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16 February 2008

Self generated electricity

Oh, hansome boy... you spark up my life. When I'm with you, my favorite love song keeps playing 24/7. While you are at in, can you charge up my hp, my blackberry and my hybrid car too?

Have you heard? US scientists have developed a microfiber fabric that generates its own electricity.

If made into a shirt and with enough body moment, the microfiber fabric produces enough electricity to power small little gadgets like a MP3 player. This is what the guys would use it for.

Girls would probably use it to charge up their stun-gun. Even better if they could make the whole shirt an electric field for females. This is so that when a rapist goes in for the kill, all females need to do is move around, UpDownUpDown and zap the rapist to a different type of pleasure!

I'd say this invention is ideal if coupled with a technology able to transmit electricity without any medium. For eg: If electricity can be transmitted wireless from the shirt to my laptop, I wouldn't need to plug in power to my laptop nor use any batteries to operate it.
Imagine if that happen. We can use hardcore dancers, gym user, and 'night people' to power the whole city! We wouldn't even need windmills anymore.

Wait...scrap the 'night people' off. They'll probably go: "Dear, can you not move so much. You are turning ON the lights and the speaker." [Ok, so we need the windmills.]

Also, I'd figure courting will be much easier. All they need to do is to ready the electricity transmitter, move around for a bit, and zap the person of their dreams.
I wonder what other ways we can harness power from the microfiber fabric...
How would you use it if you have a shirt that generates electricity?


Anonymous said...

It is awesome!!
Like that, i can powerup lots of things

chingy said...

Really awesome.
I no need bring my power plug next time I bring my laptop. XD

usws said...

Terrible, they stole my idea! I bet they're gonna take my other one about so.. HAH! You can't fool me into revealing it!! :P

Uhhh, Valentines would be so much easier like that. When looking at a hawt girl, your heart and body starts to move (oi, don't think dirty XD) which powers a lighted signboard saying "Be my Valentine!". I NEED ONE OF THOSE!


p.s. "Ugh they cut our power again, would you mind moving around for abit?" XD

pinksterz said...

kif sudah become hamsup. too much of x liao.

yung . said...

Herm, what if we were sitting in the library, studying, and our mp3 got out of electricity, then we would have to stand up, shake up & down.. it would be so funny lah!

宝茹 said...

Hahahaha...maybe the fibers can be de-activated. That one is really silly about not moving so much 'coz they're turning on the lights, hehehehehe...

Like a switch button or something, :P

3POINT8 said...

Ya man. we can powerup all our electrical appliances!

yalor yalor. those power plug are a nuisance

Your idea? so, whats your 2nd idea?
Dang, you make want to get one of those ligthed signboard too.

Where got hamsup? Your thinking abit sengit lar.

Library guards:"Boy, what are u trying to do?"
Boy: "I'm charging my mp3"

Hhhhmmmm, having a switch on a shirt is something i dun think i'll buy

Samuel said...

Interesting..Err.. What will happen if we move too much, will we get electrocuted by our own clothes?

haha.. groovy :D

miss rojak said...
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