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09 February 2008

Innit's Serial Dang-er

Related Stuff: Post inspired by keemanxp. If keemanxp threatens me with heaps of ang pao, I may have to delete this post from this blog. So, its a good time to subscribe to my site in order not to miss post like these.

Warning: This post is meant to be read with a smile and a sarcastic attitude.

There had been complains from RoyalShortness, apology from Gelitifa and intention of public humiliation by Azrin on Dang-er in Innit. Just Yesterday a fanatic innit fan requested me for a blog link. Thinking back to the things he had done in Innit, I'll be associating myself to a serial dang-er.

His danging behavior may seemed outrageous, despicable, evil and dang right annoying. But he must have a reason to why he did the stuff he did. So, in order to understand his motive, I have to put myself in his position. I had to understand why he was attracted to danging.

I danged a few post and I now present to you the reason to why people dang:
1) Danging people allows you suppress post that you don't like from being top5 (this is especially useful if you loveeee that someone.)
2) The pink Dang button looks more attractive than the yellow Nang button.
3) The font of "Dang it" seems bigger than the "Nang it" button in terms of width. (Nang it = 14mm) (Dang it = 16mm)
4) We can't a Dang a post if it doesn't have any Nang count. (Meaning, we can always Nang a post, but we can't always Dang a post. That makes danging a rare button to press)
In short, The Dang button looks more attractive than the Nang button. Plus, it's rarity makes it a privilege.

Second issue is about the dang haters.
Loving Nang-er and hating Dang-er is like drawing parallel line to loving beautiful people and hating ugly people. Loving Nang-er is easy, but loving Dang-er requires strong mind-power. If everyone can love Nang-er and Dang-er equally, I'm sure hate, prejudice and discrimination will be no longer be in Innit.

As for me, I would neveeeerrrrrrr dang a post. Believe me.

Suspected truth:
1) Nang was chosen because it resembles nuffNANG. Dang was chosen because it resembles damn.
2) Everyone loves innit, especially nangers.
3) Everybody loves 3POINT8 (and raymond too...)

- Nang and dang is old news. Innit comment spam is the getting popular now. (I wonder if nuffnang team is gonna introduce a function to moderate comment)
- Read The Voice of a Serial Dang-er by keemanxp for another point of view.
- Read Caught You Naked by Azrin for a list of suspected dang-ers


pinksterz said...


hahahaha love this post. *blow kiss*

pinksterz said...

eh btw, I AM FIRST!!!!!!!11111111111

pamsong said...


The crew may be off on holiday but the boss is ALWAYS online. The workaholic never sleeps. Beware. He lurks in dark corners.

Tene tene. Tene nene.

David Cheong said...

Wooo hoooo!!! I'm also a comment spammer baby! Hahahahhaahaha....

and yes, everybody reads 3point8 happy? hhahahahaha

David Cheong said...

*sob*sob*... Suddenly i cannot post comment wtf!

TIM, I wanna spam!!!!!! =(

Anyways since cannot spam there now, spam here lah..

Nang and danged you buahahaaha!! I'm loving it =p

pinksterz said...

come to think of it i dont want to be your reader anymore because i will be everyone and that means i am not special anymore. :(

what about we spam here? :P

pinksterz said...

and i think your #2 reason is strong enough for ME to go DANG every post there you know :D HAHAHAHAHA!

pinksterz said...

As for me, I would neveeeerrrrrrr dang a post. Believe me.

you sure? don't bluff la. i got proof you know :p

and reply to each of my comments okie? :D

btw sorry la spamming your comment. starting tomorrow can't play around here anymore or innit. T________T

2nd sem. 2nd sem. 2nd sem......T____T

p.s. will come back later if got any more (random) thoughts.

chingy said...

Omg I like this post! :D
16mm 14mm, AhAHAHHAHA.


Aronil said...

Hahahahahah you really really measure it!! Whoaaa such intense research! :P haha

keemanxp said...

Would give you angpows to delete this..I LOVE IT!! Haha.

And here's my response: http://keemanxp.com/blog/?p=222

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Well, there is talk of ONLY BLOGS with OWN DOMAIN can post, and DANG must pop-up a question to why it needs to bury..so it goes to the Comments.

And I'm putting the AVATAR pic from MBL/Yahoo to the list too.

but revenge is sweet.

keeyit said...

happy chinese new year

keeyit said...

happy chinese new year

Johnny Ong said...

good analysis.

x said...

damn i am in love with the serial dang-er liao...

hero aku :P

David Cheong said...

Pink - Never tell me earlier! you lah go pack ur stuff for what... If not we could have spammed the comments and then make it look like it has 100+ comments hahahaha!!!

Now wouldn't you love that kif =p

Raising Mercury said...

i know this is going to sound silly, but i have no idea what you just wrote about...blurrr bluurrrr

Anonymous said...

Well..at least leave a proper email can or not bradder...

now...how about this post I made??



Anonymous said...

Creative post!

pinksterz said...

kif i give you (virtual) angpaos if you include my link as the serial danger wannabe :D

hahaha joking joking.

david: u r slow mah. nama je online. ceh.

x: i know you are in love with me. :p

curryegg said...

Honestly.. this post is really interesting!
Nice points... ;D

Hopefully there will be less dang-er after this..

Michelle Chin said...

Dang sounds nice for them I guess. Dang sounds very much like deng. And the box is red.

We all love red, don't we. Colour that resembles sex, love, anger, power... blah.

Geli Tifa said...

Pinksterz: am I a little wee bit too late to spam his comment? I feel like being a little bit naughty today... :p

Geli Tifa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-popjammerz- said...

I actually read 'the voice of a serial dang-er' first then only read this...*whacks head*


very interesting and sarcastic indeed!hahaha! and u actually...really measure the length. geng!

-popjammerz- said...

I actually read 'the voice of a serial dang-er' first then only read this...*whacks head*


very interesting and sarcastic indeed!hahaha! and u actually...really measure the length. geng!

3POINT8 said...

I'll catch you some day, SPAMMER!! I'll let u spam a bit more 1st, then when i got enough evidence...
huahuahuax3 be prepared to be er...er... Just be prepared!