!

3POINT8 said...

yes... Want to go out for a coffee some day and let me sweet talk u to heaven?

I was hoping to find something in your blog and shoot!

宝茹 said...

You're being rhetorical~~ :P

pamsong said...

Ooo, tough one. It'd probably be a lot easier to have coffee if we were on the same continent, don't cha think? =p

3POINT8 said...

Katherine, Thanks for teaching me a new word. I love the term 'rhetorician'. I'll be that some day.

True. So does it mean that i can have a cup of coffee with you when we sooo happen to be in the same continent?
(Hee~~~ I'm so looking forward to this)

Johnny Ong said...

hahahahha i like that last statement..... keep it up then as i'm just 0.000000000000001% behind u

pamsong said...

Uh, uh, uh...

I'll get back to you laterrrr. =p

3POINT8 said...

[johnny ong]

Yup, i'll be here waiting my dear

pamsong said...

Keep waitin................... =p

3POINT8 said...

Still waiting...
*taps feet*

pamsong said...

Haha. Official lah. This comment page is now useless in responding to your post. I shall do you a favour and not talk about tapping feet or waiting.

And I am stopping this ridiculous conversation. Haha.

3POINT8 said...

I understand if you are busy with work right now. But its alright. I'm sure there is a chance for us to meet up and grab a cup of coffee next time.

pamsong said...

Eh, stop means stop lah! Haha. Yin na dei.

3POINT8 said...

ok ok...Msg terminated.

*I think this is my most fearful moment, ever since my primary school days when my mom used to 'disciplin' me up* Scary~~~*