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06 February 2008

Right Mindset for Ang Pow

Unrelated Stuff: I'll be on a quest to experience one of Chinese Ongoing Tradition, the Chinese New Year (CNY). Time to take a break from the blogging scene till 10th feb.

CNY is around the corner. This time, I'm gonna talk about money....again. Red Packet a.k.a AngPow are monetary gifts commonly given during CNY to the unmarried from those who are married.

AngPow collecting is easily one of my favorite practices from the Chinese tradition. I mean, who doesn't love an occasion whereby people give you money for no reason. The closer you are with that certain person, the more money you'll get. I guess that is why Chinese tend to stick together, to leech on one another.

Collecting AngPow from close relative is easy. Heck, you don't even have to ask for it. They'll willingly hand it to you. Collecting AngPow from stranger is the hard part.
There was once when I thought it was just plain wrong to receive money from unknown stranger. Thing is, I want to build up my money empire. And what's stopping me is...guilt, the feeling of receiving something from some someone unknown.

The only thing I can do is to change my thinking. I search high and low for the perfect paradigm to adopt, so that I'll be rich without feeling guilty. I traveled to high mountains, isolated myself in dense forest, swam to the deepest trench in search for the ultimate paradigm. Years of torture and yet I can't achieve my goal.

Everything changed when google was introduced to my life. Within minutes of searching, I found the ultimate paradigm by Spike Milligan.
"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy."
Yes, that why I want to be rich, to prove that money can't buy happiness.
I'm fighting for what I believe in. I'm striving for a good cause. And if you believe in my vision, you can help by donating your hard earned AngPow money to the infamous 3POINT8.

For those who are not married, Happy Collecting AngPow.
For those who are married, be generous this year!
And to all those who celebrate, Happy Chinese New Year!


chingy said...

Happy CNY! =D
Btw, will be mailing your postcard tomorrow. >_<
Hope it reaches you in time.

742 said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le =)

Money can buy happiness la, who say kenot? For instance, shopping =) But not all happiness la, such as quality of shopping.

pinksterz said...

money CAN buy happiness.

those who disagree obviously doesn't know how to shop. :p


Simon Seow said...

Happy CNY. Alas, my long vacation is coming soon.

Michelle Chin said...

Happy Chinese New Year. =D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha! Ha! If u r not happy with all ur money....Please give them to me! BTW tq for dropping on my new site! Happy CNY to u & family!!!

Cmate said...

Here's the bad news... the older you get, the lesser ang pau you get because they kinda start to wonder if you are married or not. Worst still, while your younger siblings get a totally RM50, you'll get only RM5 cause you are a working adults. Unfair world we live in ah!!!

littlepolaris said...

If money can't buy happiness then you won't find hungry kids crying on the street begging for money la!
Food need money to buy, so do medicine and shelter.

.............I'm so not gonna open my house door to let u in this cny. >_< I'm blardy poor so stay away from me!

宝茹 said...

Give, give ang pao!!! :P

恭喜发财!!! 红包拿来!!!

David Cheong said...

LOL Happy CnY =D

Satkuru said...

gong hei fatt choy ! :)

x said...

Kif, we go party when I come back... bring Dav along so that we can find some prunes :P

3POINT8 said...

Cool. Thank u, chingy for the postcard.
Domo domo, xie xie, gracias, terima kasih, much appreciated!

After reading your comment, I decided that I need to be happy. Can you send me some money? :P

Another shopping queen. Guess I gotta learn how to shop happily from you people

[simon seow]
Happy CNY! Enjoy ur vacation then

3POINT8 said...

[michelle Chin]
Happy Chinese New Year. Wishing u a good year ahead.

[horny angmoh]
Happy~~ I'm happy with my new money. I won't give u money, but i can belanja u makan when I got enough of them

Come to think about it, its true. I see little kids taking ang pau like taking candy from a baby only. When I want to take ang pao, most of them ask me whether I'm married or not. Unfair unfair~~~

Er, are u mixing the need to survive with happiness? That sounds more like a survival need to me.

3POINT8 said...

I also want to give out ang pao. But 1st, i gotta find myself a partner this v-day.

[david cheong]
Happy Chinese New Year!

gong hei fatt choy, gong hei fatt choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Eww... I dun want prunes. I want something more juicy. Can? By then I sure join u all wan.

minnymin said...

can feel that since this year we r getting lesser n lesser angpows. maybe our country's economic status getting worse lol =p so no extra angpow to donate for u, hoho... just enough for me =p

Anonymous said...

nobody give angpow here...

3POINT8 said...

Aiya... I lost one ang pao doner. Nevermind nevermind, there is always next year, rite?
Maybe your 2009 resolution is to be more generous. (You know how to contact me by then rite?)

Awww....don't be sad. At least u had a mock reunion dinner with all ur friends there.
Come to think about it, I should move far far away when i'm married. NO need to give ang pao. huahuahuax3