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26 February 2008

Happy Moments

Happy - Happy MomentsRelated post: This is a contest entry organized by Happy.
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In this contest, I'm suppose to write or record what makes me happy. If you are happy, organizers happy, and me happy, I could win RM5K with this single mind blowing post!

*In a very deep manly sexy voice*
Ask yourself, is the world turning into a better place?
Are you feeling happy?
More importantly, are you feeling safe?
War, guns, soldiers, and politics can be sad sometimes.
Even so, every person has the right to feel safe and confident in their own way.
Nobody likes live in fear. Nobody likes to be judged.
Shutting the whole world, we all seek comfort in close ones who love us for who we are.
When in fact, people should be loved no matter who they are.
All we need is a happy hug to remind us all the we are all humans after all.
Humans, Warm fuzzy being capable of loving someone and being loved in return.
To love your best friend is easy. To love a friend can sometimes be difficult. To love a stranger is almost impossible. But if we could all do that, the world can be a better place for me and you. Plus, it makes everyone happy.

As for me, this is what make me happy:
To be able to appreciate HUGE BIG things in life.

And this is what will make me and my family happy.
[The rm5k winning prize money will go to my brother's education if I happen to be the Lucky Winner]

If you feel happier after reading this post, CLICK HERE to vote for me!
Rank5 = 5 star = good
Rank1 = 1 star= bad
[If you can't see any 'code' there with firefox, try to open the page with IE internet explorer]
[Oh ya, you are eligible to vote more than once]


Update: My appreciation goes to those who voted for me! THANK YOU! TERIMA KASIH! DOMO ARIGATO! GRACIAS! SPACIBA! XIE XIE!

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keeyit said...

i vote you liao.. hope you win ya

curryegg said...

voted as well.. hehe...

x said...

voted, and when you get the money remember to denote to the UN fund
(United Nigga)

word to yo mama, peace out

Anonymous said...

I will vote for you~

Cometh said...

Voted liao.....

5 yo...

I am too nice.... =p

davidlian said...

Nice post... giving away money for your bros education is a really good, happy thought.

3POINT8 said...

Thanks keeyit! I also hope my bro can get the money

Thank you for your support. I'll but more egg this week.

UN ar? I'll try to convince my brother to donate some to UN. Its gonna be his money anyway

Thanks for your support! Appreciated it!

you are one nice guy, cometh! thanks thanks.

I can take care of my own future. I sure hope my younger brother is gonna get a good education. (He'll probably do a better job in trying to make the world a better place than me)

Jian said...

I would give you a full rank 5 just for posting a photo of a cat.. XD hahaha

but dunno why the code cannot be seen..with both of my firefox and IE

pinksterz said...

i am not of age yet. kenot vote. :P

cbenc12 said...

voted 5 stars for u! gambateh ohh!!!

amei79 said...

as u wish...give a vote with the tought u don't fail me plssss...good luck!

u have a nice blog, tidy & presentative...gambate!

adyla said...

vote 4 ya..
bcoz i am happy after readin it..
feel much better
had bad luck lately..
and stressing like mad..
sorry to blab here..
cant help it thou~

Anonymous said...

Voted! All the best :D
Btw, thanks for visiting my blog :)

宝茹 said...

Awww...I just had to say that. :)

3POINT8 said...

next time i enter contest, I'll definately put a cat pic there to get ur vote :P


This one no age limit one. Some more got no vote limit. So you can vote as many times you want. Plus, your 1yr old cousin can also vote!

Thanks Ben! xie xie, dou jie, arigato!

Thanks for the compliment! and even more so, thanks for the vote! =D

3POINT8 said...

Cheer up! If its make you happy, I'm happy! Thanks for voting for me!

Thanks thanks... I'll definately be sure to pay ur blog a few more visits!

Sweet rite? sweet rite? Thanks for that reaction. Makes me feel as if i've warmed a person's heart. =D

usws said...

I want warm fuzzy hugs! LOL..


p.s. "Well son, only if you like eating lead for breakfast." :P

3POINT8 said...

Well, usws...only if you like eating lead while I hug you.

Monica said...


3POINT8 said...

Thanks monica! Appreciated that

Nux V said...

wuahaha....u sounds like someone who is desperate for winning in the coming general election!

3POINT8 said...

[nux v]
If i'm involve in an election, i'll do that one more time!
in fact, a few more thousand times.

doink said...

you have my vote ! make sure you give the money to your bro ah, if you win ... =)

3POINT8 said...

Everything will go to my brother's education. (With some luck, maybe i could convince him to belanja some of friends who voted. Then again, my lil brother is a tough negotiator)