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13 February 2008


Unrelated Stuff: When the plane I board today landed, the pilot announced: "Welcome to KITKAT *long paused* I apologize. Welcome to Sydney

I wonder how vanilla taste like when you are sitting there alone, staring at the moon along with the star-filled skies, thinking of that someone who is so far away in the land of curry. (wait, is that india?) The land of belacan then. (ah yes, i'm talking about msia)

Its officially valentines day now.
If I could express the content of my heart, I would.
But I'm no surgeon, and I'm definately not good with emo post. This is something i gotta learn from the girls.
Since i'm gonna be spending the night eating vanilla ice cream alone, anyone wants to donate their ex-gf?


chingy said...

No angmoh teman you? >_<

3POINT8 said...

Dun have wor... Cruel world~~~

742 said...

The pilot must be eating KitKat given by his/her other half =P

Raising Mercury said...

happy vals day! im gonna eat chocolates on my own today =(

iCalvyn.com said...

haha... i wish to donate, but i don even have ex... wakakakak.....

宝茹 said...

I think I saw that cartoon before~~ :P

Don't do an emo post!!!

Calv said...

aww dont be so down over such matters, it's all in the head. take it easy and well things doe come naturally from time to time

-popjammerz- said...

i like that picture..what's the name d? i only know that my peeps always call him EMO.

no worries, true love wil come at the right time and the right place~!

happy v-day!

usws said...

Seriously? The pilot said that?

And wow, that's a new one.. getting people to donate ex-GFs. If you want, i could eat vanilla ice cream with you. Just bring the icecream and i'll bring the post V day workout schedule. HAHAHA!


p.s. Pleasant V Day!

3POINT8 said...

I'm also thinking that way

[raising mercury]
Haha... Happy eating then. Control ya, you don't want to be alone next v-day

That comic goes with the name "Pon & Zi" It was kinda popular a while ago

Yup...Things will come naturally

The picture is call "Pon & Zi". The guy who drew this drew lots of similiar pic also.
Btw, Happy v-day!

Post v-day workout schedule? LOL
No thanks i only eat vanilla ice cream with leng lui. =D

Aronil said...

happy v-day 3point8 :) Keep up the loving with the posting :)

Esther Chin said...

wah you want ppl's ex gf wan ar?

curryegg said...

Lol... Is this a ex-GF donation post? Lol...

DOnt worry, i believe you will get your girl next V-day.. :D

3POINT8 said...

Happy V-day!

[esther chin]
yup yup. Those are rejects, so i guess its a bit easier to get. Plus, i heard people will gladly donate em.

Yes yes...it is! I'll just have to make the offer to ur ex-bf... ehehehe
Get my girl next v-day? well, i'm keeping my hopes high!

haan said...
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